Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit 2024 - with 44 Speakers

Online event: Join Us & Meet Dragon experts and Connect with fellow Dragon Mystics & Riders.- UNLEASH YOUR INNER DRAGON { If you cannot make the date register for the replays } : We start 12.30 a.m. ( London BST) WHICH IS IN:










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Unleash Your Inner Dragon! The July 2024 Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit promises to be an exciting opportunity for dragon enthusiasts to connect with each other and learn from renowned experts in the field.

All these 2024 speakers, Live and Pre-records, along with last year's recordings, will be available for you to watch in the Dragon Portal, which you'll have access to once you register here. 


Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit 2024

Unleash Your Inner Dragon! The July Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit promises to be an exciting opportunity for dragon enthusiasts to connect with each other and learn from renowned experts in the field, and catch up on the previous year's summit too.

Here are some reasons why you Must make the time to join the Dragon Thunder Summit:

Learn from Dragon Experts:

The event features TWENTY-FOUR of the most knowledgeable and experienced Dragon experts, speaking LIVE over a full day. And we will have a number of pre-recorded sessions from other renowned Dragon experts for you in the Dragon Portal.

We start with the in Australia time zone, hosted by Atlantis Wolf and Stephanie Cartwright, and then hear from EIGHT speakers, each has a 45-minute speaking slot and then a 15-minute break. this time might be used to finish any Q&A too.

We then hand it over to the hosts in England, Kevin Humphrey & Nicola Brettell-Smith, and then hear from EIGHT speakers, each has a 45-minute speaking slot and then a 15-minute break. this time might be used to finish any Q&A too.

We then hand it over to the hosts in the USA, Barbara Worsley & Kelley Springer, and then hear from EIGHT speakers, each has a 45-minute speaking slot and then a 15-minute break. this time might be used to finish any Q&A too.

Our Speakers:

Each of these experts brings unique insights and perspectives on the topic of Dragons, which can help you deepen your understanding of these fascinating creatures, spirits, beings, elementals...... 

Connect with Dragon Enthusiasts: The Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit event is an excellent opportunity to connect with other like-minded Dragon enthusiasts from around the world. 

By joining this event, you will have the chance to network with others who share your passion for Dragons and exchange ideas and experiences. 

Gain New Insights and Knowledge: The event promises to offer a wealth of new insights and knowledge about Dragons, from their magical powers, and symbolism to their role in our modern times.

By participating in the various talks, and discussions, you can expand your understanding of these magical beings and gain a deeper appreciation for their place in our world. 

In conclusion, the July Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit is an excellent opportunity for Dragon enthusiasts to connect, learn, and have fun. 

By joining this event, you can deepen your understanding of Dragons and their place in our world while connecting with other passionate individuals from around the globe.

The profiles for each speaker, their links, and freebies can be found further down this page, keep scrolling: 

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These start times are all in London ( BST - United Kingdom) times - see here your local World time

21st July 2024 - At the very beginning of the day - BST London ( British Summer Time )
0.30 a.m. BST - Introduction with Hosts for Australia time zone ( 9.30 a.m. Local time - AEST )
1 a.m. Guest Speaker #1 - Lily Li
2 a.m. Guest Speaker #2  - Fabiene Lui
3 a.m. Guest Speaker #3 - Alina Luminița Mocan
4 a.m. Guest Speaker #4  - Caryn O'Malley
5 a.m. Guest Speaker #5 - Dean Bottles
6 a.m. Guest Speaker #6  - Siddhii Shaah
7 a.m. Guest Speaker #7  - Madalena Morbey 
8 a.m. Guest Speaker #8 - Alessandra Gilioli
9 a.m. Close & Handover to England

9.30 a.m. BST - Introduction with Kevin Humphrey & Nicola Brettell-Smith Hosts in England ( BST-UK ) 
10 a.m. Guest Speaker #9 - Atlantis Wolf
11 a.m. Guest Speaker #10 - Jason Donaldson
Noon Guest Speaker #11 - Kieron Morgan
1 p.m. Guest Speaker #12 - Virginie Lafon
2 p.m. Guest Speaker #13 - Vinolan Ponnan
3 p.m. Guest Speaker #14 - Prenisha Arumugam
4 p.m. Guest Speaker #15 - Alphedia Arara
5 p.m. Guest Speaker #16 - Caroline Mitchell
6 p.m. Close & Handover to America's

6.30 p.m. BST - Introduction with Barbara Worsley & Kelley Springer Hosts in USA  ( 1.30 p.m. Local time - EDT )
7 p.m. Guest Speaker #17 - Amanda Boekhout
8 p.m. Guest Speaker #18 - Peter Dressler
9 p.m. Guest Speaker #19 - Kelley Springer 
10 p.m. Guest Speaker #20 - Galactic Ashley
11 p.m. Guest Speaker #21 - Theresa Nguyen
Midnight Guest Speaker #22 - Carol Weakland 
1 a.m. Guest Speaker #23 - Alison Kay 
2 a.m. Guest Speaker #24  - Luna Ra Starshine
3 a.m. Close

3.30 a.m. Dragon Thunder 2024 LIVE Ends 


Who's videos will be available for replay in the Dragon Portal from 21st July 2024; you will gain access to the Dragon Portal when you register for the summit, the Dragon Portal is a web link and it is also available from the App Store as Kajabi

  • Adriana Castano
  • Andena Sananda Kumara
  • Annabelle Merriman
  • Anu‚ÄôSh√©~Ra¬† ‚ú®¬† The Cosmic Scribe¬†
  • Aodaoin Hathaway
  • Araya AnRa
  • Casca Graham
  • Denise Chadwick¬†
  • Dina Ziskin-Fortune
  • Fiona Robertson
  • Gayatri Singh¬†
  • Katara Sky
  • Lawrence Valencia
  • Michelle Hawk
  • Mike Totton
  • Nicola Brettell-Smith
  • Richard Harrison¬†
  • Sandra Pelley
  • Vivyana (Vi)
  • Yumiko Asakura

This is the schedule and an idea of the local times.

U.S.A. is listed in the New York time zone, where one of the hosts resides. see here for World times

Sunday 21st July 2024

Each of these experts brings unique insights and perspectives on the topic of dragons, which can help you deepen your understanding of these fascinating creatures. 

HOST & SPEAKER - Atlantis Wolf
Atlantis Wolf is a Shaman, Master Breathwork Facilitator, and licensed medical massage therapist. After a career in civil engineering and financial services, she has spent the last 13 years helping over 3,000 clients confront their physical and metaphysical pain. From chronic muscle tightness to trauma and unreleased emotional energy, Atlantis takes an intuitive approach to healing. Part of her secret is connecting to spiritual realms using breathwork, drumming, fire ceremonies, and the guidance of galactic dragons.

Web: AtlantisWolf.com

Email: [email protected]

YouTube: Atlantis Wolf

Instagram: @DragonMedicineWoman


I’m a UK-based Counsellor who embraces working with individuals and their spiritual team - I mean why work with just a therapist when you have a team of dragons and guides there to support you too?

‚ÄúI am Stephanie and I want you to have the best life possible without the tears, frustration and sadness. ¬†Let‚Äôs put an end to sleepless nights, worry and fear so you can find happiness and fulfilment in life again.‚ÄĚ ¬†¬†

I help you reawaken the hidden parts of you that disappeared whilst you’ve been going through life-changing situations.  I specialise in working with people overwhelmed in their lives and relationships, who are feeling unhappy, confused and lost, unsure what to do next as their decisions could result in big changes in their partnerships or jobs.  These things can’t be discussed with family and friends as they all have their own opinions, which increases the responsibility and weight and the feeling of isolation.

Through my 1:1 Therapy, we connect you back to who you are, open you up to where you want to go and allow you to bravely make decisions so that you live the life you’ve been born to live.

‚ÄúI cannot believe that after only 6 sessions my outlook on life has shifted so dramatically! You are amazing Stephanie I feel so lucky to have found you‚ÄĚ ¬†Anonymous Client

I work online using Zoom and provide a confidential, supportive and warm environment for us to work in.  I am a proactive Counsellor and expect you to want to make the change, after all that’s why you found me!  So even though your sessions are led by you I may provide guided visualisations, suggest reading or provide worksheets to support you between sessions.  

I am a registered member of the BACP and I work to their Ethical Framework. My work has resulted in hundreds of individuals fully embracing their uniqueness and embracing all of themselves.

If you are ready to start living not existing then get in touch.


HOST & SPEKER - Nicola Brettell-Smith

Nicola is a bestselling co-author of ‚ÄėShe is‚ĶUnleashing¬† Divine Feminine Power‚Äô and ‚ÄėGoddess‚ÄĚ. She is the Director of the Soulful Wisdom Academy, a Shamanic Dragon Priestess, Dragon¬† Channeller and Soul Wisdom Activator, activating the remembrance of our soul's blueprint. Her Soul name given to her in the shamanic realms by her Wolf Clan; is 'Elini Sahara' which translates to 'Shining Light in the Wilderness'. That is indeed her mission.¬† To be a beacon of light to empathic women who feel lost, at a crossroads and disconnected from their self, others around them and nature, often looking to the stars with a longing and wonder. Those heart-centred women who love to help others and wish to be guided by their intuition, but don't trust what they receive, question if it is their imagination or fear what they may be connecting to. They know they are here for more. They are seeking something, following the signs and synchronicities which may have even led them here, and in particular, if they are seeing & sensing dragons in their dreams, meditations, or in nature and are curious to know more!

Nicola loves to weave the stories of the divine feminine through the unfolding spiral path of the mystery schools, to learn the sacred arts of skills such as energy healing, developing psychic abilities, dream interpretation, herbalism, moon, womb and dragon wisdom, nature communication, ritual and ceremony facilitation, meditation, astrology, the art of anointing, essential oil making, the tarot and spiritual study to name but a few. The use of divinity tools and crystals are important to her practice for clearing spaces, energy and amplifying a ritual during a ceremony. Her drum is another of her sacred tools for journeying, leading meditation and clearing energy.

