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Remember You're Magic

Remember You’re Magic

Remember You’re Magic is a foundation to remember who you are and find the next step for your life, empowered by a solid and magical base, your ‘Shamanic Temple’ { which easily transmutes into your Merkaba ‘Vehicle of Light’ }

I will guide you through the following activations, rituals, and remembrances, to awaken your mind, body, and soul to Your Magical Gifts and Your Higher Purpose.

  •  Magical Shamanic Journeying 
  •  Six Ways Flow Movement 
  •  Six Ways Flow Ritual  
  •  The Four Directions
  •  The Four Elements
  •  The Four Goddesses
  •  The Four Archangels
  •  Shamanic Temple creation 
  •    - Introduction to Shamanic Journeying 
  •    -  Main Spirit Guide remembrance
  •    -  Body protector remembrance
  •    -  Above Spirit connection remembrance
  •    -  Before Spirit connection remembrance
  •     - Below Spirit connection remembrance
  •     - Behind Spirit connection remembrance
  •     - Right Spirit connection remembrance
  •     - Left Spirit connection remembrance 
  •     - Additional Spirit connections to remember
  •     - Map the Spirit connections on your own Temple
  •  Shamanic Drum Frequency Healings
  •  Remembering Your Magic & Higher Purpose 
  •  Ancestral Wounds Healing & Gift Embodiment 
  •  Meet your Dragon Guide and train as a Dragon-Rider