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Dina Ziskin-Fortune

dina ziskin-fortune Apr 15, 2024

Dina Ziskin-Fortune

Dina is a lover of all things galactic, art, energy, fairy,  dragon, and magical. 

Dina has been on a healing journey for at least the last 5 years since she started painting.   Through this process, she has discovered her gifts as a channeler of Divine wisdom and intuitive painter. Dina channels soul language and activation codes with the use of her voice, drumming, movement and painting. Dina is also tapping into the akashic field and can assist others with a deeper connection with themselves, creativity, perspective shifts, sovereignty and embodiment.

Dina began her dragon journey in 2019 and discovered her purpose. When she learned about the Sophia Dragons. After already being an artist, she realized she was channelling these higher-frequency energies through her paintings. 

Dina also attended a Celtic dragon reiki and Sekhem empowerment session where key codes were activated to assist others with their abilities and unique expression. 

Dina also connects with her role as a Sophia Dragon activator and channelling the codes into art for the activation and ascending planet.  Dina has been co-facilitating dragon ceremonies to build the dragon community to call the dragons home in communion with those human partners.  

Dina is also an activation artist with the intention to serve her clients and collective with authenticity.  Every session is personalized and can include intuitive card reading, painted light code, spoken soul language and shamanic singing and drumming.

You can find her on links, events, sessions, and calendar at:

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Dragon soul language and channelling special

This package includes 2, 90-minute sessions for you to receive channelled guidance, healing or activation from the dragons that are here to guide you and offer what is in your highest good.

Dina will take you on a journey into the dragon realm to connect with Marlyn and your personal dragons where you will receive the attunements and activations that can be spread over two sessions, depending on what is for your highest good. You will also receive a personalized dragon painting channelled specifically for you with light codes that will be beneficial on your journey. This is a special promotional price available until May 30.

If you have any questions send me an email and I can connect with you via a 15-minute phone call, thank you



 Examples of Dina's beautiful art:

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I used to transcribe this for free :


Welcome to the English mystic podcast. It's a beautiful sunny day here in England and our guest who is our guest. Wow. She loves all things galactic art. Energy, Fairy, Dragon and Magical and she's been on this healing journey for quite a few years now since she started painting and some of you probably already know who she is because you've guessed.

Anyway, through this process she has discovered I guess as a channeler of divine wisdom and she's an intuitive painter and we're going to see some of her art soon and it's quite amazing. And she channels soul language as well. Activation codes and uses a voice drumming movement painting. She also taps into the Akashic field.

It can assist others with a deep connection to themselves and can't stop not talking about the dragons, but she, she started in 2019. So she'd been doing this for a while. Our guest today is Dina. Dina, welcome to the podcast. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Always love your energy. You're so full of it. It's amazing. And all your beautiful pictures. Do you wanna, do you wanna give us a quick description of what any of those are? That, that one behind you is just so beautiful, purple and pinks and Oh yeah, this one has been quite a journey. I've been like, connecting with these dragons and goddess energy and there's all these like, pods that keep coming through but there's like, there's like merging of the dragon and the human over here.

And there's this other energy of like, I feel like my higher self, it's like a journey of like the higher self and, uh, and, um, coming together and, and then there's like more like creation codes coming in. I mean, it was total. It was a total painting of like letting go. I'm still in the process of decoding it, but, um, there's like more dragons coming through some like water energy.

This is a portal. And it's like, I feel like talking about like, we are the portal and we're like going through, um, like a multidimensional journey, I feel like there's a lot of things that kind of. Started to emerge like that. There's a person and a dragon and they're kind of like Like where does one end and where does one start?

And then I love painting circles. There's a little like kind of portal painting, but that one's like a blue rose portal That one I really don't know what I was doing there, but there's There isn't i'm just kidding Yeah, that was a dragon eye I don't know if you can see it, but this one, the dragon too, um, is somewhere in there.

Oh, here. Yeah. Yeah. So the dragons, they kind of, cause they come, they come through me, you know, and then sometimes the paintings, I think I'm going to paint one thing. No.