This is the spiral path of a Shamanic Dragon Priestess, which is a remembrance of our unique soulful wisdom. This includes the awakening and expansion of our natural creative gifts, talents and intuition.

Nicola created the Soulful Wisdom Academy as a sacred feminine sanctuary for women who wish to have their own direct connection with the divine. A haven, where experiential learning, self-discovery, personal growth and self-empowerment can blossom in a safe space of mutual respect and understanding. Where fear, shame, guilt and judgement is transmuted into confidence, grace reciprocity, courage and love.

The ethos of the Soulful Wisdom Academy is to offer the highest level of service to wisdom seekers and keepers, spirit weavers, star-seeds, light-workers and aspiring healers who are ready to be initiated as a Shamanic Dragon Priestess. To encourage a lineage of confident intuitive women who can easily bridge the gap of ancient divine feminine knowledge into wisdom that can create purpose, meaning fulfilment and prosperity in modern day life, with just a little sprinkle of fun and magic.

If this sounds like you, you will feel it in your bones and you will have sensed the calling from your soul. If this is you, then you are in the right place to start your spiral journey of unfolding and Nicola looks forward to taking this journey of authenticity together and welcoming you into the Academy soon.

All previous channellings, transmissions, meditations, words of wisdom & inspiration from the dragons and more, can be found inside the FREE Soulful Wisdom Academy Library & where you can keep up to date with when the doors open to Nicola’s signature experiential offering, the Shamanic Dragon Priestess Initiation. Please sign up here:


The links to all Nicola’s social media channels and offerings where you can experience her energy is here:


Nicola is also delighted to share with you that the Dragon Wisdom Codes Oracle Cards inspired by the dragons channelled words of wisdom and spirit art are currently at the printers and will be launched in August 2024. Please keep an eye out on the link above if you would like to purchase your very own deck with an accompanying free journal download.


HOST welcome from Nicola Brettell-Smith


HOST - Barbara Worsley

Barbara Worsley RN (Retired)

East Coast Dragon Lady | Galactic Dragon Ambassador | Amazon International Best-Selling Author | International Speaker

Barbara Worsley, affectionately known as The East Coast Dragon Lady and Galactic Dragon Ambassador, is a retired Registered Nurse who has dedicated her life to spiritual exploration and dragon wisdom. With a career spanning over 30 years, Barbara has delved into various modalities, making her a channel to numerous dragons, dragon collectives, and Ascended Masters.

As an Amazon International best-selling author and sought-after international speaker, Barbara has shared her insights and experiences with audiences worldwide. She co-hosted Dragon Thunder 2023 and served as the host for Galactic Dragon Thunder 2024 in the USA, showcasing her deep connection to the dragon realm and spiritual teachings.

Barbara is a certified Dragon Empowerment Reiki practitioner at level II and a Mind, Body, Spirit practitioner, blending her nursing background with holistic healing modalities. Her passion for dragons and spirituality has been a guiding force throughout her journey.

Originally from England, Barbara relocated to the USA in the early 1990s and currently resides in the Northeast with her two sons. She describes herself as an 'Ancient Elder,' awakened to her ancient lineage and memories of past and future lifetimes. Merlin, a significant influence in her spiritual journey, has dubbed her a 'Connector,' recognizing her role as a conduit for guidance from dragons, Ascended Masters, and celestial beings.

Barbara's mission is to inspire others to embrace their spiritual paths, connect with dragon wisdom, and awaken to their ancient truths as she continues to navigate the realms of light and wisdom.


HOST welcome from Barbara Worsley


HOST & SPEAKER - Kelley Springer  

White Dragon Love - White Dragon Master Teacher

Kelley Springer is the visionary Founder of Love Wisdom Power - Paths to Wholeness. With a rich tapestry of skills and experiences, Kelley is renowned as a Spiritual Counselor, she is a White Dragon Master-Teacher, Elder Wise Woman, Sacred Water Mother and Ceremonial Leader for New Earth Community building. Her journey is marked by profound connections with the spiritual realm, evidenced by her roles as an initiated Water Mother, Clan Leader, Light Language and Dragon Communicator.

For over three decades, Kelley has honed her craft, offering transformative healing through her unique modality, the Song of Returning. Rooted in deep core integration, this pathway to wholeness reflects Kelley's dedication to her practice and her clients' well-being. Drawing from her Scottish and Native American heritage, she weaves ancestral wisdom seamlessly into her spiritual work.

Empowering her clients to know and understand how to love themselves and life around them more fully. Kelley delights in guiding her clients and students to discover their spiritual allies, including Dragons, animal totems, ancestral guides, and more. Her deep affinity for these elemental partners is evident in her prophetic tale, "Dragon Awakening," which chronicles her 25-year relationship with the Dragons of Ascension and Light. She is a dedicated light to the Divine Mother and leads Ascension courses now working with Divine Sophia and the Celestial Dragons.

An inspiring presence on the global stage, Kelley is a sought-after teacher and mentor, Speaker, impacting countless lives with her wisdom and insight. As she prepares to share her knowledge through the written word and Her podcast, ‚ÄúDragon Elder Song‚ÄĚ, her journey continues to unfold, offering boundless opportunities for growth and enlightenment.

To learn more about Kelley and her transformative work visit her here: 

Special Offer:

Free Class- Dragon Awakening:  https://lovewisdompower.com/dragon-awakeing-class/

Free 45 Minute Discovery Call:  https://lovewisdompower.com/dragonjourneyempowerment/


HOST welcome from Kelley Springer  


SPEAKER - Annabelle Merriman

Annabelle is a bestselling author and a Life Expansion Expert. She helps conscious women leaders reclaim their feminine inner power, without doubt, or second-guessing, so they can expand their possibilities and design life on their terms. 

Annabelle’s mission is to transform global anxiety about the future into unshakable trust and inner knowing so that women can all be guided by their inner voice to make grounded, wise and powerful choices. 

When women are empowered and guided by their intuition, the world becomes a place of connection, unity, and celebration.

Annabelle is a dragon ūüźČ queen and brings dragon energy in all her offerings. In her session, she will explain how you can connect to your dragon and use dragon energy in your everyday life to create amazing changes and magic.

FemIntuition Course:  https://femintuition.com/special-price
Sign up for Free Weekly Monday Meditation:  (women only) https://annabellemerriman.com/monday-meditation
SPEAKER - Caroline Mitchell

Caroline is the UK’s leading dragon lady, dragon author and channeler and has been working with the dragons since 2005.

Caroline is the author of the bestselling oracle cards The Dragon Path Oracle and the book How to Live with Dragons, both of which are published by Watkins.

She is also a Reiki Master, Dragon Guided Reiki Master, Dragon Healing Practitioner, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Meditation and Mindful Meditation teacher. She has also been reading the tarot for over 30 years and working as a professional psychic and reader - she has guided and supported thousands of people to navigate their way through life, whether this be personal or business.

Caroline has over 20 years experience as a workshop leader and facilitator. More recently, she has been a regular lecturer at the College of Psychic Studies in central London. She has taught thousands of people, sharing her knowledge and wisdom on everything from dragons to meditation to teaching the tarot cards and much more.

Website: https://carolinedragonlady.com/

SPEAKER - Michelle Hawk

Michelle Hawk began practicing Shamanism in 2003. Her lineages come from Hungarian and Celtic shamanism. A naturally gifted psychic and intuitive channel, Michelle’s work with Alchemy, Shamanic energies, and multiple certifications as a Master Healer allow her to offer the deepest level of transformational work. She mentors and trains practitioners in Shamanic Alchemy and the healing arts, and helps people master their intuitive gifts and magical birthright. 

Michelle has been channeling and working with Dragons since 2017. She offers transmissions from the Dragonheart Council, initiates awakened lineage holders into the Sapphire Dragon Line, and offers support in personal Dragon initiation and mediumship mastery.

Get $100 off the Dragonheart Council Teachings and Transmissions: THUNDER100

Website: https://michellehawk.com/

Instagram: @michellehawk

Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/@ShamanSisterSessions

SPEAKER - Alphedia Arara Kenchington

Channeling Live Healing from the Venus Planetary Dragons with Alphedia Arara 

Join International Dragon Channel and workshop facilitator Alphedia as she channels the beautiful Venus Planetary Dragons. 

Venus of the planet of Love and these 5th dimensional Galactic Dragons wish to offer us live channelled teachings and a powerful message about the power of self love to heal ourselves and others. 

In this session Alphedia will channel through the Venus Dragon Wisdom for us to absorb and learn from. You will go on a 5 minute Venus Dragon group Ascension Sphere attunement to raise your energy frequency and open up your sixth sense to help you connect more easily with the Galactic Dragons. You will then go on a channelled live guided transcendental meditation transmission with the Venus Dragons who will take us to their love healing temple. They will offer us deep healing on our 5th dimensional energy matrix, upgrading us vibrationally and healing us on a deep cellular level. Alphedia will then channel personal guidance for those live on the call from the Venus Dragons if you are lucky enough to be picked by them. 

Alphedia Arara is a Scottish spiritual author and founder of Elemental Beings and the Dragon Wisdom School with 17 years channeling. She teaches people how to communicate with beings in the other realms, offers powerful channelled spiritual development and healing workshops from the Dragons as well as personal soul channelings from the Dragon Kingdom. With a recorded library of over 600 courses, she has clients in 77 countries around the world.  She works a lot with crystal dragon skulls and has an extensive online shop of hand carved Dragon skulls. A powerful Earth Healer and Psychic Dragon channel she is delighted to offer you all a connection with the Venus Planetary Galactic Dragons today. 




