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yumiko asakura May 06, 2024


Yumiko is a gifted healer, shaman, alchemist and philosopher. 

Yumiko has been closely connected with dragons and has played with them in nature and the spiritual world since her birth.


It has always been her mission to help humanity and the world 

and dragons have always been beside her to help her work.


Yumiko has also been actively working as a global lightworker with the dragon’s help.


Recently she has been training dragons to support Starseeds and she bridges the cosmic wisdom and energy to the Starseeds on  Earth.


Yumiko has been sharing her wisdom through trainings such as “Dragon Connection®︎ Programme”, “Dragon Master Trainings” and in numerous workshops and talks in Japan. 

This is the first dragon talk to share her wisdom and knowledge internationally.

Talk Subject:

“How Yumiko trains cosmic dragons to enable them to assist Starseeds on Earth”

In this Talk, Yumiko will talk about Cosmic Dragons and how they can help Starseeds. 

It also includes the following contents;

How dragons are appreciated in Japan

Dragons which Yumiko connects and works with

Living with dragons

Working with dragons in healing practice and lightwork

Dragons help the missions of Starseeds
Yumiko organises in-person and online Starseed and Healing events as well as short courses and a healing diploma course accredited by CMA.
Currently, Yumiko is sharing her wisdom and experience in a free monthly Online Starseed Event.


 Please see the website for further details:







deep breath and we're on to our our next amazing guest I'm just going to give you a a

brief introduction as I say all of his beautiful information is on the website

so on the dragon site and you can read all about it and see all the links so

Kieran he a a also a Healer teacher Alchemist and a brother of dragons which

I love that I love his logo and been working on this path for 20 years so

he's been doing it a while he's a master and founder of the pen Dragon Reiki and

that's that's one I keep thinking oh I need to go on that course it sounds amazing it's an energetic healing system

using dragon energy the healing and protection he's also uh says he's deeply

honored to be the guardian of the Violet flame Earth chakra which is on leth hill in Sor S I love Sor that's that's where

I was born read most of my life so and he's also got a chapter in a book called

the energy healer Oracle and today he's going to be talking about calling to the

dragons for protection and guidance and uh I think in these times we we all need

a bit of that so kierum welcome welcome welcome my friend thanks K can you hear

me okay we can hear you well yeah excellent that's nice um I apologize in

advance if I'm a bit croaky one because I have a quiet soft newb and gentle croaky voice anyway but two U because

I've been teaching P Dragon raiki today and so I've been I've been immersed in dragon energy since about 9 this morning

so um yeah hopefully at some point Kev you'll be able to pop along and join us

and um I'd love to have a have a have a GU at that and everybody else as well obviously um yeah so um I just like to

thank uh yumo for her insight into the energy of Dragons It's really lovely to

spend time with like-minded people and um like-minded energies and there's so

much lovely wisdom and uh an approach to the the world of dragons and there's so

many different um interpretations and opportunities for learning and different ways of seeing things and interpreting

things so it's really lovely to experience that if um in my talk you

know I may have uh different points of view and different thoughts and different ideas about things and this is

where your discernment is important you know have a listen to what I have to say if it resonates if it makes sense then

awesome if it uh if it doesn't then have a think about it and if it really doesn't then you know you stick with

what you know and what you've got um because um we all have different points of view and different ideas and

different ways of doing things so um just uh go with the flow as it

were um so I just give a little uh thanks for my introduction Kev and um

like you said I've been working on the dragon path for 20 odd years um kind of

um directly but indirectly most of my life really I was um as a kid I was

fascinated and obsessed with the world of dragons I read almost all of a

library of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books that my dad had and that was hundreds and hundreds of books um and I

I sort of it was quite sad that in many of the stories the dragons were seen as the aggressors or something be defeated

