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How Runes, Tarot, Oracle and Wisdom Cards are being used in Shamanism

runes tarot Jun 26, 2024

Runes, Tarot, Oracle and Wisdom cards:

The slideshow can be seen here ( click ) 

Runes are ancient alphabetic symbols usually used by Germanic and Nordic tribes. Each rune has a specific meaning and is used in divination to gain insight and guidance. They are typically carved into stones or wood.

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Tarot cards are a traditional deck of 78 cards used for divination and self-reflection. 

The deck is divided into the Major Arcana (22 cards representing significant life events) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards representing day-to-day events). 

Each card has specific imagery and symbolism that offers deep insights and guidance.

Oracle cards are a modern form of divination tool that offer guidance and insight. They do not follow a specific structure like tarot cards, allowing for more flexibility. 

Each deck is unique, often featuring a theme and containing cards with positive messages, affirmations, or prompts for reflection.


Wisdom cards (knowledge) are a broad category that includes various types of decks designed to impart knowledge, advice, or inspiration. They can be similar to oracle cards but often focus on imparting life lessons, philosophical insights, or spiritual guidance.

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Dragons Guardians of Truth by Gayatri Singh


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Runes of Dragons

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