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dragonwisdomschool

Email:¬†[email protected]

SPEAKER - Araya AnRa

Araya is the author of The Dragon Within and affectionately known as The Dragon Lady to many of her friends and clients, as she has a unique relationship with the Dragons that allows her to guide others who experience the Dragons to understand them, connect with them, be healed by them and even wake up to their own Dragon Self. 

 Araya began her spiritual journey of awakening in 1994 after spending 10 days learning the art of meditation at a Buddhist monastery in Southern Thailand. This experience was the 180-degree turn that has led to so many others since then. She began teaching and sharing meditation in 2003. In 2007, Araya had a monumental shift and turning point in her journey with the activation of her connection to her DragonHeart Self. That fall she was able to bring through a tremendous guidebook to work with the dragons - The Dragon Within - which has facilitated new levels of opening for all of its readers.

Now, after many years of teaching and expanding herself, she has a deeper understanding of the connection between Mother/Father God, the Angelic Realms and the Dragons.  She facilitates individual and group programs to help others expand into their own connections with these realms, particularly the Dragons.   For the past 5 years, the Dragons have inspired her Way of the DragonHeart and Quantum Flight Programs to assist those of Dragon Lineage, be they DragonHearts, DragonRiders or DragonKeepers, to fully merge with that highest aspect of themselves and step into who they Truly BE.

Psychic Medium, Healer, Life Coach, Teacher

Author/Creator of Divining with the Dragons Oracle Deck, nominated Best Oracle Deck International Tarot Foundation CARTA Awards 2022 and winner Runner Up Best Debut Artist https://dragonwithin.com/dragon-oracle-deck

Reno, NV, USA
SPEAKER - Gayatri Singh

Order Oracle deck

Clairsentient Multi-dimensional energy healer,  Psychic Medium , Cosmic Weaver / World-Bridger, Visionary artist, and creator of the frequency encoded oracle deck 





Shipping world wide from India . 

 In 2018 she had a spontaneous awakening which is when the Dragons came into her awareness. She was instructed to start painting them . 

Never painted before that time so she trusted the guidance & allowed forms to appear . These paintings over time became an Oracle Deck  ✨✨ on completion of this project she was informed that she is the mother of dragons . 

They call her the Cosmik weaver. 

Channeling and working with the dragons since 2018 she offers Intergalactic Journeys ¬†into the crystalline chambers of light for personal healings and Connecting to your personal dragon guide ‚ú®ūüź≤‚ú®

Assists in Crossing disembodied souls . Activating your spiritual Gifts , skills and Talents / Clearing soul contracts / family flows / past life trauma / Ancestral clearing / Soul fragment retrieval / releasing curses hexes spells . Removal of implants and entities , lower vibrational chords de cluttering karmic imprints  for overall well being optimising life force energy connections . 

Services include Psychic intuitive readings Oracle card readings .

Contact via email¬†[email protected]


Theresa is a Dragon Channel, Energy Healer, Speaker, and an RN of 20+ years.

She facilitates group experiences Including transformational healing retreats, women’s empowerment events, and sound bath healings. When it comes to transformation and helping others, she has a superpower. It is being able to see through the surface and help you to break up with your fear and release the blocked energy so you can find peace, joy, fulfillment, and remember the bad*SS you are!

She primarily works with the Dragons, Archangels, and her Shaman ancestors as a clear channel to assist in your transformational journey of awakening.

Theresa is a motivational speaker and has been featured in the NY Times, US News & World Report, Weight Watchers and other publications. Theresa currently resides in the Dallas, TX area and is married while raising two teenage boys.

She will be sharing about; How to be a physical channel for the Dragons. 

Theresa Nguyen, RN MSN
Energy Therapist, Thought Leader & Speaker

FB: https://www.facebook.com/theresanguyenspeaks

IG: https://www.instagram.com/theresanguyenspeaks/

TT: https://www.tiktok.com/@theresanguyenspeaks

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theresa-nguyen-speaks/

YT: https://youtube.com/@theresanguyenspeaks



VinDragonHeart is a multidimensional facilitator and holder of space. In the early 2000's, he was initiated into the Usui Tibetan Method of Reiki. With his growing interest in spirituality, he expanded his toolset to include EFT, Grace Healing, Innity Healing, Light Language and Holographic Principles.

He currently works with his team of divine workers that includes his soul aspects (Dragons and Crows to name a few) to clear detrimental energies as well as bring in appropriate light body upgrades.

Vin is also the custodian of the Dragon Armour, a spiritual technology that forms a layer of Dragon Skin around a person when activated. The armour was channeled through from his Oversoul. It has the ability to generate frequency elds around the wielder or any other person as directed. Frequencies includes the healing Solfeggio Frequencies as well other frequencies to embody dierent states of consciousness.

Vin's passion is to clear traumas, to allow more love to shine through from within. He is a regular on tiktok under the handle @vin_dragonheart, where he does many free mini healings to assist as meant as appropriate.

For any enquiries,¬† he can be emailed at [email protected].

Website: https://www.lightloveclearings.com/



Mystik Merlyn (Dean Bottles) is a Dragon Incarnate and has been working with Dragons since 2018, he was initiated as a Dragon Lord in December 2020 shortly after his activation connecting him with Merlin consciousness.
This is a role of an ambassador for all Dragons and he takes it very seriously, through this role he has developed a deep bond with Dragon kind, he has also gained access to the original form of Magik that exists in it's pure form in the Dragon & Faerie Realms.
He is a Physical Medium but I prefer the term Psychopomp as he assist Earth bound spirits to pass on to the next life, he have now developed Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizant, Clairsentience, Psychometry, Bi & Tri-location.
He doesn't like using the term Healer as it holds a negative perspective in many and to the Medical Community the word Heal is not allowed, he prefers the term Professional Energetic Transmutation Specialist Soul Sovereignty Healing is a new name to express the power of the work he does, his team includes many aspects of this Soul plus his late twin brother Shen the Golden Dragon. Together they focus upon Retrieval, Rescue and Rehabilitation of a Soul this includes removal of entity attachments, contracts, spells, curses and implants of many types.
He has developed his own modality he calls Omni or Omni-Bioenergetics or All Body Energetics with guidance from his Higherself and his 9 Dragon aspects, in this he utilises the Sacred Rainbow Dragon Breath, Dragon Fire & Dragon Plasma which he harnesses through his Solar Dragon aspect.
His modality utilises the Morphogenetic Field allowing him to create automated healing (transmutation) packages or automated healing (transmutation) tools that use a Keyphrase to download and activate on an individual at their leisure, this allows for a guaranteed uneditable container to be programmed with very specific parameters.
His introduction to Dragons began in mid 2018 when his late brother returned after almost a decade apart, he left in human form and returned in Dragon form.
His brother Shen has since Ascended and he has returned as an Ascended Master and he has opened his own Mystery School, From Darkness to Light Academy for Ascension has so far had almost 3 million souls pass through the school now with 100% reaching their Ascension.
As of late there is several children who attend the Academy during their sleeping hours which is assisting them to prepare themselves for their upcoming roles as the Teachers and Wayshowers of the next generation.
He can be contacted through www.facebook.com/dean.bottles his website is currently under construction at www.humandragon.com
His title for the talk is: My Life as a Dragon Incarnate
SPEAKER - Dina Ziskin-Fortune

Soul Language Activator, Intuitive Painter, and Quantum Healer.

Dina’s personal healing journey inspires her to help others access the spark of magic and creativity that resides within us all. A certified Dragon Reiki master and group facilitator, Dina excels at curating experiences that facilitate participants’ connection to themselves and divine Love. Individual and group sessions with her evoke playfulness and intuitive experimentation in ways that give people permission to be themselves. Through a combination of breath work, guided meditation, movement, and artistic activation, Dina gently guides clients through a journey that removes blockages and brings them face to face with their highest purpose. She also offers readings from the Akashic field, which help clients integrate the past into the present moment.

In March, Dina celebrated the release of her upcoming book‚ÄĒa collaborative and innovative endeavor co-authored with two soul sisters. Guided by sacred synchronicities, this transformative work intertwines art, creative writing, and wisdom codes, aimed at supporting individuals on their journey of self-discovery and healing. She currently lives in New York with her loving husband and enjoys traveling the country collaborating with heart-centered healers seeking to bring positive change to the world.

You can find her on links, events, sessions and calendar at: https://linktr.ee/soulydina?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SOULYDINAART

Recent Book : The Journey of Transformation: Through the Art of Words & Codes.

Special Offer: Dragon painting and channeling special

This package includes a 6x9 watercolor painting of your personal dragon, hand written channeled message and a 40 minute dragon session.

The session will be focused on connection with the dragons and how to connect creatively with their personal dragons.

The session will include clearings and activations in English and light language and will be an opportunity for the recipient to receive empowering feedback for their journey with their dragons. No two sessions are the same however they may include a horse’s meditation with creative expression. This package is available for $144 for a limited time as the price will increase to $333 after 8/21/24

Thank you!

SPEAKER - Prenisha Arumugan 
Prenisha Arumugam ‚Äď Owner of Dragon Flame Healing¬†

Prenisha hails from South Africa, Johannesburg, and is a Self Empowerment Practitioner, Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Safe Space Holder, Psychic Medium, and Intuitive. She is a guardian Dragon; Mother of the Realm and also holds a seat on the 12th-dimensional council.

