Tiered pricing, £22.22+ recommended ( £8.88 *minimum )

Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit 2024

This time the summit will be 24 LIVE Speakers, over a full day starting on Sunday 21st July 2024.

The *fee of £8.88 ( approx $12 ) is the minimum charge for those who might be finding the times tough financially, for those with abundance the fee is open to your discretion, the fee gives you full access to the Summit and all 2023 and 2024 replays.  { suggestion is £ 22.22 through £ 88.88 }

We start with the Host in Australia and we will hear from 8 speakers, each has a 45-minute slot and a 15-minute break between each speaker (which could be used for Q&A too ).

We then hand it over to the hosts in England and we will hear from 8 speakers and then we hand it over to the host in New York and we will hear from 8 more speakers.

As last year we will have a number of pre-records from speakers too ( in 2023 we have 11 Live speakers and 19 on recordings ).

All these 2024 speakers, along with last year's recordings, will be available for you to watch in the Dragon Portal, which you'll have access to once you register here. 

You will be automatically included in the LIVE Zoom call, of course, you do not have to attend you can watch the replays at your leisure.

Replays will be available for the foreseeable future.





*I have kept the entry level fee as low as feasible, and as suggested by a lady in the Dragon Thunder Facebook, offered a tiered fee, the fee will pay for the Dragon Portal platform, and hosting of the summit costs, much of that being my time to organise. If you cannot afford the minimum fee please let me know, by clicking here,  as I have a number of FREE places as the Dragons do NOT want the fee to be a gateway to accessing this beautiful knowledge. Please use this free access only if you are truly not able to pay the £8.88 - the Dragons prefer honesty :)