So where, where, where in this world are you on this planet Earth? I am in Latham, New York, which is near, uh, Saratoga Springs. It's in upstate New York. It's about two and a half hours north of New York City. All right, okay, so not actually in the main city and is that quite a rural area or it's very I'm in a very suburban area and a lot of strip malls, uh And you know like nice like areas towns.

There's a lot of there's um, not far from saratoga springs, which is a very Uh, spiritual, very cultural place, uh, where they have the, the healing springs that Roosevelt would go to back in the, his time. And so Saratoga Springs is very known for their waters and a lot of, there's a lot of healing people up here.

Right, cool. So can you share about your journey with art, which it all looks amazing and how it has helped you personally and professionally? Yes, so I feel that it's helped me with a number of things. One, and it has been helping me ground and find confidence and find myself, connect with myself on the soul level and on the professional level.

It's helped me, A, get to know, like, what am I here for, and how I can be a source of empowerment and inspiration and inspire myself. But it's also been, it's like, it's kind of all one in a way, because I get to be free in the art. Where I can be free to make mistakes and trust myself and build a confidence to trust myself and trust my intuition And then that carries over into the professional because I can borrow that confidence Into where i'm not feeling as confident, right?

And so it's kind of also like i've had like some You know, traumatic, you know, wounding, you know, perspective shifts and the artists helped me alchemize it's helped me shift my perspectives of, well, mainly because of the dragons too. They've really helped with perspective shifting. I'll tell you. And, uh, and so it's been this process of alchemy, this process of looking at things from a different perspective.

Lens and being able to release and allow the expression to show me what is wanting to come up to be seen so that I can work through it. Beautiful. And it's, you are also a, you are a creator, an artist, a healer, and you channel dragons. It's quite a lot. Quite a lot. It's good. So could you elaborate for the audience on how these aspects all into, to wine in your life and, and, and work and everything?

Yeah. So great question. I, so, you know, I do work a full-time job during the day. Yeah. Uh, and I feel like, you know. Just being able to Hear that question again It's like I feel like it's like the different aspects of me come out when they need to You know, so like I could have in my art for example in the art in the creation of the art I allow the dragons to come And my inner dragon to come through and guide me into the painting and then the codes come through the intention comes through And then I can show that and allow others to like have their own Receive what they're meant to receive whether it be like the codes um And and so there's all these codes and healing intentions that's put in art now At the same time like i've shared things with co workers that have helped them So and then in in sessions, I guide people to paint their own paintings Yeah, or I do it when I do a painting for them You As part of the channeling experience.

So I have a number of different offerings and I do offer intuitive art classes that teach people how they can connect with themselves and they can, the activation codes and healing frequencies that come through me, assist them with. Those items, those, you know, you know what I mean? It's kind of like what needs to come through me comes through me at the, at the appropriate time.

It's one of those things that's probably hard to explain, isn't it? Cause it's almost don't know yourself. It just, it just comes in and. You channel that through. Yeah, exactly. And so like, for example, like I had this experience with a friend at work where she said she was having something challenging going on.

And I just said, you know, um, I feel like everything is going to work out. I just, are you open to the possibility of everything open out and me just sending some frequencies for that? And. And I saw the outcome of a resolution. And then she messaged me. She's like, I don't know what you did. She's like, I don't know what you did, Tina, but like we got there and everything was resolved.

I don't even know exactly what I did. I just asked for like assistance for her and it just like the timeline shifted. And, uh, I asked the dragons for assistance. So it all kind of weaves together and, uh, somehow it just weaves together. Does that make sense? Yeah, no, it makes sense. And when it's weaving together, um, what, what's your sort of process for it?

How, how would you start? So if I was to come to you and say, okay, so you're an activation artist, how are you going to channel that attunement for me? Okay. Explain that. Yeah. Thank you. So one of my processes is to do a guided meditation. All right. Yeah. Beautiful. Where I will take you into a space where Um, there's your dragons are there It's kind of like a shamanic Experience.