Prenisha utilizes all wisdom, teachings, and lessons passed down to her from past life experiences, her spirit team, and her dragons, to help motivate and inspire. She offers private healing sessions as well as hosting weekly events on various social media platforms ‚Äď Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.¬†

Her true purpose in this dimension is to raise vibrations and frequencies within herself and others. She aspires to be unlimited in this creation and to show, by example, that the power of self is exponential and we all have the ability to create a vast, beautiful human experience together. 
To contact her or book a private session email: [email protected]

SPEAKER - Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson is a channelled writer, speaker and an intuitive mentor to soul led entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers and a band of extraordinary passionate creative women and men across the globe. Who create with a true purpose and passion.¬†Known as the ‚ÄėThe Dragon Messenger' receiving guidance and messages from 8 Dragons for the evolution of the population to Ascend with Grace and Ease.¬†For over a decade she has called in an evolved way of living intuitively following The Dragon Way.¬†Fiona is Soul Led and is the founder and CEO of Retreats specifically designed as a¬†Detox For Your Soul,¬†and the creator of the¬†Home Detox Box.¬†She was guided to Move to France and open a retreat and write the protocol for the mind and body's increased capacity to operate at a higher frequency level and activate the all seeing pineal gland, and thus giving access to the inner vision accelerator and the silent language of intuition.

Cultivating an unbreakable connection she sees millions of women and men being Soul Led. A brand with over two decades of being guided herself and to guide and evolve women into their new identity, mentally, physically, financially and towards careers that serve the greater good. Being spiritually connected and guided, believing in magic and intuitively manifesting success stories. Fiona's work, more than anything, is focused on the belief that everyone deserves to experience a life of freedom, and your inner world creates your outer world and so claiming your phenomenal power and destiny. 

Fiona guides her clients to break the spells they are under, which means unlocking their stubborn beliefs, see the patterns they constantly repeat, unlock their mind to it's truest capacity and potential. She sees that her clients own their own unique soul language to be guided towards their own unique success, to create the freedom that they know is meant to be. 

Through her programs, like the Midas Touch and A course in Practical Magic, and her powerful Dragon readings, she guides you how to holistically regard your entire life and align with the vision source has for you. Fiona listens to the Whispers coming from your soul for the cause of the vibration of the original creation, and feeds that back to you so you can create a body fit for your soul, Business that's telling you what she needs and how to create that, and has a gift for turning tragic relationships into love stories. For all of these transformations she has a wealth of powerful examples coming from pure un edited Soul guidance 
Fiona watches inexplicable events, opportunities and miracles happen daily.

She’s been writing articles for magazines on the art of transformation to living free and having magic at your fingertips for over 20 years. Originally from the U.K. she was guided to live a life of vacation in sunny South West France, raising her boys her fur and feathered friends, to run the retreats for the Soul, write her book on Practical Magic, create the Dragons cards and can regularly be found on the beach, in the woods or hanging out in the garden talking to her Dragons.Fiona Robertson is a channelled author and speaker and creator of updated powerful ways to see people transform rapidly. Her book called Practical Magic Life outlines an extraordinary manifesting series of stories, with precise exercises to complete and the direct messages from the Dragons on just how to amplify and accelerate your own creations.

To Purchase Dragon Cards { click here }

Fiona Robertson
Soul Partnering, Fiona Robertson

0033 (0) 677052201¬†Email:¬†[email protected]

Detox Diva and Body Whisperer


SPEAKER - Siddhii Shaah

Step into the realm of mystical wonders guided by Siddhii, a gifted Psychic Reader, Dragon Healing Facilitator, and Mentor of over 60 spiritual healing courses. With her diverse array of talents, Siddhii shines as a beacon of enlightenment and transformation.

As a pioneer of Dragon healings in India, Siddhii has introduced the extraordinary Celestial Dragons Healing System, a fast and profound method of restoration. With her healing sessions, she has witnessed magical recoveries in people's lives, touching every facet of their existence.

From an early age, Siddhii was captivated by the ethereal dimensions, embarking on a profound spiritual journey that now shapes her life's purpose. Her remarkable gift as a medium allows her to channel the wisdom and guidance of angels, dragons, and goddesses, offering solace, healing, and transformation to those in need.

Recognized as a trailblazer in the field of dragon healing, Siddhii has unveiled a sacred art that taps into the ancient power and enigma of these majestic creatures. Her groundbreaking techniques have illuminated the lives of countless individuals, bestowing lasting change and nurturing a deep connection with the spiritual realm.

With an extensive reach that has touched the lives of over 10,000 individuals through readings, healings, and workshops, Siddhii stands as an unwavering symbol of hope and inspiration in the realm of holistic wellness. Her exceptional contributions were acknowledged by the prestigious Miral Foundation, which honored her with the distinguished title of "Best Healer of 2022," a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft and the profound impact she has made on countless lives.

Siddhii's unwavering belief in delivering quick and enduring results has garnered immense respect and reverence. Her mastery spans over 100 healing courses, specializing in diverse areas such as fat reduction, money healing, relationship healing, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Equipped with an extensive toolkit of techniques, she adeptly addresses a wide range of physical and emotional ailments.

Beyond her healing sanctuary, Siddhii's wisdom and expertise transcend boundaries. A captivating speaker, she has graced stages in numerous Indian cities, captivating audiences with her profound insights into dragon healing and energy restoration. Her words resonate deeply, inspiring all who listen to embrace their transformative journey towards holistic well-being.

Through her innate abilities and unwavering dedication, Siddhii provides accurate readings that delve deep into the heart of matters. With an unwavering commitment to fast and effective healing,

she stands as a powerful catalyst for transformation, illuminating the path towards personal growth and inner harmony.

In the realm of spiritual wellness, Siddhii's name shines brightly as a guiding light, offering solace, healing, and empowerment to all who seek her guidance. With grace and compassion, she leaves an indelible mark on the lives she touches, awakening their true potential and enabling them to embrace a life of profound meaning and fulfilment. Embark on this extraordinary journey with Siddhii, and unlock the power within.

Her talk will be on: The Celestial Dragons Healing System

Social media links:

Email:¬†¬†[email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yanahealingstudio/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzy-9WtVR4VZUKC8AH36rLQ

Instagram: https://instagram.com/yanashealingstudio?igshid=MGNiNDI5ZTU=

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/UdFhWgD5n-IzDcgl
Whatsapp: https://wa.me/918928734540
Website: https://www.yanashealingstudio.in/

SPEAKER - Fabiene Lui

Fabiene is a Shadow Integrator, Light Language Activator, and Spiritual Coach. Through her experience in healing and integrating her Shadow Self, the path that unfolded led to incredible activation and remembrance of her multidimensional Soul. 

Since the dragons first appeared to her in the third phase of her Awakening, they have guided her to maintain the integrity of her infinite loving heart and share the loving wisdom. She works with the Dragons in dreamscape to awaken her brothers and sisters so we can all return home. Fabiene channels Dragon Light Language to call to those who are ready to rise in the wisdom of conflicts past, the Dragons hope you will heed the call.

As a multidimensional channel, Fabiene sees your highest potential and guides you to it. She believes you are an infinite powerful being of love and light with your own unique magic. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Fabiene holds space for you and is a mirror for you to see what your soul already knows.

Fabiene will talk on: Blessings from the Dragons for the New Thunder Moon. Light language activations.

Website: https://www.fabienelui.com

SPEAKER - Caryn O'Malley

The Dragon Doula, Caryn Terres is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, political activist, and internationally known author/speaker.

Caryn is best known for her work with Dragons- not only as powerful spirit guides; but our individual ability to harness the ineffable mythos of Dragons to truly BE A DRAGON

This takes a willingness to undergo the ultimate death & rebirth process. No more Phoenix vibes- we're playing with dragons now.

Because of the multi-faceted nature of her work, the results she has empowered her clients to create is diversified as her wardrobe.

- Effectively quitting a 15-year corporate job to being booked out with therapy/social work clients 5 months later
- Successful Natural Birth after previous cesareans
- Lifetime pain from a childhood injury gone in a single session & still pain-free 5 years later.

- Increasing revenue from inconsistent 5-figure months, to consistent 6-figure months without changing the business model.
- Unhappily married to happily divorced- easily, amicably, with a fair & just custody case within 6 months



The title of her talk is: Be a Dragon


SPEAKER - Galactic Ashley

I channel Divine Guidance for Starseeds and Earth Warriors connecting them to their Star Families, Dragon and Galactic Lineages. I use light language frequencies and work with your Cosmic Connections to facilitate high-frequency healing transmissions and encoded activations.

After earning a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Arizona in Tucson, I merged my passion for art and metaphysics together with my background in cross cultural mentoring and teaching to design and lovingly develop Galactic Guided Intensives. These are 9 week channeled (dis)Courses that hold BIG space, inviting you deeper into your truth and resourced god-self; while empowering you to heal and walk your unique Ascension path.

Website: https://galacticashley.com/
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @galacticashley.activates
Telegram: @galacticashley

SPEAKER - Kieron Morgan

Kieron Morgan is a healer, teacher, Alchemyst, and Brother of Dragons, with over 20 years experience on the path.

My roots are planted in the Old ways with a deep love of Mother Earth, Elementals, and Magic, but my head is in the stars, also working with Ascended Masters, Angels, and my beloved Dragon collective; all under the guidance of Master Merlin, my Father in Spirit.

For the last decade, I have offered my work around the UK and Europe, being a guest reader and regular workshop facilitator at the College of Psychic Studies in London for a number of years. I offer workshops on a number of esoteric subjects, readings with my bespoke Dragon Rune cards, and a range of healing sessions to help those in need to release that which no longer suits or served them and to help and support them as they move forward on their journey.

I am the Master and Founder of Pendragon Reiki, an energetic healing system using Dragon energy for healing and protection. This was given to me by The Merlin in 2016 and has grown in stature and popularity since its inception.

I am deeply honoured to be the Guardian of the Violet Flame Earth Chakra which sits on Leith Hill in Surrey (my childhood home). A magical place of transformation and Alchemy, where I offer guided tours (both physical and virtual) so people can connect and learn some of the secrets of this amazing place and the truly life-changing energy that it holds.

