International Dragon Thunder Summit 2023

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A meeting place for all those who know Dragons, the whisperers, riders, witches, healers, and those looking to connect with their Dragon and meet other Dragon riders.

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The Dragon Thunder summit is live on 2nd July 2023 from 2 p.m. - 11 p.m. (BST- London).

The 'CURRENT' Schedule for 2nd July 2023

2 p.m. Introduction

2.15 p.m. Guest Speaker #1

3.00 p.m. Guest Speaker #2

3.45 p.m. Guest Speaker #3

4.30 p.m. Guest Speaker #4

5.15 p.m. Guest Speaker #5

6.00 p.m. Guest Speaker #6

6.45 p.m. Guest Speaker #7

7.30 p.m. Guest Speaker #8

8.15 p.m. Guest Speaker #9

9.00 p.m. Guest Speaker #10

9.45 p.m. Guest Speaker #11

10.30 p.m.Thoughts / Shares / Thank You's / Close

11 p.m. CLOSE

Plus a bonus of 5 Speakers who have pre-recorded their Dragon messages for you

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Unleash Your Inner Dragon! The July International Dragon Thunder Summit promises to be an exciting opportunity for dragon enthusiasts to connect with each other and learn from renowned experts in the field. 

Here are some reasons why you Must make the time to join the Dragon Thunder Summit:

Learn from Dragon Experts: The event features some of the most knowledgeable and experienced dragon experts, including the Dragon book author Caroline Mitchell, Dragon whisperer EnglishMystic, Dragon Riders like Barbara Worsley, and Dragon sage Alphedia Arara Kenchington, and others are joining us soon.

Each of these experts brings unique insights and perspectives on the topic of dragons, which can help you deepen your understanding of these fascinating creatures. 

Connect with Dragon Enthusiasts: The International Dragon Thunder event is an excellent opportunity to connect with other like-minded dragon enthusiasts from around the world. 

By joining this event, you will have the chance to network with others who share your passion for dragons and exchange ideas and experiences. 

Gain New Insights and Knowledge: The event promises to offer a wealth of new insights and knowledge about dragons, from their magical powers, and symbolism to their role in our modern times.

By participating in the various talks, and discussions, you can expand your understanding of these magical beings and gain a deeper appreciation for their place in our world. 

In conclusion, the July International Dragon Thunder Summit is an excellent opportunity for dragon enthusiasts to connect, learn, and have fun. 

By joining this event, you can deepen your understanding of dragons and their place in our world while connecting with other passionate individuals from around the globe.


Current Speakers:




Manic Merlin:








Gayatri: Oracle Dragon Guardians of Truth



South Africa:





Caryn: tbc





If you prefer to only attend the Live event you can register for the Summit here  and the Facebook page is here