Yeah, but I don't call myself a shaman um, but it's like a guide channel the A channel the whole guided imagery And then once you're in this space where you're like in a maybe you're in a cave or maybe you're in a temple space whatever is appropriate for at that time I will then channel with light language and english the frequencies That are benefiting you.

And then, um, and then, yeah, it just kind of goes from there. Like everything is, is channeled, but you're also receiving your own. So like, I'll take you into a space where you will maybe be like in a sacred pool of water. And, and then being open to receiving any messages directly from the beings that are with you.

Like say your dragons might have a. special message for you at that time. So it all kind of gets woven in where I will sing light language. I will, um, sometimes in some of my sessions, I may do a painting for you and then the, the frequencies that I'm channeling will go into the painting. So then, and then I'll ship you the painting.

I'll take a picture of it and send it to you. So then when you're looking at the painting, It's like the consciousness and the frequencies that were channeled through are on the painting that you can reflect on and it can then work with you it's kind of it'll make sense because when the dragons came through to me and I channeled the dragon runes and there's 27 runes and the the runes are fairly simple, but they also channeled some art through me.

Um, and I used AI to, to do it and using commands. And, and it's the same thing. They, they say that the activation is you look at the art and it's got a certain frequency that does, they couldn't really explain it, but if there's the, the, the image and the energy and respect and you will feel it and everyone feels it differently.

So yeah, you're, you're. Like that, that's beautiful, isn't it? Thank you. Yeah, and that's the thing, like a lot of the codes are not like obvious, right? Like, like for like this one. Yeah. It's very, you know, It's like, you know, these swirly things kind of come together and like to one person, it just looks like a whole series of swirls and another person, they like, they can feel the swirls.

They can feel the frequencies. So it's, I don't know how it's just, it's, it's, I feel like it's a very, it's kind of like a technology of light that works and. It's just kind of like trusting that it, that it, for those who are meant to receive it, it, It makes sense, like not make sense, but like it resonates, you know, yeah, it's on a, it's on a level that you can't really articulate and it's, it's on, yeah, because it's, it's sensory.

I mean, the thing that I like the sound of is the light language piece. I mean, that with the art makes complete sense to me. And then I suppose the light language is almost encoded in the imagery. And if you're going into a meditation process with you. And you've had all that in your mind and your memory when you then receive the physical piece and it's on the wall and you, you, you, you're, you're pulled back to that moment, aren't you?

And you, you can hear your light language and you feel the energy. Yeah, it's beautiful that a picture can capture all of that. And that's why sometimes it, it, it looks maybe confusing to some people because, you know, It's nonsensical almost, but yeah, it's gorgeous. Um, talking about light language, first of all, what is it?

Can you explain it? So somebody goes, what's light language and how, how do you channel it? Where, where does it feel like it comes from? Okay. Okay. So the, my. My definition of light language, I feel like we have, we're all made of light. We're all have ancient, you know, aspects of us. So we're all multi dimensional beings.

So what I feel the light language is, is, is like a, a, a frequency of communication that's from the heart that is beyond time. That we can communicate with to transmit, use for healing, use for so many different ways of bringing through information, you know. Communication that's very heart based. So it's so beyond, you know, like the way that I like to explain it is like, if you were to want to commute something, communicate something that you can find the words for, but they're so deep in your heart, And your intention is of pure, you know, love.

That would be the language that is of light that you're communicating. And it doesn't have to be in it doesn't have to be like the way that some people Speak it where it sounds like another language altogether as long as it's coming from the heart space You know So it can have pockets of information Like that has a lot, you know what I mean?

So in a way, we're all communicating Light language at some point of our life whether we know it or not Does that help explain it? Yeah, it does. Again, it's a bit like the art, isn't it? It's so multidimensional that if, if someone speaks to you in English, you okay, I get what you're saying. But then, then the light language comes through and it, and it hits you at so many different levels, doesn't it?