I am a proud trustee of Divine Energy International, a worldwide non-profit organisation for energy healers.

Its vision is ‚ÄúA world where energy healing is for all.‚ÄĚ

I have also recently written a chapter in the Amazon multi-national best-selling book ‚ÄúThe Energy Healer‚Äôs Oracle‚Ä̬†

Title of talk: Kierons views on the World of Humans and Dragons

A general discussion about the interaction of the World of Dragons and humans.

Website: www.brotherofdragons.co.uk

Facebook: @brotherofdragons  

Instagram: @thebrotherofdragons

Youtube: @kieronmorgan-brotherofdragons

SPEAKER - Carol Weakland

Carol Weakland is an author, healer, dragon mystic and nature guru.  She works with the dragons in all aspects of her life including, healings, clearings, liberations, time bending, soul retrieval and overall miracle manifestation.  In addition, she teaches a dragon mystery school as well as a special children's dragon magic class.  Carol's award-winning children's book, THE DRAGON'S BREATH BOOK teaches both young and the young at heart about the alchemical power of the dragon's breath.  She is thrilled to be speaking about Dragons and the Divine Feminine at this summit!

Thank you!

Nature Speaks To US

Carol Weakland


Best Selling and Award-Winning Author

The Nature Guru

SPEAKER - Sandra Pelley

Sandra believes everyone has a unique gift. Years of working closely with many women (& men), as well as on her own journey, have helped Sandra to understand major points that can be used to help you discover or rediscover your passion for life. Her own passion is to empower others by helping them connect with their guides, especially the Little You (Inner Child). The Little You responds to simple yet life changing mantras, changes in everyday wordings, and understanding expectations, which in turn allows the layers of deep wounds to begin healing. From there it is onto discover how to Live Your Inner Dragon. Dragon energy fires the drive and commitment to create the vision into your new reality.

As dragons gathered around, Sandra Pelley was gifted the moniker, The Dragon Ally. Dragons have been a part of her life for at least 10 years, their involvement becoming greater as Sandra leaned into choosing to walk her path with them. Dragon Theory is a deep awareness of the Inner Dragon power coming on line. Humanity has a magical opportunity to take flight in unimaginable ways. In her role as The Dragon Ally, Sandra stands at the entrance to many portals to aid you on your journey to live your inner dragon.

Free gift - Unleash Your Inner Dragon Quiz - https://mailchi.mp/a0f8783c6762/dragon-quiz-dragon-thunder

I changed my life when I connected with myself... Here is my gift to you.



Facebook business: https://www.facebook.com/sandrapelley.thesandini/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesandinisandra/

Website: https://www.sandrapelley.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SandraPelleyTheSandini

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSandini

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sandra-pelley-the-sandini-53ab12117

Sandra is also offering a FREE meditation to help bring your Dragon into your world:

Would You Like to Meet Your Dragon?  https://mailchi.mp/6da1d5c07f83/galactic-dragon-thunder-free-gift-dragon-2024

Sandra's talk: 

The Inner Dragon and how to connect with your Inner Dragon with breath work, come and join us as be breathe with our Inner Dragons. 



with love and support

Discover You - the Incredible U, live your inner dragon and create the life you want.

SPEAKER - Dr. Alions Kay

Alison J. Kay, PhD is a multiple time #1 International Best-Selling Author, including her latest book, The Dragon Master Creatrix: Conversations With a Female Spiritual Teacher For these New Times released in late January, 2021.

She is an award winning Master Mind-Body Energy Medicine Facilitator and teacher for more than twenty-five years, and a world-traveler who lived and worked at an International School in Asia for ten years, while also performing energy medicine & holistic wellness coaching sessions for clients on the side there and worldwide, as she continued to study at the source the subtle energy system and consciousness.

During her experience in Asia, Alison completed her PhD as a Holistic Life Coach. She continued fiercely studying Buddhism and Buddhist meditation, while also learning and eventually teaching Chi Gong, and receiving traditional Chinese and other Asian holistic treatments many times per week.

Prior to returning home, Dr. Alison went to India and became a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher. All this took place while she was both an administrator and classroom teacher, teaching English Literature, AP Psychology and a course she created, ‚ÄúGlobal Psychology‚ÄĚ that combines both Eastern and Western psychological methodologies.

The Vibrational UPgradeTM System was created by Dr. Alison after spending these years in Asia studying subtle energy. Her system presents the intersection of the mind, body, and spirit applied to cultivating vitality, health, longevity, and over all well-being that leads to reaching one’s

fullest potential. During her speaker engagements she consistently awes her audiences with the completeness and accuracy from which they awaken and recognize their own physical, emotional, mental, and life challenges having a direct, clear correlation to a specific chakra or two.

She has developed a system that targets the missing links that have been understood to be the weak points in the American medical system "daily self and chronic care," as she fully documents in her well-researched first book, What if There's Nothing Wrong? Dr. Alison uncovers the unifying tools with the understanding of how energy flows - or does not - in the body, and how that creates:

Health and wellness Vitality and clarity Centered peace & calm Abundance

Healthy emotional expression
Increased capacities
Increased intuitive awareness & guidance
Increased connection to the field of unlimited possibilities Increased access to one’s hidden, or latent, potential

... and a whole lot more.

It‚Äôs a really unique combination, the Vibrational UPgradeTM System, that Dr. Alison has created. The highly functional intertwining of her yoga, meditation and mindfulness background with her energy medicine training in five different energy medicine modalities -including her first being Usui Reiki where she‚Äôs only 6 removed from the founder of reiki but going way beyond reiki - form a system that results in actual, realized, permanent behavioral change. In fact, she has speciality certification as a ‚ÄúBehavioral Change Specialist‚ÄĚ from ICF, as a part of her personal trainer certification. This combination grounds in a revolutionary way that no one else out there has yet seen, what has typically been considered ‚Äúspiritual‚ÄĚ in the West, while targeting affects within the material. This is why so many colleagues have come to term her a pioneer in this field.¬†


The Dragon Master Creatrix: Conversations with a Female Spiritual Teacher for These New Times | Published in January 2021, this book seeks to give a window into working with a female spiritual teacher, with access to the intimate teachings, and connections to women‚ÄĒand men!‚ÄĒseeking that experience. This is a sharing of key concepts, tips, techniques, to give such women‚ÄĒand men!‚ÄĒ tools to step into their power at entirely new levels, both personally and collectively.

Reasonable Dragons | Published in August 2019, this book gives you a comprehensive understanding of how the hidden aspects of your consciousness influences to limit or free you. Fascinating insights are shared on how this also affects the entire world, its people and their collective mindset. Touching on many topics seemingly divergent as combining intuition with logic, the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine energy flows, rejection, and trust.






SPEAKER - Amanda Boekhout

I, Amanda Boekhout, am a creatrix and activator for the new earth. It is my pleasure and delight to offer gifts of high vibration out into the world as often as I am able. I create art, events, and community containers for expansion and magic.

I discovered I was a dragon spontaneously in January of 2023. Then everything really started to make sense.

No wonder I felt so outside of the norm for my entire life! No wonder I was given a body measuring six feet three inches tall!

And with the dragon activation, the understanding of frequencies, the quantum eld, and unconditional love through self mastery began to deepen and strengthen. I know I am a "newbie" in the world of dragon study/ amongst you all but my remembrance runs deep. I delightfully continue to reveal more and more gifts now that the dragons are here!

What an amazing life. Everything is possible! The dragons have taught me this.



I am a dragon, activating dna with high vibe frequencies, quantum kundalini awakening, self mastery (golden dragon training), and unconditional love!


Website: https://divinefem.com/

SPEAKER -¬†Alina LuminitŐ¶a Mocan

My name is Alina LuminitŐ¶a Mocan, i am originally from Romania and I have lived in Japan for over 20 years now.

My spiritual journey that I was truly embraced and accepted started 5 years ago and it was awakened and speeded by the presence of a dragon called Seira that has influenced strongly my work, my path, and my ascension.

I was aware of my mediumship and psychic abilities from childhood and easily communicated and see angels and cherubs. I am a multidimensional being and my galactic incarnations are vast and include different races and star systems but my true origin is Angelic Realm and I am here as an incarnated angel in human form and it is not my first incarnation as human.

From my background: Dragon/Unicorn/Angelic guide, Cosmic guide astrologer, starseed origins calculator, Eclectic witch, Rose alchemist, Energy healer, Akashic Records reader, Tarot/Oracle reader, Color therapist, Wicca master, Medium Psychic, Writer. Since day one I have been working tirelessly in order to expand my offerings and make my customers' experience even better. My offerings are carefully selected and payment methods are generous and low prices.

My work will include an entire team based on your needs, that may be: Akashic Records, Dragons, Unicorns/Pegasus, Angels, Archangels, Divine Guides, Cosmic citizens, Gaia, Gods and Goddesses, tarot and oracle cards, crystals, and candles, Divine Consciousness, Love&Light. I am truly excited to be a speaker for this beautiful summit and I hope I can bring more knowledge, love, and interesting experiences for your soul and for the collective consciousness. Please always feel free to reach out to me or attend to my free readings and healing sessions that I offer collectively in special occasions on my page and Facebook accounts or personal sessions that i can provide privately and are listed on my website.

I look forward to meeting many dragons lovers and having new experiences and the possibility to give and receive Dragon Love and knowledge to our hearts. I am grateful for this opportunity and thankful to the coordinators of this project and special event.


