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How Can I Assist You Today?

Energy Healing

In the comfort of your own home, relax and receive Energy Healing, using the merged modalities of Reiki & Shamanism. From CNHC-accredited healer


Learn Shamanism

Learn Shamanism, met your spirit guides, learn healing rituals, and find your tools, drums, crystals, feathers, and more.


Mystical Bundle's

Meditations, Transmissions from Wise Elders, Healings, Shamanic drummings, Journeys to meet Spirit Guides.


Dragon Runes

27 Dragon Runes channelled April-August 2023, available as a booklet ( PDF ), and a Physical Rune set, and an option to join a course where we meet with the Dragons of the Runes over 28 Live sessions ( over Zoom )es of Reiki & Shamanism.


Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit 2024

24 hours of Dragon's 24 LIVE speakers from across the world, we start with host in Australia, then move to UK and then onto USA, with 24 Speakers and a lot of pre-records too - Hear all about the Dragons message and meet your fellow Dragon Riders.


Dragon Thunder Talks

The First SUNDAY of each month join us on Zoom for up to 2 hours and listen to 2 speakers sharing their wisdom about Dragons, and all are welcome to ask questions and share their thoughts too. Replays are available in the Dragon Portal.


Books with Dragon Wisdom

The first book was "Fly With Dragons", and since then, the Dragons have shared their Wisdom freely, do check out the Dragon Wisdom Book series


Fly With Dragons by Kevin Humphrey ( EnglishMystic ) & Dragon Guides 

The inspiration behind this book is a meeting with a Dragon while riding the horse I’m human too, in this reality, and then numerous adventures on Shamanic journeys with Dragons, to the alternate realms. 

And then a strong prompt from the Dragons to share all those adventures and Dragon research in a book.

All with the idea of getting you Humans to remember your Dragon, and ride again!

This book is dedicated to the Dragons who spoke to me and my brave steed ‚ÄėFav‚Äô.

I hope you find the courage to remember your Dragon again too.

Much Love


EnglishMystic ‚Äď Dragon Rider.



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I'm EnglishMystic

Hello, I'm Kev, the EnglishMystic, based in Devon, by Magical and Ancient Dartmoor, in England (UK).

For the last 8+ years, I've been on a remembrance path, my energy-healing gifts came back to me from past/parallel lives, Dragons, Lions, Whales, Dolphins, Mermaids, and Goddesses, to name a few became known to me again.

My Dharma is to remind you too, that you are a Bright Shining SOUL experiencing a physical life on Mother Earth and that you CAN remember your HEALING gifts and have a JOYOUS time here.

Much Love & Joy

Kev xx


The School Of Mysticism

Learn how to Heal yourself and others with these comprehensive courses.


I have a number of options for you to work with me, I embody LEARN, HEAL & TEACH.

I love remembering the energy healing gifts that we all can tap into, as a Reiki Master, Rahanni Celestial Energy Healer, and Shamanic Healer, I can offer you Healing energy, Teach you how to tap into your own healing abilities, take you on Shamanic journeys to other worlds, relax you with meditations and drumming frequencies, or if you LOVE experiential trips, be they a day or weeks long, I can assist you with a few beautiful places in England and the World!.

I also share my life and healing experiences and can journey with you on something you need an answer on, I can be your sherpa for a while and walk with you on this life's journey, as your Shaman.

And I am open to assisting you however I can.

Dragon Runes

27 Dragon Runes channelled April-August 2023, available as a booklet ( PDF ), and  a Physical Rune set, and option to join a course where we meet with the Dragons of the Runes over 28 Live sessions ( over Zoom )


Remember You're Magic

Self-study introduction to Shamanism (25 modules). Remember You Are Magic!


Galactic Mysticism

An in-depth 11-Month introduction to Shamanism, the next course starts MAY 2024


Chakra Cleanse

Powerful Chakra Cleanse to revitalise your energy.


Dragon Thunder Summit

FREE Replays for the International Dragon Thunder summit 2023


Healing Bundle

A bundle of powerful healings at a great price!


Meet Dragon Guide

A FREE Shamanic journey to meet your WISE Dragon guide

art by Anne Stokes


Book Healing

A combination of Shamanic & Reiki healing energies



A Shamanic meditation to your tranquility garden, VERY relaxing! 


Shamanic Healing x1

Book a Shamanic Healing


Shamanic Healing x3

Book in for three Shamanic Healings



Shamanic healings, meditations, rituals.


Guided Shamanic Journey to Your Dragon(s)

Embark on a distinctive adventure with EnglishMystic. Explore the mystical realms of shamanism and encounter Your Dragon(s). Become part of the exclusive community of humans proudly known as Dragon Riders. Are you ready to join this extraordinary journey?"