It's the cadence, the words. Some, some people understand the words are almost going, ah, that in English it means this, but sometimes there's, there's so many levels to it that you can't translate it, but you, you feel it in your system, don't you? The words mean something to your soul, maybe. Exactly. It's kind of like, I mean, for me, like a lot of it is I, someone introduced me to the concept of soul language.

The soul language, it's like, we, it's the frequencies and the dialects that. Are part of our soul history are like, you know, from the time that we were conceived, we have lived all these lives. We're living all these lives and there are certain frequencies and dialects that, you know, come from, you know, our Lyman life or Pleiadian life or angelic life, and we can, when activated, we can.

We can allow that to come through us and whether it be speech. And for me, um, it started out really in the art. And then writing and then I would have like a guided I had like I received some healing Like I think it was like IET or yeah Like I think it was like IET or Reiki And I went to a light language event and then I went to another healing event Like so as I was receiving all these healings, I was being surrounded with other people speaking light language and somehow in those experiences It started to come through me and I don't know at which point was I really activated All I know is that one day I came home from a healing session and I was like like doing this thing with my hand where I was like what is going on like and and I was just like it was like, oh my god, and so yeah, so the The frequencies the energy was moving through my body in like a dance You And so then I started to, and then the universe brought me other people and I'm like, what is this?

And they're like, no, that's, that's like codes. And I was like, and so it's been this really wild journey of people popping into my life to like, Show me like, Oh yeah, yeah. And you're doing this and that's light codes and that's light language. And Oh, Dina, you're an activator. And I'm like, Oh, so like the thing is that I feel like it's all energy and we're all energy and like my energy can positively impact your energy and like what's in your DNA, like you can be someone that speaks light language in a certain way and if I meant to.

Be the one to assist with, with lighting that up, sparking that. That's what would happen. And it just, it's like, Oh, okay. And you might not even remember that it was me that spoke late language to you on a certain day. It could just be. It can't be one day that, like, you're all of a sudden feeling called to express light language in some kind of way, and, yeah, anyway.

And, and, when, when the light language comes in, is it, do you, do you, where do you feel like it comes from? Does it come from your heart? Does it come from your soul? Where, where does it feel like it comes from? Like for me, I feel like it's so intertwined with me That I feel like it definitely comes from my heart but I feel like the heart and soul are very connected because I feel like the soul is one with your heart am I right like they're kind of intertwined and uh, I feel like it's like this

this like something in me just wants to And sometimes I get like a tickle in my throat. Uh, sometimes I just like, I can't help myself, but just be like, um, and I think because I've been doing it for so long that it just like pours out . Yeah. But to answer your question, I feel like it comes from my heart.

That's beautiful. Cool. Thank you for that. And one of the things I read was you're described as a channel of primal force energy. What, what, what is it? And how do you navigate that and how do you pull that in and share that? I feel like that's the dragons. I feel that when I say primal force, Energy, that's really the dragon energy.

That's me. Um, and I feel like I don't even remember writing that to be honest with you. Um, I feel like that has to do with like, I'm dancing. Like that, that like Kundalini energy that just wants to come through. And so when I allow myself to like also paint, it's like, it's coming through that when I connect with, you know, The mother of all creation She she works through me in the art and uh So funny i'm i'm literally feeling like heat and uh, so I don't know how it all works But I know that there's like it's this it's like this.

I gotta do this right now like It's gotta come through right now and I don't fight it. I just allow it but like sometimes a lot of times It's certain things prompt me Um To like suddenly pain and, and that's when I, it usually comes through or when I feel like I have to dance and that has, That's usually how it comes through.

And then I used to videotape myself dancing. Oh, you need to share one of those. I think I'm, I think I'm going to get back to that actually. Thank you. But I haven't, I haven't been doing that for a while. Like I've been more private in like my painting process. I've just, yeah, Painting and letting it come through, uh, but it, it shows up in certain, it shows up more in, uh, dragon paintings.

I feel

beautiful. Um, and you were on another podcast, the divine feminine warrior podcast. And, uh, on that, it was talking about a deep connection to nature. And the divine feminine. So how's that connection to the divine feminine and nature shaped your, you and your journey? Well, I feel like when I'm in nature, like I feel very free, like, and the divine feminine podcast really launched a lot for me.