I'm a video game geek um I'm very privileged to be old enough to have been there when the first video game came out

and played the original pong and Space Invaders and stuff like that and again

in many of the video games the dragons are the ones the bosses to be defeated uh and to be um overcome and they're

portrayed as big grumpy angry uh kits which is quite sad um and um my EXP for

that is that you know the the energy of them the pre-christian energy was very strong and very powerful the idea of the

divine feminine energy being connected with the lay lines Mother Earth the dragon lines those songs and spirits

that danced before the church uh came into Power couldn't be destroyed when

they usurped and overtook the energy so they demonized dragons literally turning

them into demons winged aggressors and those stories and the aggression you

know is is turned a beautiful kind loving creatures friendly and funny and

silly in the extreme into something that people are scared of naturally which I think is a great shame so part of my job

is to help to dispel that mythology and Mythos and to try to bring back the loving supporting rather silly energy of

the dragons and as yum said it's not because they are not in clever or

intelligent it's because they don't understand they like um very much like dogs for me they you know when they're

doing something and they're looking at you like we've got a dog in our house he just looks at me like I'm completely stupid well how can you not do that I

can do that why can't you do that come on let's hurry up let's go let's run I said I can't I can't run anymore make my

my hips and I I I need hip replacements and the dog's going but it's so easy all you got to do is relax and enjoy it and

as she was saying about the the fun and excitement part of things you know they they have that freedom and relaxing as

well you know not holding that stress and anxiety in our bodies we do that brilliantly as humans it's one of our

amazing traits for Better or For Worse um and so to be able to really relax

again there's nothing more relaxing than seeing a dog with his back paes in the air completely peace with the Universe

um so uh yeah they they that energy is reflected in the energy of of the

Dragons as well and I love to see the Eastern dragons the depict and paintings

because they seem fun and silly and that you know they look like yes dragons holding PS of

wisdom or Fireballs of knowledge and understanding or golden energy and light but they also to me look like labradors

chasing after balls uh and there's incredible power in that freedom which I

really really love absolutely so I said to Kev talk today a little bit about dragons as protectors

and they are Protectors of knowledge and understanding and again that's something which was easy for um the the sort of

new energy the new wage of of of of religion to turn that into something

that they are guarding in a negative way the archetypal pictures of dragons

sitting on a big pile of treasure guarding it and setting fire to it and burning the B Jesus out of anyone that

could get anywhere near it is a real bastardization of the of the tales of of

the dragons in my eyes you know they um our guardians of knowledge and

understanding which can be seen as gold alchemically it's uh you the world of alchemy it's that golden knowledge and

understanding the idea of the self understanding ourselves as yumo said as well if we know ourselves understand

ourselves not just the things that we're good at which because it's very easy to to to talk about the things that we're

good at but understanding our faults and our foibles and the things that we need challenge with and to learn more about

the shadow aspect of oursel you we taught that up here is good and down there is bad but down there is equally

as good as up here um it's and there's lots of knowledge and understanding to

be had from delving into those places but if we delve into those places unprotected or unaware of those

challenges in a Luke Skywalker going into the the the face his inner demons

which turned out to be his father I know it's a spoiler team but the film's been out for 45 years so

I think it's okay not to give the secret away but he does face his dad Darth Vader sorry again if you haven't seen it

to give it away but um you know that Inner Fear is something to be connected

with but if we go into these things without um in my view without protection

um and and a sense of of connection with uh with with ourselves

then we can do ourselves a bit of damage if we take on lots of knowledge and understanding

um and we're not ready for it then you can do yourself energetically and

physically damaged when I on my particular path when I discovered the

idea of the camini Dragon the energy that sits at the base of our spine ready to be awakened as we

spiritually awaken in due time and in due course when I heard about this I thought well this is amazing I have a

dragon living inside me that's fantastic I'm going to wake it up and so what I did effectively energetic basally was

