Introduction to Shamanism

I'm Kev, the EnglishMystic and I offer both healing and training in Shamanism.

Join me on Magical Dartmoor in Devon, England - 23rd-25th June 2023.

for a beginners & refreshers course in Shamanism




Dartmoor in Devon, England is a magical place, with the highest mountain in the South of the United Kingdom, its covered in ancient stone circles, remains of ancient houses and villages, and numerous stone rows. It is a truly magical place, where centuries of magic have taken place.

Just the Right place to learn about Shamanism.


Create your Shamanic Temple, Call in your Spirit Guides and Power Animals, Journey to the Alternate Realms, and call in your Magical Power.

Fri 23rd - Sun 25th June -  ( 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fri & Sat, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday )










INTRODUCTION TO SHAMANISM, "MYSTICAL YOU", reminds you of your Mystical-self.

As a Shamanic practitioner, I have the ability to enter an altered state of consciousness, called “Shamanic journeying”, to visit the spirit worlds. 

It’s here that I will start your initiation, so you learn to go on Shamanic journeys.

Shamanic journeying is the foundation for all the amazing and beautiful stories, healings, and teachings of Shamanism.

MYSTICAL YOU explores the fundamentals of how the Shaman experiences the Universe.

We live in what, I, as a shamanic practitioner, call ‘Ordinary Reality’.

From this position, we see a polarised universe. Much of what we experience, explain and judge comes in terms of pairs of extremes, such as black and white, good and bad, higher and lower, better and worse.

We understand space as a defined area that contains physical objects. 

We trust that our five senses tells us and we are limited by them, Sight ( ophthalmoception ), Hearing ( audioception ), Taste ( gustaoception ), Smell ( olfacoception or olfacception ), Touch ( tactioception).

Here in ordinary reality, we also see time as linear. Our past is behind us and our future is ahead. We cannot travel back in time, but we do fantasise about it. In our ordinary world understanding, we are limited by time and space.

We are limited by gravity and the constraints of the physical and the body itself. For example, we cannot fly, or swim underwater for long without needing air.

Shamanic Journeying into ‘Non-Ordinary Reality’

Shamanic practitioners are able to break free from these ordinary limitations during shamanic journey trances because the other worlds they are visiting, or “non-ordinary reality” “invisible worlds”, and “the dream time”, are unbound by the physical laws of our senses & universe.

The shaman traveling in the non-ordinary is working outside of time and space and the limitations of the ordinary, so you can fly and you can swim underwater without needing a breath, falling from a great height onto hard ground does not hurt.

Time does not exist in the normal sense, it can be faster or slower than normal reality. Everything can happen at once and in many places. A paradox is a common and accepted experience. There is no need to choose sides or hold a given perspective. In fact, the need to have an opinion hinders, rather than helps, the shamanic journey process. 

Shamanic journeying is a fun experience as you can leave the limits of the ordinary behind, for example;

We have a sixth sense, which we can tap into from a soul, rather than a purely physical level and the sixth sense has abilities similar to our first five, and yet these transcend the normal reality limitations: we can gain a spiritual level of; Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairgustance (taste), Clairsalience or Clairscent or Clairolfaction (scent), Clairtangency (touch), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairempathy (emotions), Claircognizance (knowing), and there are others you might find on your journey.

I’ve met my Power Animals, during Shamanic journeying and while building my Shamanic temple, the power animals have gifted me with ‘Clair’s’, others have come into use as I’ve learned healing skills and some were there from the beginning. On a couple of journeys, I met, a beautiful bat, with large ears, and she gifted me Clairaudience (hearing). On another journey, I met a swirling Hawk in the skies, and she gifted me Clairvoyance (seeing).

I call upon those power animals in the ordinary world and they bring those gifts to me during Shamanic rituals





Mystical You

Through the experience of non-ordinary reality and shamanic journeying, we can learn truths about ourselves and the Universe that help us in our ordinary reality and it’s here you’ll find the Mystical You.

Being unlimited in the non-ordinary world allows you to think about ideas differently and in the non-ordinary world, you can meet Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns, and all manner of elemental beings, who have their own wisdom that can transcend our own often limited ideas.

Spiritual Growth

People can choose to connect with the spirit world in the non-ordinary and they meet their spirit guides, who often provide divine guidance and are lifelong friends you can count on.

Shamanism facilitates immense spiritual growth, and true spiritual evolution occurs in all directions and dimensions, both inward and outward.

In the shamanic landscape, we have an opportunity to experience, firsthand, this multi-dimensional reality and grow in many directions at once. This can happen whether you are on the journey yourself or you have a shamanic practitioner performing the journey for you. 

In MYSTICAL YOU, I lead you on journeys to meet your spirit guides and build with you a group of guides, so you have a solid base to then teach yourself more, by journeying for yourself.

The Shamanic journeying is the foundation for healing techniques and a deeper understanding of the spirit world.

It is important to not rush through the early journeys and ensure you take in the wisdom and experiences.

This fundamental technique of shamanism, shamanic journeying, can bring you great growth and it is here that the course MYSTICAL YOU starts and will create with you a solid foundation for your spiritual & future growth.

Join MYSTICAL YOU today.


