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Archetypal Numerology with Karen Rémy.

archetypal numerology karen rémy Mar 27, 2024

Karen Rémy

Karen is sharing with us her wisdom on Archetypal Numerology - play the Video above and listen in.

"Our guest is a true embodiment mentor and creative principle, exploring the realms of mysticism, consciousness, and the arts. She's the mind behind the Soul Aim Podcast, where she delves into sensory, body, and soul journeys. Get ready to be captivated by the mystical wisdom and artistic expressions of the incredible Karen Rémy."


Enter into the magical realm of Archetypal Numerology!  

Course and uses discount code ENGLISH_MYSTIC ( valid until 31st March 2024

 Karen Rémy topics covered

  • How Archetypal Numerology works and what led her to explore this mystical realm
  •  Shared a little about the 10 archetypes, and how they influence our lives
  •  How Archetypal Numerology provides insights into the gifts, challenges, and life-long learning themes individuals bring into this lifetime
  • How knowing the quality of a day empowers individuals in making decisions like starting a new business, project, or marriage
  • Reviewed our date and time of birth in USA and European format and gave deep insights into their meaning]
  • Finally, for those interested in joining the recorded course, you can use discount code ENGLISH_MYSTIC to receive 33 Euro off the price, so down to 111 Euro ( $ 120 approx )

Enter into the magical realm of Archetypal Numerology!  



Archetypal Numerology

Enter into the magical realm of Archetypal Numerology!  

With this course, you will understand the 10 Archetypes of Numerology & learn how to apply their wisdom to various domains of your life. 

They will shine a light on the inherent gifts, challenges & lifelong learning themes we brought into this lifetime at the moment of our birth, giving you a deep understanding & compassion for yourself & others.

It will also reveal physical issues as well as relationship dynamics.

You will also be able to see the quality of your current life cycle. Knowing the quality of each & every day will enable you to choose the perfect days to start a new business, project or marriage...

With a short time investment in learning, you will have a multifaceted tool in your hands that you can apply to gain vast insights. 

As soon as you have understood the 10 archetypes, you won't need any further app, book, not even internet access to decipher the hidden messages in your life!


Your Mentor: Karen Rémy 

Creative Mystical Embodiment Mentor & Muse

Karen has been creating in physical theater, site-specific performance, contact improvisation & sculpture since 2004.

Since 2012 she has been exploring holistic healing of body, mind and soul, as well as meditation, consciousness, sensuality, ritual, and Eastern and Western metaphysics.

She got certified in Holistic Healing, Inner Child & Past Life Regression Guidance, Shiatsu, Embodicode® Mentoring, Meditation Leadership & Gene Keys Guide.

She is a muse, mentor, mystic, child of nature, mother, light warrior, dancer, actress, healer & ever-lasting passionate student of the mysteries of life…

All together merged in SOUL AIM – Arts in Movement – that combines creative self-expression with deep mystical wisdom.

Karen Rémy offers her fellow Creative & Mystic Souls a space to get in touch with other levels of consciousness, to draw knowledge about their own Souls uniqueness & to express it in a creative presence.

What People Are Saying:

Karen takes us on a mystical synthesis of Archetypes, Tarot, and Numerology that is not only insightful but also fascinating! The interplay of the dance of this ancient wisdom, helps us to better understand our own experiences in ways that can greatly expand our awareness of everyday life and challenges. I enjoyed very much her classes and guidance into the exploration of this path of spiritual and personal growth. 

Valencia Ray, - Nevada, U.S.A.

Karen has an amazing way of conveying spiritual concepts in a practical day to day language that allowed me to integrate the information and use it immediately. I had many epiphanies during this course. I realized that my numerology upon birth lacked grounding and that through the use of numbers and energetic techniques I could ground my wisdom and desires so that I can be more successful in this life. She gave great guidance around naming things, so that I can pull specific energies into my endeavors. What an inspiration and wealth of knowledge!

Jessica Rascovich, - Florida, USA

Karen brought a fresh, new perspective to numerology for me in her Archetypal Numerology course by incorporating the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah. The connection to the Major Arcana in the Tarot was especially interesting. I've learned a new approach when interpreting a Tarot spread. It is quite evident that Karen poured herself into developing this course, the detail was outstanding and her presentation was stellar. I find myself looking at numbers in new ways and am using it for planning the launch a new business venture. I found tremendous value in this course and highly recommend it. Karen's excitement about the meaning of numbers was insightful and palpable.

Lynn Nightingale - Canada

I found great enchantment in the Wisdom of Archetypal Numerology with Karen Rémy. The course's rhythm was truly divine, and it bestowed upon me a wealth of knowledge that I can weave into the tapestry of my daily existence. It unfurled my perception, allowing me to glimpse the profound essence hidden within the numbers and the Tarot. I discerned the intricate dance of my birthdate and time, harmonising with the ten archetypes, which in turn, intertwined with my physical being and my connections, both personal and professional. The revelations regarding the seasons of my life, flowing through various cycles from mere days to the span of decades, left me in a state of intrigue. I relished discovering my inherent contributions to the world and my mission to learn and share wisdom with others, all the while considering how this resonated with the souls that walk alongside me. It was a wondrous revelation to compare the numbers within my family, unveiling the areas where we offer support and sometimes create obstacles. In the enchanting journey of the course, I have revelled in delving into the mystical realms of my birth names and business titles, observing how other ethereal modalities affirm the numerological revelations that grace my path. It becomes quite evident that, on an unconscious level, I have been forging connections with kindred spirits who bear the wisdom and teachings I did not carry with me into this lifetime. Many a relationship and business venture, like pieces of a cosmic puzzle, have gracefully woven together to fulfill the spectrum of my existence, from the foundational zero to the culminating nine. I foresee that henceforth, I shall meticulously scrutinse the dates upon which I unveil my courses, seeking the celestial harmony of the stars to guide my educational endeavours. I shall also tread the delicate path of collaboration, carefully assessing how our energies might interweave, whether in harmonious resonance or the occasional celestial clash. The cosmic dance of numbers and energies shall be my guiding light as I traverse this magical journey. In the end, it all resounded with profound clarity, shedding light on the intricate tapestry of my life's journey and illuminating the path that lies ahead. This magical course, guided by a soul of utmost grace, is one that I wholeheartedly endorse. I encourage you, dear friend, to embark on this beautiful voyage of Archetypal Numerology with Karen Rémy.

Kev Humphrey, - Author, Shamanic Healer, Entrepreneur - UK




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