SLA my dragon about the face for a good two or three weeks repeatedly going wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake

up wake up repeatedly and when my did dragon did wake up because the rest of my energy

body wasn't ready for it it sort of burst into life and my whole Energy

System exploded like a whole load of exploding light bulbs and it manifest

itself in my physical body when I put my back out so I could L walk for 6 weeks this is the IDE you know this is

not having a physical spine bent in half because your energy energy centers are absolutely out of whack is not is not

the best way forward let these things unfold under the Due Time a due course with protection and knowledge and this

is where the energy and idea of the Dragons protecting things and being a little bit Frugal or mean with the truth

sometimes again is played into because they're letting things go at the right time they give you the information at

the right time uh we as humans we have or feel like we have a limited time span

because we forget that reincarnation part of things when we get downloaded here on Earth we we feel like we've only

got a short amount of time because we see that human life is so delicate and so easily lost um that we kind of forget

um that if we screw things up royally then we can come back and have another go again like the video games you can

you know reboot and and have another guy at that so um the the idea of dragons

holding that space and and and holding that gold as well um and protecting it

is important uh we need to be ready to receive it again I'm going to use the video game analogy when you play on a

video game you have a certain level and you go through it and you learn uh skills and you get some attributes and

experience points and that type of thing when you get to a certain point you face a big

boss which regularly is some kind of dragon and so you have to implement the

skills that you've learned to overcome that Dragon to beat it um and if you do that then you get lots of more

experience and lots more things to again up your knowledge and experience levels

and ideas an extra lovely shiny sword with an extra big Jewel in it which is always fantastic and you move on to the

next one and that's similar now if you take away the fact that in the video

game you have to destroy the dragon if you move that to the spiritual path of gaining enough experience and self-

knowledge and awareness to be able to then communicate with the dragon to then

be given that knowledge and understanding at the right time then it's a very positive thing if we would

get all that knowledge and understanding all in one go then your energy system is overloaded and uh it's it's it's not a

good thing there are different symbols and signs in our world of dragons for

Dragons being protectors uh one of my personal favorites is the ubras the dragon that bites its own tail and I've

got some beautiful um visual aids for you all this is a very expensive um

Dragon toy from from the pound shop other shops are available um and this is a snake

basically one of those little Wiggly snake toys now in my world and my my version of dragons and dragon energy

snakes and dragons and fire Dres and worms and Lind worms and Wyn are all

very similar in their energy serpents especially uh snakes especially so if we have this Wiggly snake and you can

imagine it having big wings and and feet if you but the rubus is the dragon that bites its own tail and it forms this

protective circle now in alchemy and other practices yes the dragon is devouring

itself constantly reassessing itself constantly checking in do I need this is

this still nice do I need still have this thought pattern these thought beliefs and if you don't have them then

reabsorbing them as energy and moving on to new things and if we think of our spiritual journey as always checking our

wardrobe to make sure that the clothes still fit us and the the t-shirts that we've had 20 years and uh you know are

still relevant and still cool and funky and luckily mine are which is very good um but some of the shirts they used to

wear I want to get rid of those so we can repurpose those and we can make more space for new things and this is where

our journey is uh continues as well from a spiritual point of view the arubus is

a big protector and um and we can call upon it to be around us for that

protection as well in lots of different ways but one of my um favorite stories

about the dragon as a protector is in ancient Egypt where a dragon or snake God called

manahan was is often seen and depicted on the um the the tombs guiding lost

souls and also the god forms into the underworld into the darkness into the shadow um most notably Mahan is the the

name of the the uh dragony God serpent God sometimes depicted as having seven

heads sometimes five sometimes three but always protecting on those boats uh that

journey into the underworld he's so powerful and strong that he it protects

even the sun god Rah as he writes Chariot across the sky and then goes down into the underworld at nighttime

and he protects uh Rah against another God form snake form apus who is trying

to destroy everything and you know the Shadow Self in our world in our streams

of Consciousness is not trying to destroy everything but trying to destroy

or show us weakness and fear um fear is a good thing fear's keep kept Humanity

alive and and uh kept us safe when there were things out in the darkness that

would kill us and rip us our heart and eat us so fear is a good thing but in our modern world we can become overly

fearful of even the most maintained things because we don't necessarily have anything that's really going to do us any harm except other humans mostly um

so the fear can be really exaggerated um but when we can learn to

work and understand it and work in the shadow it's a it's a very important and positive way of understanding as uh yumo

said if you if you know yourself and understand that as part of the alchemical process and you can really