Um, the host, Jennifer, she's also a mentor for me. She's also a collaborator for me. Um, um, It's like being able to connect with Mother Gaia. Mother, like mother of all creation. And like, literally when I went to a park, like I had like really magical interactions there where like, I can sense fairies and dragons and the other aspects of me, like kind of.

The divine feminine aspects of me just kind of come through where I can just be in flow, you know And like i'll just come out in the in in nature and i'll just be singing in light language And i'll be like dancing like i'm like it's like suddenly i'm like this fairy

In the park, like I don't even care about like, like I all interact with people in the park, but I'm mainly like in there and I'll be like singing to the, I'll be like singing to the trees and, and all there is there and the water. And so it's just kind of, I feel like the divine feminine is like really also about the flow.

And the connection with all that is and the creation. And I feel like when I am connecting with nature, I'm connecting with the mother, I'm connecting with the dragons. I'm connecting with the trees and it's just. It, it sparks something in me and then I go home and I'm like, whoa, okay. I got to paint now.

Like, yeah, it just, I don't even know how to describe it, but it's, um, it's very healing, I feel to, to be out in nature and just commune with all there is, you know, the, um, allow them to connect with the divine feminine. is to connect with the part of you that can just be and and allow things to move through you.

That's beautiful. Yeah, I agree with nature. I always say nature feeds my soul, definitely. I make sure that every Friday I go for a walk on Dartmoor and and it's just, I just, if I don't, if I miss it, I'm like, oh, Oh, my connection. And it's grounding too. You know, it's so grounding. But yeah, I mean, I would, I would love to go be in nature more than I currently am to be honest with you.

And now that it's spring, it's like, yeah, definitely. It makes it much nicer when it's sunny out and it's more inviting.

Then I was reading about a book called Hayden's Way Dragon that caught my eye. Could you share with us about that collaboration and uh, you know, what was all about? Okay, so, so how do we start with this one? Okay, so I was starting to, I met Misty who created Hayden's Ray before Hayden's Ray actually started.

So I was a, um, I was talking, I was already collaborating on the book, and another book when I met Misty. And Missy's son passed away in June of that year when her son Hayden, who, um, when we were working on a book, uh, called My Two Cents on Self Love. So once she created that book, she invited me to do a journal and, and so that journal was to be a fundraiser for Hayden's Ray.

And so I hadn't really met Hayden, but like, I knew that like, um, I knew about him because Misty had told me through the process of she was helping Rochelle and I with our book and then I saw that she was doing the um, My Two Cents on self love. So I was like, okay, let me, let me do that. And we She offered me the opportunity to create the journal, uh, to be a fundraising item to support the organization, which is really, it's a safe haven for people to come to and receive healing, receive space, do detoxing, receive energy from her, receive healing from her.

She helps people. With, you know, waiting, quantum rating and classes. It's just a really beautiful organization that like it's, it's talked about in the, in the journal. And so that journal, uh, the artwork has like Reiki on it, dragon, Reiki and dragons and healing. So I felt like it was a good painting to use for the cover of that journal.

And, but it's all the proceeds of that journal go to Hayden's right. Makes it so people can go to her space and, and stay there and, and have like a, a respite, uh, receive some healing and receive some time that they need for grief and so many different things. Beautiful. Yeah, well definitely make sure we share all that in the show notes.

That sounds gorgeous. Hmm. And then Dragons, you keep talking about dragons and talk about Dragon reiki. I I, is there any dragon that wants to come through? Are there any messages that your dragons would like to share with us? Okay, let me tune in. Um,

oh, interesting. Okay, so,

so. There, um, I'm feeling this connection about the nurturing of self. Um, I'm going to allow it to come through through light language and this will be like a transmission for kind of like an attunement to connect with the soul. Is that okay? I like it. Perfect. Okay.