FREE GIFT of 3 shamanic rituals

Take Shamanism for a Test-Drive 

Find out how the powerful Shamanic energy in these three rituals can cleanse, heal & revitalise your energy. 


Dragon Talks with Lawrence Valencia

Jul 08, 2024

Dragon Talks - Rich and Denise share

Jul 08, 2024


Jun 03, 2024

Galactic Mysticism - EnglishMystic's Ritual and Ceremony for Healing and Wisdom by Kevin Humphrey ( EnglishMystic )

Greetings, fellow seekers of the mystical and the profound, welcome to the sacred realm of rituals, and ceremonies, many of them from my studies and remembrance of Shamanism, along with Reiki and Rahanni Celestial Energy Healing.

Purchase of this book includes access to the Galactic Mysticism course, which normally runs live over eleven months, you will gain access to all the videos recorded during the class, and the book cross-references the course modules so you can read and watch and deeply imbued the knowledge.

I'm Kev, the EnglishMystic and your guide on this transformative journey, and as we embark together, prepare to be immersed in the ancient wisdom, healing energies, and the undeniable magic that is Shamanism and Energy Healing.
Shamanism is not merely a practice, it's a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of connection to the unseen, a dance with Dragons, and a communion with spirits that resonate in the heartbeat of the Earth. It's not just a belief system, it's an experiential reality that transcends the ordinary and delves into the extraordinary.

In our fast-paced world, where the tangible often takes precedence over the intangible, Shamanism beckons us to remember a deeper truth, the truth that whispers through the winds, rustles in the leaves, and roars in the depths of the ocean. It's a calling to reconnect with the energies that surround us, to tap into the wellspring of healing that flows through the roots of existence.

Now, you might be wondering, how can rituals, and ceremonies bring this ethereal tapestry to life? How can these practices serve as bridges between our earthly existence and the realms of healing and wisdom?

Let me assure you, dear readers, that what follows within these pages is not a mere collection of words, it's a portal into the mystical landscape of Shamanism and the Energies of the Galactic Universe.

Each ritual and ceremony are a key, each ritual a sacred dance, and each ceremony a communion with the forces that shape the very fabric of reality.

As someone who has traversed the paths of Energy Healing, I can attest to the transformative power that these practices hold. The Dragons, spirit guides, and ancient energies are not mere figments of imagination; they are companions on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

In the coming chapters, we will explore the intricacies of Shamanic spells that harness the elemental forces, rituals that align us with the cycles of nature, and ceremonies that open doorways to profound wisdom. Through these practices, you will not only learn about Shamanism, indeed you will also experience it.

You will feel the heartbeat of the Earth beneath your feet and hear the whispers of ancient spirits in the rustling leaves.
So, buckle up, fellow travellers, as we dive into the mystical tapestry of Shamanism, where the real and the unseen intertwine in a dance of healing and wisdom.

Together, let's unlock the secrets, and partake in rituals that bridge the realms of the mundane and the magical.

You are purchasing a physical book and an online course, which is normally an 11-month-long journey. The book, and course which is text and video-based lead you through ceremony and ritual for healing and wisdom and will be useful for many aspects of your life.

I look forward to seeing your thoughts and comments in the course portal that runs on Kajabi, so is portable or can be used on your desktop or laptop.

Dragon and Eneryg Blessings



Runes of Dragons by Kevin Humphrey ( EnglishMystic )

You will learn about the twenty-seven Dragon runes, their meaning, and how combining them can create powerful Dragon magic.

As you learn about each of the runes, you will gain insight into the different aspects and elements of Dragons, such as light, energy, life, wind, fire, earth, spirit, and more.

We will explore how these Runes can be used to bring good luck, protection, guidance, and knowledge to the user.
Get ready to unlock the power of the twenty-seven Dragon Runes.

If you have not purchased the physical runes set, you can do so at, though you do not need the physical runes to meet the Dragons of the Runes. The physical Runes are there to assist you as a tarot card would.


Merlin, the Mystical Bard: Transmissions, Spells and Chants by Kevin Humphrey ( EnglishMystic )

Merlin to me is the bard, mystic & wizard, who entered my Shamanic temple to assist with healing.

He looks like the wizard we often see on television and film, a tall man with a long white beard and long flowing white hair, he carries, often, a white staff that is as tall as he and topped with a bright white crystal. His eyes are a piercing blue, and they smile constantly at you, sharing wisdom as they look into your Soul.

Merlin assists with healing energy and wisdom and willingly shares his bardic tones with me, I often sit and write what he says.

I have asked for prayers, poems, opening statements, his thoughts, healing rituals and spells, and used them on summits and podcasts during my healing journeys with clients.

I consider him a very wise council and I enjoy listening to his thoughts.

I started to collate them for myself, and it was suggested that others might like to read them in a tome such as this book.

And here they are, the words of Merlin, Bard and Mystic, as I recorded by EnglishMystic.