relax and let go of those blockages so being able to truly relax and not be scared of things anymore is a very

powerful thing a very positive thing there's great strength in a letting go

of fear in a logical way if somebody gets upset with you on

social media and you get really scared about it what you know really you just

block them hit the block button what are they going to do what's the worst that can happen well they can oh they can

destroy your life well can they they can if you allow them to which is again what some of the things that umika were

saying so to get back to to Mahan Mahan protects ra he is the symbol yes of the

arubus Dragon um the arubus as well can protect us uh as a um part of the the

energetic Mera and in Pendragon Reiki my energy healing system I call for protection to a whole host of dragon

energies the merba has um the ability to like body vehicle to

help us move between the worlds and between dimensions and the uus dragon can help us to do that as well very

powerfully and very positively because for me it's no coincidence in

the world of science that um if you wanted to um choose two points

in space let's say uh us and Alpha andery for example and I'm I'm not sure about

the maths here so forgive me if I get things wrong but um I think between us and alha centu is a 100 light years so

it takes light 100 years to move between one and the other that's an enormous distance that's a bloody long way if

there was a wormhole between the two places then effectively what is happening is this point here and this point here are stretched to become a

singularity to our single point if we take our idea of the snake or the dragon

and we have the head in one point Al cury the other one in um let say Guilford for the sake of argument

because it's a nice po place which where I used to live if we were to have enough energy to to spin those things twist

those things together in into a singularity into a single point and you could walk through this Gateway you

would walk from Guilford onto Alpha centuy it wouldn't end up very well obviously I don't think the atmosphere

is great in Alpha Century this time of year but we should be able to do that now another word for Dragon is worm

especially in the north of England so what we have here are wormholes and so the Wormhole is the

dragon being able to close the distance between one point in space and another point in space to to create that

Singularity and whilst they do it they protect us in that space with the

uberous shape so um this also works from a metaphysical

point of view in spheres of Consciousness so in my world the dragons are Guardians and guides of the Realms

the mental Realms the emotional Realms the spiritual realm the Physical Realm and when we journey we can call upon

their energy to protect us as we move into different spheres of Consciousness

and again they are guardians of those spheres they're guardians of that energy

so we find in that video game analogy again is if we come up against a dragon

who's sitting there and we want to move into a different Realm Of Consciousness and the Dragon s going well you're going to have to get past me first your name's

not down you're not coming in type thing then if we respect that we must understand that we're not ready for that

yet it may not be the right time for us in you know and we may take an entire lifetime to get to that point or it may

be next week or Tuesday or half 3 this afternoon um but we are not ready on our

journey at that point we need to respect that because a lot of our human consciousness is about now especially is

we want everything on demand you know if I want to watch the next series of of

Star Trek then I should be able to watch the next series of Star Trek but I can't I need to subscribe to it I need to wait for it to come up and something else and

I don't have the patience for that makes my eye twitch because I want to watch Star Trek but sometimes we need to wait

to be able to see the right things at the right times and and to do that um is

important getting back to to the the um calling the elemental dragons uh into a space

for protection I just want to if it's okay to do a little um exercise to help

call the dragons in around everyone here using that energetic little poem

which I have um so all I need you guys to do is to just take a little

moment and just a Sit rack if you have dragon uh Guardian guides we all have

our Dragon familiars we may be consciously aware of them or not but just invite them into the space to be

with you as your guides and protectors and what I'd like you to do

is to just go with me and listen really listen to the sound of the invocation

the sound of the dragons that I call in and invite them into this space to form

this protective merba around you when you do that the more you open

your energy system to have them in as protectors then the more energy that they can bring forwards and connect with

Okay so let's call them in and see how it goes dragons of Earth and sea and sky

dragons of fire around us fly dragons of night and those of gold come close and

let your wings unfold dragons of love and those of change be with us now would rearrange to

dragons of change and those of love as below then so above dragons one and

Dragons all come close and he to this dragon's

call okay so just breathe bring you back in the room open your

eyes in that little poem which which was given to me by the energy of the Merlin when I brought forward my Pendragon