Sing your songs. Sing your songs, senior. Allow your own frequency to come through. Sha la ya ka ya so ya la la la ya ya ya ya. Sing from your heart. Sing from your heart. Allow yourself to shine. U ka ra yi ya ya ya ya ya sa ki ya ya.

Beautiful. Sing from your heart. Allow yourself to shine. I love that. That's gorgeous. We all need that, don't we? We all need to say, let go and just be your true self. Yeah, I'm getting a little

Thank you. Um, that was my, uh, that was my ma ma ma ma ma ma magenta dragon. Anyway, yeah, I just feel like it's, there's a, uh, a call to Allow ourselves to shine. I feel like we've all, many of us have had to hide, hide our true light. Yeah, we don't have to do that. We don't have to do that anymore. We can find pockets, go out in nature and sing to the trees and, um, express our voice because the world needs our voice.

The world needs everyone to come on board and shine your light and be your true self. No need for comparison because we all have our own, our own puzzle piece to be. You know in the bigger picture, so I feel like uh, They're really calling us to To really allow ourselves to sing like really like don't worry about how you sound just do it Let it go Because I definitely I definitely am not a trained singer and you know, so I just allow it to come through for the higher good of all but yeah, and I wish that I would have um, um Well, you can see in the show in the in the notes of the book.

It describes what heathens ray is all about but Missy Is a beautiful soul and she cared for this son um his whole life and he is a magical being and like it's just And she takes grief and turns it into something magical and beautiful that

And I'm just so grateful that I got to To I'm gonna make more journals, but I want to do more So I'd love to know like what journal prompts to put in there. I'm gonna collaborate on another dragon Journal with prompts I feel so I'm totally open to suggestions for prompts Put it out there. Come on people.

Give us some props Yeah, so there'll be it there'll be another one Um Um, and there'll be other ones because, um, I think journals are great, you know, I think in automatic rating is a great tool to help connect. Sometimes that's how my dragons Communicate through me is through writing too. Beautiful. So what are you working on currently that you want to share with us?

Well, um, I have, we just released the book on the journey of transformation. So the art of words and codes. And we're working on creating an in person event, um, at least one. And the next one will be in, um, the upcoming one will be, um, In Toronto, Canada on June 8th, so I'm, I would love to see some of my dragon friends there.

Um, so this has 14 of my paintings with channel messages from Rochelle and, um, and late code transmissions from Lily Lee. And so it's a, it's a book to assist others with transformation. Um, with light codes and art and, um, empowering words. So we're working on an in person event for this. That sounds exciting.

Yeah. And where's, where's that book? Is it all, is it on Amazon? It is on Amazon. I actually have an author page now. Yay. And I'll just show you one. I'll just open it up. So there's like one of my paintings and one of the channel messages. It's a kind of book that like you open it up and you You read the channel message and you gaze on the painting and you allow it to like with your energy and um So yeah, so this is on amazon um the journey of transformation through the art of words and codes And if you look at my author page dina fortune, you'll see uh the the journal And the two other books that I Was in with missy lee.

So I was in um, I wrote a chapter and mind you I Writing is not my strongest form of communication anyway So I I was also in that book. So I wanted to just support. Um, Hayden's ray and the people that go there and that's why I did the journal so Um, what was the other questions? Yeah. What else am I working on?

Um, I've been working on these dragon, higher self dragon paintings. And I'll just show you one of them. This one looks more like a dolphin, funny enough, but I have these personalized dragon paintings that I've been offering and, uh, I have offering that is. With um activations and attunements with dragons that comes with the personal dragon painting So I have that offering that I told you about and so I really love assisting others with connecting with their dragons and I and I do that through the art and the um, the sessions and Channeling through like bringing through their dragons into a painting so that they can have some kind of, you know, visual representation.

And then there's like codes in there and, and the sessions, um, include, you know, some Akashic record reading, some, you know, guided, um, meditation, you know, like a guided journey. And then I bring through the light codes and I bring through, you know, whatever clearing your activations, attunements. Our inner highest good at that time to help them on the dragon journey and their creative journey with the dragons.

