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Alessandra Gilioli and the White Dragons

alessandra gilioli white dragons Feb 19, 2024

Hello, Alessandra Gilioli was the guest on Dragon Talks ( ) on Sunday 18th February and she shared a message from the White Dragons:

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Alessandra Gilioli lives in Italy and is making friends with Dragons under churches. Cosmic Dragons have been channeled through her while on tour in Japan. 

And a Venus Temple dragon is showing her the vastness of the Cosmic Human blueprint. Alessandra leads retreats and events at sacred sites worldwide. 

She identifies as a Star Fairy and Consciousness Engineer. Her first love is energy healing and taking people on Galactic Shamanic journeys with crystal bowls and drums. 

Her TALK: The WHITE DRAGON PRIESTESS brings messages and shamanic healing. 


The WHITE DRAGON has been appearing to many of us more and more frequently lately. 

She has urgent messages for us.

Who is she, what clan is she from, 

What does she want to bring forth for us now?

How are we related to the WHITE DRAGONS? 


They are harbingers of massive world-class changes, appearing during history-making moments, here to stay to usher in new chapters in world-building. 


There is a lot to assimilate as the WHITE DRAGON priestess monad is here to reflect back to us some very important missing puzzle pieces of HUMAN IDENTITY. 


Alessandra shared that you are invited to Rome, Italy April 24, 25, 26, 27, 28


Full details at:




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