Alina's talk is: Dragons, Cosmic Beings, and Angelic Incarnations

I will speak mostly about the Dragons and their influence on my ascension. Pegasus and Unicorns, Angels, and also will be doing a short description of how our astrological birth chart is influencing and can reveal a possible galactic incarnation. My intention is for sure to keep this related with the topic of this summit. I believe I am the only person who figured out how to calculate an angelic origin from an astrological calculation and not only a Starseed (alien) origin, which is mostly related to dragons. Also working on Elven-origin birth chart calculations.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alina.luminita.celestial/ And https://www.facebook.com/stars4angels

Website: https://www.stars4angels.com/

Etsy shop: https://stars4angels.etsy.com

SPEAKER - Madalena

Meet Madalena

She's an Artist and Energy Weaver

Here to ignite, remind, guide, activate and inspire Soul Tribe to Be Embodied in their Unique Expression, Power and Radiance and join our hands and hearts and create beautiful Spaces, Worlds, Events and Experiences together!

Art | Music | Soul Mission | Multidimensional and Quantum Energy Weaving | Community | Ceremony | Expression | Celebration | Expression | Embodiment | Love | New Earth

She will bring us: Dragon Light Language Activation


SPEAKER - Alessandra Gilioli

Alessandra Gilioli lives in Italy and is making friends with Dragons under churches.

Cosmic Dragons have been channeled through her while on tour in Japan. And a Venus Temple dragon is showing her the vastness of the Cosmic Human blueprint.

Alessandra leads retreats and events at sacred sites worldwide.

She identifies as a Star Fairy and Consciousness Engineer. Her first love is energy healing and taking people on Galactic Shamanic journeys with crystal bowls and drums.

She will bring us: Aledaran Stargate Dragons & New Energies

I am always ready to offer a mini crystal bowl and light language healing transmission from the dragons! A taste of awesomeness is always welcome! I was called to channel the Aldebaran Stargate Legion of New Incoming Dragons. They are luminescent. At first they appear silver, then platinum, then rainbow hued but they are expanding the bandwidth of our perceptual eld. They are bringing in UPGRADES, codes and the stamina elixir for us to keep being the Warriors of Plasmatic waves that we are. They have so much love for us!

SPEAKER - Jason Donaldson

From an early age, Jason felt a connection to the world around him in a very powerful and often overwhelming way. An extreme sensitivity and inner vision had him withdraw from people and himself.

He explored all the wrong ways to cope with this in his teenage and young adult years until his Saturn return/dark night of the soul event led him to the desert of Arizona to begin training with his first metaphysics teacher.

This led him down a path of healing and Self-discovery studying and applying everything he could in an effort to fix himself until finally realizing the truth of Spirit that we are already whole and complete.

He then remembered to more consciously dwell in the feeling before time and the connection to all things, that which is felt so often in meditation and times of Joy. This place of the Heart led him to his connection with soul family.

This soul/star family connection and previous training brought forth the ability to channel energy and work as a healer in a more powerful way.   


Jason Donaldson has a bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, a master's in Marriage and Family Therapy from NCU, is a certified master Sekhem Energy Practitioner, Spirit Guidance Mentor, and creator of the Galactic Breathing Technique.

Jason has an extremely varied background in many healing modalities and much esoteric study such as ascension mechanics, quantum physics, galactic shamanism, nutrition, tai chi, qi gong, tarot, shadow work, energy signature reading, etheric surgery, implant removal, meditation, breathwork, soul retrieval, and energetic archetypes.

He has been trained in The Three Principles approach to mental health and facilitated various therapeutic and support groups, workshops, and rite of passage ceremonies for over 10 years on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

He offers guided breathwork and energy ceremonies for groups and individuals. As well as, Tarot
and Energy signature readings to help people remember their Galactic Self.

Jason will offer: Working with Dragon Heart Energy, 

working with Dragon energy to help protect your personal space, set boundaries, and allow free expression.. 


SPEAKER - Virginie  Lafon

Virginie is a professional hypnotherapist specialized in quantum healing.

She’s been trained by Dolores Cannon and her former assistant Candace Craw-Goldman and has been practicing hypnosis for over 7 years.

From the very beginning of her practice Dragons have been spontaneously showing up in her sessions, through her clients and herself, to reconnect with humankind.

They have given Virginie so much information about them through more than a thousand sessions, their galactic history, and their history with human on Earth that Virginie is now following the path of Dolores Cannon as an investigator and an author.

She also provides energetic healings, channeled information, and works with dragon-related channels.

Virginie is a renowned dragon specialist in France and gives a new perspective on our connection to dragons to remember our multidimensionality and our own human history.

Virginie will offer: Past Lives with and as dragons: two main connections to Dragons

In my work I've discovered two types of strong connection with dragons: those I call dragonriders, who are beings that can be considered dragon "friends", "colleagues", and much more... And those I call dragons incarnated as humans. They’ve had past lives together, on Earth and on other planets and have been through many difficult times. Today, those people are here incarnated on earth as you and me. They are more and more to remember who they are and their bond to dragons in a way of healing their memories and wounds, so that a new paradigm can be revealed and dragons can connect again with humankind.

YouTube: @ContactwithDragons

Website: VirginieLafon.com


SPEAKER -¬† Anu'SheŐĀ~Ra - Cosmic scribe

I AM Leone | Anu'SheŐĀ~Ra , known as The Cosmic Scribe & curator of the Royal Lyran Project.

In this current incarnation/reality, I AM a mother, grandmother, SiStar, and Divine Counterpart in Union with my Other. I bring my gifts as a Quantum Alchemist, applying Wisdom and experience gained over 37 years since my Spiritual Awakening.

My greatest expansion has been since I chose to embrace my Dragon aspect, which is that of a fully merged Lyran Dragon (Gold Winged Lion). A magnificent vista opened up before me, the Cosmic Codes came in, the Royal Lyran Project was birthed, a unique Guidance Deck was manifested, my Life Story as a blog and book to be published in Perfect time and EarthLove Sacred Service kicked into high gear!

I am thrilled to be able to share my story with you, I know how the stories of others touch me and I trust this will be your experience too!

There is much to share ~ more on Leone on my web ~ inscension.co.za

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.cosmic.scribe/

Leone will share with us: Inscension as Self~Mastery

I just want to share the beautiful story of the Life I have created and continue to manifest. How my Inner Compass has guided me, more about the Cosmic Codes and how they came to me and my raison d'etre, the Royal Lyran Project. All sprinkled with powerful Dragon Magic !!

SPEAKER - Katara Sky

Katara will share with us:

Tune into this session with Katara Sky as she shares her messages and lived experiences of connecting with the dragons... and experience her DragonSong transmission!

More about Katara:

Katara is an Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor & Educator, Activator and Cosmic Weaver. She holds transformative spaces to help facilitate conscious, purpose-seeking people to more deeply Re-Member who they are and Re-claim their Sacred Power through Ancient Song, Embodied Living & Unbridled Expression.

Changing the lives of hundreds of people across a worldwide community in her work of sacred circles, immersive workshops, healing and online courses, Katara helps people live a soul- led life with more clarity and purpose. Her background includes over a decade of working in corporate business across North America, Europe and the Middle East. She’s held senior and management roles in finance, strategy and business transformation until awakening to her own transformation and soul- missioned life. Her personal & soul development spans multiple disciplines include yoga, hypnotherapy, reiki, shamanism and energy healing, light language, qi gong, and counselling.

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/awakeningdragons/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katara.dragonheart
Website: https://www.awakeningdragons.com/ 
Email:¬†[email protected]¬†

ÔĹ•Ôĺü ÔĹ•Ôĺü¬∑:ÔĹ°ÔĹ•ÔĺüÔĺüÔĹ•¬†‚čÜÔĹ°¬į‚ú©ÔĹ•Ôĺü ÔĹ•Ôĺü¬∑:ÔĹ°ÔĹ•ÔĺüÔĺüÔĹ•

Awakening Dragons, the Podcast

You can also tune into Katara and her guests on the Awakening Dragons podcast, curious and luminary conversations exploring our multidimensional aspects, healing and lightworking. Katara believes deeply in the power of curiosity, creativity and community for healing and growth. She is ever in wonder of the mystery of life; she relishes in the infinite possibilities of potential to co-create a sacred life and taking our sacred place of belonging within the whole.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@awakeningdragons?sub_confirmation=1

Audio Listening: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/awakening-dragons 

ÔĹ•Ôĺü ÔĹ•Ôĺü¬∑:ÔĹ°ÔĹ•ÔĺüÔĺüÔĹ•¬†‚čÜÔĹ°¬į‚ú©ÔĹ•Ôĺü ÔĹ•Ôĺü¬∑:ÔĹ°ÔĹ•ÔĺüÔĺüÔĹ•

Join HeartSong in September 2024

Until the end of August 2024, for those who are here in the 2024 Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit, get 35% off my signature 9 Week Program which starts in September 2024!

Learn about HeartSong https://awakeningdragons.com/heartsong 9 Week Journey to Activate Your Expression Program. 
Use coupon code DRAGON35 at checkout to avail 35% off the core Starfire Package. 

Please contact Katara if you have any questions. 



SPEAKER - Luna Ra Starshine

I am Luna Ra Starshine, traversing the cosmos as a radiant soul, a beacon of light that illuminates the path ahead. My journey embodies the roles of a Sound Alchemist, Dragon Master, Channel to the Divine Dragons, and an emissary for the Galactic Councils. My connection to higher realms is profound, casting me as a potent channel, seamlessly bridging worlds and communities through the luminescent arc of the prophetic rainbow bridge.

As a multidimensional coach, I bring forth a wealth of wisdom and experience. My specialization lies in the arts of Vocal Embodiment, Plant Medicine, and the integration of Spiritual Experiences. This fusion of ancient teachings and modern insights guides individuals along the intricate journey of self-realization and empowerment. My reverence for indigenous traditions has driven me to immerse myself within these tribes, honoring and weaving their profound wisdom into the fabric of my teachings. I've embarked on a voyage that led me to sacred enclaves and potent energy centers scattered across the globe.