It's really, you know, it's, it's about also creativity and what are they, what are they bringing? How are they connecting with their, their dragons? And, and I feel like I'm sure you agree that dragons are, well, a lot of the dragons that I work with are really about healing and creativity. And are you doing that in person or over zoom or or well this week this coming weekend Okay, so the dragon, um The dragon paintings, um the offering that I was just mentioning that is via zoom And I'm offering a discounted price, uh, up until at least the end of May.

Uh, usually it's 333, but I'm offering it for 222 with that, that package. Um, and, uh, I'm going to be offering in person dragon events, you know, locally to me, uh, next weekend, I'm going to be setting up a table and I'm going to be doing. Uh, personal, um, small personal paintings for those that come to my table, uh, for like, um, uh, a lower price, you know, like a promotional price.

So if any of you are in Saratoga area and you want to come see me, I'll be at the high rock, um, garage area on Saturday. And then on Sunday outside of the, um, Saratoga expo, I'll be having a booth there. Um, so that's what I got working on and then I'm working on an introductory dragon class that I'm collaborating with my soul sister Jen Marie Cliff that will have that introductory dragon class coming out in in the next couple of months.

So, busy, busy, busy, you know? Cool. Yeah, and then you're on, on this podcast, and then we've also got you on the Dragon Thunder, haven't we, as well, as, as a, which would be beautiful. 42 Yeah, we're gonna have Jen on that because we'll be able to talk about our dragon class more by then. Yeah Yeah, I'm excited.

I love being on the Dragon summit last year. Hopefully maybe the following year. I can be on it live You will be live The third one, I will be live. And I also wanted to mention that, you know, we have our dragon, um, bringing the dragons home, Facebook group is, which is now grown, I think up to 900 people, and I think it's because of your group, like a lot of the people that are in dragon thunder.

to my smaller group.

And yeah, I love that. And, um, so it's, it's great because people that are in my group, you know, that I don't want to say my group, but they're bringing the dragons home group. They can also be in your dragon thunder and get what they need from, from both. And, uh, that's really helped. And I'm just trying it out.

Um, Yeah, so that's really that was a that's been a blessing too that you know, you really um have empowered me to like put myself out there, you know, and uh, we're gonna be doing more ceremonies but more like around the you know, solstices instead of every month and I do plan on starting to teach how to paint your dragons.

Oh, that's that's cool. Yeah, so I do. That's something that I'm working on putting out there more. I've done it here and there and I want to do it more. And yeah, so that's pretty much all I can think to share that I'm working on right now. That's cool. I'll share your link tree. I'll share all these links and, and your beautiful discount as well.

Um, and if people do want to contact you, what is the best way? You know, um, I feel through Facebook messenger, Facebook messenger, or through my email, Dina at solely Dina. com. Uh, and on my link tree, there's a link for my Calendly link for a get to know you call. So that's a complimentary phone call that they can schedule.

To have a conversation with me. So really through the link tree, you get all my, all my stuff. And we'll share all that in the show notes. And is there anything else you'd like to share? Hmm. Um, I think, um, oh yeah. So I also have, um, my art on a cover of a magazine, Helpful Living. Um, and yeah, and oh, by my Fine Art America, I have my Fine Art America page, which is Fine Art America, Dina, Zisk, and Fortune, where Um, a lot of my art is available on there.

Um, like in art that can be made into a t shirt and other items. Yeah. So this is my dragon initiation painting. So I have art, um, that is available and I offer commission artwork and, um, I'm just really, really grateful. That uh, I get to be here and then I get to be on your podcast and grateful for the connection to meet you and all those That I can connect with and be of service to that beautiful dina.

It's been Amazing having you on the podcast. Thank you very much And i'm i'm sure we're going to have you back with one of your collaborators. I think in the future Yes. Yes. We're going to line that up. I love for you. I'm excited for you to meet Jen. Um, and, uh, she's, she's a gem. She's a gem. And, uh, I'm so grateful.

Thank you so much for having me on and all that you do. I'm very excited to take your class too, because I feel like I have a lot to learn from you. So. Beautiful. Thank you very much.




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