Testimonials from students of "Mystical You"

An introduction to Shamanism


Liza (England)

 I joined the Mystical You course as a complete novice, I've been very interested in learning more after receiving shamanic healing.

The course has been so interesting, I've met some lovely people on the course all from different backgrounds and Kevin has explained and helped me along my journey.

So far I have found what I believe is my spirit guide and I have met my elephant that I feel is protecting me and also guiding me.

I have ridden on the back of my elephant and it was the most amazing feeling.

I can't wait to learn more.

Bonnie (USA) 🇺🇸

When I signed up to take Mystical You with Kev, I did so with high expectations as I had been following him on LinkedIn for almost a year.  I always felt that I had a mystical connection, but I had no idea how deep it was.  

When Kev offered this course, I jumped at the chance to discover more of who I am.  Many of my life’s experiences are so much clearer now, having taken this course.  So to say that my high expectations were met would be a terrible understatement.  

I was blown away when I discovered, and am still discovering, just how deeply my mysticism has been all my life.  I am so grateful that Kev has given me this wonderful gift.



Lexi ( USA) 🇺🇸 

“I came into Mystical You with journey several times a week. My intentions starting this class was to expand my understanding of how to journey, protection, and building stronger connections with my guides. Kevin is such an amazing teacher. Not know is he a great guide, but the way he teaches it is like we are not only his students, but we are all teachers as well. I was able to learn more about my Shamanic Temple, new daily spiritual protections, and gained a  stronger relationship with my main guide, and met some new ones along the way. I also want to send a special shout-out to Kevin’s Dragon guides who were great guides during our journeys and help me overcome certain fears. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is new to advanced when it comes to understanding the spiritual world within and without.”



An Introduction to Shamanism

I ran a webinar a little while ago, to give insight into Shamanism, this might help you decide if the beautiful modality is for you.

Video Poster Image


Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? That there is more to life?

Have you wanted to know WHY you are here on Earth?

Wanted to reconnect with the MYSTICAL & MAGICAL gifts that you knew as a kid?

Intrigued by the Mystical and want to know more about Shamanism and Rituals?

If so, then the MYSTICAL YOU Masterclass is definitely for you.

We'll help you tune into the alternate realms and introduce you to the Mystical, so you can Remember You ARE Magic.




I remember the first that I signed up for a Mystical knowledge course, I was so excited to remember the gifts I had as a child, seeing spirits in the form of Lions and horses in my bedroom, talking to Dads shoes that walked themselves across the landing and the talking to a piece of Liver in the fridge!

I suppressed that childlike wonder and those Mystical gits to spend 40 decades in corporate companies.

Thankfully my Soul was strong and the Universe and my higher selves nudged me, step by step into remembering the Mystical and Magical, and now I've remembered Reiki & Shamanic gifts, and I am here for you, to be that person, nay Soul, that reminds you of your Magical and Mystical gifts.

Now is the time to awaken the "Mystical You"!



The Introduction to Shamanism course, in person, over 3-days on Dartmoor is FULL of content and will set your solid foundations for a Shamanic life!

AND I'm a generous man!

So I am offering you ALL of these BONUS items when you sign up.

1. Remember You're Magic: Is the same content as the in-person course, however, it is available to access online whenever you need it. So no need to take lots of notes on the LIVE 3-day course, as it will all be here for you. A great place to remember the steps you learned and a resource for your future in Shamanism. { Value £ 399 }

2. Healing the ANCESTRAL wounds: This is a two-part summit that I ran with a beautiful soul, Karen Goldstein from California (USA). We both share our modalities way of healing ancestral wounds and how to receive a gift from our wise-ancestors. Karen is an Akashic records reader. { Value £ 999 }

3. Shamanic Meditation to Tranquility Garden: I a relaxing meditation to your own imaginary garden of Tranquility, a great place to revitalise your energies in. { Value £ 100 }

4. Shamanic Drum Frequency: Here you can feel the vibration of the Shamanic drum and feel her healing your energy bodies and cleansing you aura's { Value £ 100 }

5. Four Elements Shamanic Meditation: In Shamanism we call in the Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, to provide us with power, healing, and protection. This meditation calls that safe space in around you. { Value £ 100 }

6. Wise and Wild Woman: Annabelle, a french lady now living in Australia, brings us her Wild and Wise knowledge and a beautiful session { Value £ 800 }

7. Etheric Gardens Healing with Rose-Marie: This is a divine healing, powerful, relaxing, revitalising and energising, with my friend from Sweden { Value £ 800 }

8. Chakra Cleanse Ritual: This ritual take you on a journey to a temple in Egypt, where cobras and Goddesses cleanse your Chakra system { Price less }

9. Three shamanic healings: This is an offering I created that takes you through a Chakra cleansing, and an Aura cleanse and fills you with golden healing energy. { Price less }

10. Meet Your Dragon Portal: Some years ago I met my Dragon guide, while out riding my horse [ read more ] and I have been working with the Dragon guides ever since, this Shamanic Journey takes you to the lower realms to meet your own Dragon guide, ARE YOU a Dragon RIDER? find out here { Price Less }

11. Angelic Healing with Rose-Marie: Another beautiful healing with Rose-Marie, enjoy! { Value £ 100 }










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