This quest ignited the activation of the dragon lines woven into the planetary network, my touch connecting with the vibrant threads of Earth's energetic grid to initiate healing and transformation. My unwavering commitment to venerating indigenous traditions has rendered me a bridge, harmoniously uniting the echoes of ancient wisdom with the symphony of modern spirituality. Nestled within the mystical embrace of Sedona, Arizona, I offer in-person journeys, attunements, and coaching sessions. Sedona's sacred energy amplifies the transformative experiences that flow through my guidance, cultivating an environment ripe for personal growth and spiritual exploration. Within this sacred space, I stand as a guiding light for those in search of profound shifts and alignment with the resonating pulse of their soul's purpose.

But my mission stretches beyond personal transformation; I am a guide, a conduit, ushering all life toward the impending evolution. My profound connection with the Divine Dragons empowers me to serve as a catalyst for collective awakening, steadfastly supporting humanity on its upward journey toward higher consciousness and unification.
And here's where my tale takes an intriguing turn. After my own awakening, the fragments of a forgotten life as a dragon resurfaced in my consciousness. This realization, however, only fully crystallized when I embarked on a journey with ayahuasca and became a guardian to its potent medicine. It was through this sacred connection that the spirits of the dragons found a channel within me, allowing their essence to flow and intertwine with mine. As a result, my understanding of dragon consciousness deepened, revealing layers of wisdom that had long slumbered within me.

So, together, let's venture into the realm of my guidance, where profound alchemy unfolds. Embrace the transformative power concealed within the melody of sound, the ancient wisdom nurtured by plant medicine, and the seamless integration of spiritual experiences. With an open heart, I extend an invitation for you to embark on a journey‚ÄĒa journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and connection. As collaborators, we shape a new world, one adorned with harmony, love, and evolution, as we harmonize our energies and awaken the latent potential within us all.


Luna will share with us:Dragon Power through Vocal Empowerment

e Vocal Embodiment & Dragon Alchemy, a journey that beckons you to discover and harness your innate power with the dynamic assistance of dragon energy.

Step into a world where the ancient wisdom of dragons intertwines with the magic of your voice, fostering a union that propels you toward personal empowerment and global change. The dragons have emerged as our guides, aiding us in vocalizing our truths‚ÄĒan act that kindles liberation for humanity. Their wisdom supports us in stepping into our own power, empowering us to catalyze vital transformations across the planet.

In this workshop, the dragons reveal the intricate art of working with elemental magic, inviting you to infuse this magic into your communication. As we master the dance of elemental energy, we become more potent leaders, equipped to guide humanity through turbulent times. This alchemical blend of dragon wisdom and elemental magic equips you with the tools to foster strength, resilience, and transformation in both yourself and those you influence.

Immerse yourself in the Dragon Activation, a unique experience that serves as a conduit for the profound wisdom residing within these majestic beings. Through your voice, I will facilitate an activation that draws forth the dragons' insights, enveloping you in their energy. As you resonate with this power, your voice transforms into a potent tool for change, propelling you forward on your path of empowerment and leadership.
Are you ready to awaken the latent power within your voice and integrate the magic of dragons into your essence?

Join us in the Vocal Embodiment & Dragon Alchemy Workshop and embark on a journey where your voice becomes a beacon of transformation, and the wisdom of dragons ignites the flames of empowerment within you. Together, let's unleash a symphony of change that resonates across humanity and the planet.

SPEAKER - Andena Sananda Kumara

Andena Sananda Kumara (aka Angela Anderson) lives her truth, Soul Integrated, as an Embodied, Heart-Centered Conduit of Divine Frequency.  As Divine Channel, Andena anchors a frequency that activates, within the resonant field of all who Choose to Align and Attune, a Multidimensional Event which Ignites Awareness of Innate Collective Truth, as Aspect of the Divine Source of ALL Creation Harmonically Expressed through the Manifest Instrument of Form. 

Upon receipt of this Divine Frequency Emanation, is the resonant field altered through all levels of Existence.  The result being akin to the Entanglement effect of striking a single tuning fork, in which all resonant tuning forks within proximity will also vibrate.  This act resolves Distortions, or Misperceptions, created through Limiting Belief, providing Opportunity to more Authentically Imbibe and Imbue the Field with Pure Source Essence, thereby facilitating the capacity to Be, as the Fullness of the True Divine. 

To this end, Andena serves as Quantum Energy Alchemist of The All, one through whom the Field is Lifted in Alignment to and with its True Spiritual State.

Through her company Andena Sananda Kumara LLC, Andena provides private, personal and group sessions and meditations, as well as, Beautiful Multidimensional Frequency Emanations/Activations through Vocal Expression, Art and Video Content which all serves as Guidance along one’s Unfolding Journey of Self Discovery. 

If you feel moved to explore the Conscious landscape with Andena, you are invited to visit and select your Path of Engagement at https://www.linktr.ee/AndenaSanandaKumara


Lily Li is not only a Best Selling International Author but also a Healer Activator Coach and a Master Light Language Activator & Quantum Light Language Healer. Her mission is to awaken your true self by unlocking your natural psychic and healing abilities through her innovative Quantum Light Language Healing modality. As the founder of the Quantum Light Language Academy, Lily is dedicated to demystifying and normalizing Light Language, making it accessible, and empowering individuals to embrace their essence and realign with their soul's purpose.

But that's not all. Lily extends her support beyond personal and spiritual growth by offering services to establish a strong online presence, including a website and social media setup. Additionally, she provides opportunities for guest appearances on her esteemed podcast and virtual healing summit, allowing you to expand your reach and make a profound impact on others.

Are you ready to embrace your destiny as a healer, capable of healing yourself and others? Lily is ready to guide and empower you on this divine journey. With various mentorship programs, private and group light language activations, as well as clearing, healing, and activation sessions, Lily has positively impacted over two thousand individuals thus far. Additionally, she offers a free masterclass series to awaken your innate psychic and healing abilities, and she is a co-author of the international bestseller, "The Journey of Transformation Through the Art of Words and Codes."  Don't forget to explore her handcrafted gemstone jewellery infused with healing light codes on her website.

Connect with Lily Li and embark on this empowering journey together: www.Linktr.ee/LilyLi.LL

Lily will be providing an introduction to Light Language including the dragon dialects and providing tips on how to activate and self-activate so that one can start speaking it.  I will then cap off my live session with a clearing, healing activation transmission


SPEAKER - Richard Harrison
As a  dragonsoul or dragon incarnate, draconkin. Whatever your preference is to call it.
I would like to share my story with the dragon thunder tribe. The time seems right to share.
My hope is that it will be helpful to other dragonsouls and maybe help connect other dragonsouls and unite in finding our purpose in this world.
Ig: @ninjadeathtiger 
fb.richard Harrison 
SPEAKER - Adriana Castano
I like to describe myself as a portal and cosmic hermit through spiritual channeling and energy movements.
I love dragons and I do love connecting with them. 
Their energy drops the veils and takes me to places in a space of consciousness like nothing else.

To me dragons are piercing the veil for us. They are willing to take us into something cosmically greater in communion with everything! 

I also find their energy very grounding. They can put us back on track very quickly and at the same time make our hearts spark. 

Embrace Golden Dragon And Transform Qi

By Adriana Casta√Īo¬†, COLOMBIA

Spiritual and Dragon Portal Channeler. Eden Energy Medicine Certified practitioner. QiGong Practitioner and Mentorship. 

Have you ever sensed your essence adrift in the infinite cosmos, a solitary atom seeking connection?

Embrace the assistance from Golden dragons. They are benevolent, wise, helpful, and supportive. They come to remind us we are powerful cosmic beings with access to the celestial and earthly resources, and your body is the key for the unfolding of these connections.

By embracing the gifts from golden dragons, you are stepping into a realm of infinite possibilities, strength and clarity.  In moments of doubt, remember the golden dragons' message: you are never alone and the cosmos has your back!

As you move forward with the energetic practice Adriana is delivering in her talk, take time to meditate and connect with this magnificent space of consciousness. Visualize their radiant energy enveloping you, filling you with confidence and discernment. Be brave, be strong & be courageous.


Website: https://adriii.com/ringofdragons


Denise Chadwick is a wayshower; code keeper; key holder; earth grid activator; crystalline grid connector; voice alchemist; light language speaker and writer; energy healer; Reiki Master-Teacher, crystal, and sound healer who works with the Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum Rays. 

She transmits Diamond light, Whale, Galactic, Magdalene, Albion, Grail, and Crystal-Light and Source code frequencies of energy and is aligned to the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Denise has strong Galactic connections whilst still maintaining her strong connection to Gaia and Gaia’s creatures, nature, and elemental beings. She is strongly aligned with the Dragon realm and has worked with the Angelic, Ascended Master, and Elemental realms since learning reiki in 2001. 

Denise’s connection with the dragons has deepened in recent years. She has been offering monthly Dragon Immersions - gatherings to connect and be immersed in the essence of different dragon energies. She also offers Dragon Readings - guidance plus body readings, where she is shown and connects with the Diamond Crystalline pathways and Crystalline Geometries of the body.

She became a reiki master in 2003 and has been on her path of service since then, leaving her 20-year nursing career in 2004. She is a Reiki master in traditional Usui, Tibetan, Angel, Karuna, Anubis, and Crystal-Light frequencies. The Crystal-light frequency energies she works with activate our crystalline light body with crystal light, Source codes, and Earth Crystalline grid energies.

She creates light-encoded artwork in her #symmetrycreations and light language graphics.

In group work, Denise specialises in guided visualisation meditations with initiations, light language transmissions; attunements; energy transmissions with sound and crystals and is available for these also in one-to-one private and online sessions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/innerpeacewithdenise/

YouTube Inner Peace with Denise: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBeTG7MqM3f16Lxjwx5eK8Q 

YouTube Heartful Living with Denise: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiV5QIfIGRsh_cpkxM-7y9w 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/denisechadwick111

She can be contacted via¬†email:¬†[email protected]

SPEAKER - Lawrence Valencia

Subject: "Dragon Light Language"

Dragon Light Language is a fascinating and mystical form of communication often associated with the world of spirituality. It's a way of connecting with the wisdom and energy of dragons. In this unique language, symbols, sounds, and gestures are used to convey deep spiritual messages, healings, and insights. It's a way to tap into the ancient knowledge and guidance that dragons possess, helping individuals on their spiritual journeys. So, in summary, Dragon Light Language is a means of harnessing the mystical power of dragons to facilitate healing and transformation.


Web: https://angelusregalia.etsy.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wel07?mibextid=D4KYlr and

A collective of Gods, Angels, Elementals, Dragons, Ascended Masters, Phoenixes, and Galactics.


SPEAKER - Aodaoin Hathaway
 45-min transmission/healing from the Divine Dragons

I live in Ireland, surrounded by nature, close to sacred sites, in a place that physically and energetically supports me and my beautiful family. I am mum, stepmum, wife, sister, daughter, friend. I am also a Change Maker, High Priestess, and Dragon Friend, who has spent many years in this lifetime and others mastering a wide range of healing modalities.

I enjoy a fully incarnated existence while being an awakening and ascending Divine being. I work daily with the Dragons and with the Divine Feminine, as well as the Angels, other Divine Beings, and Cosmic Source energy, to maintain the highest frequency in my own sacred power. This gives me what I need to be present and whole and to bring clarity and compassion to all the aspects of my current incarnation.

I invite you to join me in living your magical life. I’ll be here to support you through the tough times, and to celebrate the joyful times.

That is my passion, my light, my gift, and my magic, and I offer it to you now‚ÄĒfrom my open heart to yours.

Web links: 

https://www.aodaoinhathaway.com (it's currently https://www.danceswithdragons.com )

IG:        @aodaoinhathaway

FB: https://www.facebook.com/aodaoinhathawayofficial

SPEAKER - Casca Graham

Casca Graham is a Spiritual Teacher based in Essex, UK. She works extensively with the Akashic Records and the Dragon Realm, offering her expertise as a multidimensional Shamanic Healer. Casca runs the fully accredited Casca Graham Academy, where she teaches online and in-person classes, guiding students through the realms of spiritual growth and transformation.

The Dragons first revealed themselves to Casca in 2018 while she was traveling across Europe, particularly in Italy where their energy was strongly felt. Following this, she was invited to teach in Iceland, where the dragons came forward again during a workshop immersing participants in Dragon energy. Casca began researching dragons and discovered Dragon Reiki, receiving attunements that opened her further to this powerful force.  

After these attunements, the mighty Dragon Kirius invited Casca to ride on his back along the River Thames and over London, signaling their close collaboration. On New Year's 2020, Casca awoke to a bedroom filled with Dragons who revealed she would create her own Dragon Reiki modality with their guidance. This led to her innovative system integrating the Elemental Dragons, Shamanic practices, and the elements of the earth.

Over the years, Casca has attuned many practitioners worldwide, building a beautiful community around Dragon Reiki. She works closely with the Dragon Realm, delivering workshops and teachings on their profound energy for healing, channeling Light Language, and assisting humanity's evolution according to the wisdom they share.

In addition to her Dragon Reiki work, Casca provides one-on-one services to clients, including deep healing sessions, shadow work, Akashic Records readings, and other modalities. Her holistic approach combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques, helping individuals unlock their full potential. The magnificent Golden Akashic Dragons surround and support Casca's Akashic Records work, aiding spiritual growth and recollection of the Divine Soul Blueprint. 

With a profound connection to the unseen realms, Casca acts as a bridge between dimensions, facilitating profound healing and awakening for those seeking to embark on their spiritual journeys. Her compassionate presence and in-depth knowledge make her a trusted guide for exploring the depths of the soul and cosmos.


SPEAKER - Vivyana

Vivyana, the Dragon Mystic, channels dragons and their empowering messages and wisdom. She is an international bestselling author, healer, teacher, and speaker. She met her first dragon, Ashara, one sleepless summer night in 2023. After the initial surprise and disbelief wore off, Ashara became Vi’s Dragon Spirit Guide, sharing her profound dragon wisdom and guidance.

Connecting with Ashara catalyzed a greater connection with dragons, and Vi has now channeled over 100 different dragons. On a mission to share the transformative, inspiring, and magical power of dragon wisdom, she is currently writing a channeled dragon wisdom book and creating an accompanying oracle card deck.

Vi also shares Dragon Guidance Readings and helps others connect with their own dragon spirit guides through her Dragon Connection Coaching. To help you start your dragon journey, she has prepared a special gift: the ‚Äú5 Steps to Connect & Commune with YOUR OWN Dragon Spirit Guide‚ÄĚ booklet, which you can receive through her website at¬†TheDragonMystic.com.

Visit Vi’s website at: https://thedragonmystic.com
Connect with Vi on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/vivyana888 

Talk Topic:
The Wisdom of the Dragon Crystal Guardian Collective

Vi will share the story of how she met her first dragon, Ashara, the Dragon Crystal Guardian of Preseli Bluestone (AKA Stonehenge Stone) and how that connection transformed Vi’s life by catalyzing a connection with the Dragon Crystal Guardian Collective. She’ll share what information she channels from each of these magical and empowering spiritual beings as well as some of the more surprising stories and channeled wisdom from these Dragons.

SPEAKER - Yumiko Asakura

Yumiko and Dragons

Yumiko has been closely connected with dragons and has played with them in nature and the spiritual world since her birth.

It has always been her mission to help humanity and the world throughout the history of this planet and dragons have always been beside her to help her work.

Yumiko has also been actively working as a global lightworker with dragon’s help. They are wise, multi-dimensional, transcendental beings capable of many things; They help Yumiko’s work as an alchemist, shaman, healer and lightworker.

Recently she has been training dragons to support Starseeds and she bridges the cosmic wisdom and energy to the Starseeds on the earth.

Yumiko has been sharing her wisdom through trainings such as ‚ÄúDragon Connection¬ģÔłé Programme‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúDragon Master Training‚ÄĚ and in numerous workshops and talks in Japan.¬†

Currently the ‚ÄúDragon Master Course‚ÄĚ is available internationally.

Yumiko organises in-person and online Starseed and Healing events as well as short courses and a healing diploma course accredited by CMA.

Dragon Master Course:https://www.leavesinstitute.com/new-page-2 Healing Events: https://www.leavesinstitute.com/blog

Yumiko and Leaves Institute

Yumiko is one of the gifted healers, shaman, alchemist and philosopher. She has memories of past lives and is able to utilise her gifts and abilities cultivated from her past lives.

Her abilities as a healer are particularly pronounced: from the time she was an unborn child, she started guiding the spirits and healing people. From the age of 30, Yumiko accepted her mission to become a teacher of spiritual teachings.

Initially, Yumiko volunteered as a healing advisor and mentor for holistic medical doctors, acupuncturists, Buddhist monks and scientists in Japan. She specialised in collaborating with alternative health practitioners.

Later, she founded the healing organisation Leaves of Wisdom in 2000 which became Leaves Institute in 2007.
She has developed more than 300 original healing techniques and other unique methods rooted in the Lemurian system and her creations, and she has taught various subjects such as shaman, alchemy, lightwork and healing to a large number of people, and trained many leading mentors in Japan.

Yumiko’s rare combination of ancient Eastern wisdom, teacher training and psychotherapy training makes her approach to teaching unusual and highly effective.

Since the launch of Leaves Institute online, this knowledge has been offered outside of Japan for the first time. Leaves Institute is now offering short courses and a Healing Diploma Course in English, accredited by CMA.

Website: https://www.leavesinstitute.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCApuu8SC3AV-BB9I1NNTjLA 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leavesinstitute/


I love Magic, Believe in all things Mystical, and see Miracles all the time...

From an early age, I saw Lions in my bedroom, horses' heads on the pillow, and shoes walking across the landing.

And as I've gone through life I've experienced a lot of mystical events, from Dragons visiting me while I hacked out on my horse in the English countryside, through visitations from wise ones, deep realisations during Vipassana 10-day ' monk-like' retreats, to connections with Pachamama in Peru while visiting Machu Picchu and numerous other learnings during Reiki (Master), Rahanni and Shamanic remembrances & time as a Life coach.

I always knew I wanted to do something useful with my life, I've always been attuned to the energies of a room and people, and my empathic abilities have always been strong, though for decades I suppressed them, to fit in. Always, I have felt the sensitive energies of life and had to weave my way through them carefully at times, as they have often overwhelmed me.

A couple of decades ago I first had the stomach-deep feeling that my normal life was not enough for my Soul, and I experienced 'Dark Nights Of The Soul', I had no one to guide me through and spent a while stuck in the deep dark pits of my mind. Luckily, or now I know, guided by my spirit team I met a Reiki Master and then a Shamanic teacher, and I started to embody my gifts fully, I read Genekeys by Richard Rudd and that confirmed my strong feelings, it says my life mission is¬†‚ÄĚService to spirit as a compassionate healer and mystic merger‚Äú

After four decades in corporate information technology, all the time honing my mystical skills, with numerous courses and certifications in healing, {Reiki Master, Rahanni Celestial energy healer, Shamanic Healer},  in February 2021 I started full-time as the EnglishMystic offering healing energy and meditations, and recently I started teaching with 'Mystical You' and 'Remember You're Magic'



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Dragon Talks with Lawrence Valencia

Jul 08, 2024

Dragon Talks - Rich and Denise share

Jul 08, 2024


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