Reiki system it connects with the dragons of Earth and sea and sky which is the three elements which the ancient

Kelts venerated fire was sacred and it forms an energetic triangle around us

then we have the energy of gold and Light which is above and below the energy of love which is masculine and

feminine red and white the energy of change of transformation of alchemy so

we have the the main sort of of Seven Elements really and the dragons one and

Dragons all is bringing them in because we are human

beings and we there are many different dimensions that we're not aware of and

many different sizes and shapes and ideas and ideologies that we don't know anything about yet so from my point of

view that's my um be all and end all of all right anybody else that knows me if

you ever listened to um uh pop Master which used to be on um radio too at the

end of popm Ken Bruce would say to people right so if you have any thank yous or Hell to people then say the

thank yous now and they the guy we go I'd like to thank my wife Jane say hello to Jane and the kids to to Susie and

Robert and all the guys down the pub in the darts team at the Wild Bull on a

Wednesday I'd like them they're very nice to say that James one ey James and his dog patch and anyone else who knows

me and that phrase anyone else who knows me is the equivalent of dragons one and Dragons all it's any other energy of

dragons that we don't know or not consciously aware of yet to come into the space and protect us because they're

they're all around so um if anyone has any thoughts

or comments about that little poem how it felt how it was any questions about anything if um if they want to drop a

message in the chat Kev then maybe you could field some questions for me or anything thoughts or tell me how it was

how how it feels to you you've been dragoning for for a a year or two how

was how was the the dragon call the pen dragons call it was beautiful I I always

imagine for myself cuz my manic practice is is is the above the before the below

behind the right the left the internal and the around and as you doing I sort

of felt that protection that I I put on every day and before every session

healing session come in and and yeah it was beautiful and the gold and silver and the above so it it felt like my

three dragons my three dragons normally sort of stand around me but this time they

they created the the circle so I had them flowing one below one in the middle

and one above in in a circle around me this was beautiful so I sort of felt like I was fully ConEd yeah it I loved

it yeah and as I said that's the plan that it it helps us to protect us in the Spheres of Consciousness um so that

we're there and protected and then we can go on a energetic Journey we can go

inside ourselves for shamanic practices we can um go and guided meditations I try to use it a lot uh in everything I

do and as I said it was gifted to me by the my teacher that the spirit of the Merlin when pandagon reu came forward um

and some people the idea of protection is something that divides the house a little bit some people say that we need

protection I'm definitely in that camp myself other people say that if your intentions are pure and you're doing

things for the greater good you don't necessarily need protection but having having suffered energetically uh on many

occasions before I started to use protection then um it's it's something that I'm a big fan of U and and I call

that that call to the to the dragons when I wake up in the morning when I'm brushing my teeth and when I'm brushing my teeth when

before I go to bed as well and in our conscious day it helps to protect us um from the mundane aspects

of the daily life and but also at night time it help protect us in our sleep

because any energy which is seeking to derail us from our divine plan or from

our way forward can sneak into our dreams it can sneak into our thoughts like an Inception type situation it will

just whisper in our ear people think that the sort of the darkness or the negative

energy will stand there like a huge winged demon throwing Firebolts at us to

stop us doing things in my experience it doesn't do that it just Whispers In Your Ear oh don't bother doing protection

today it's not worth it oh don't don't go to the meditation class today or don't do that don't go for a run this

morning because you don't really need to and it just softly and gently wears you down till you're just sitting on the

sofa eating pizza watching ant and leg take Saturday Night Takeaway which is lovely and great but it doesn't help us

necessarily on the the path that we should be moving on moving forwards

to yeah I I agree with that there's there's a big one of my teachers always said that if you're a bright shining

light and or it you don't need any protection and so I believed that until I did some raiki and then I got a push

back and was ill for quite a while and another raiki Master to come in and clear that energy off me so now I do the

same as you first thing in the morning when I having in a shower I call in the protection before every healing session

before any of these calls and like you say before I go to bed I I put the protection around me so I can sleep

without those those thoughts and and definitely like you say I've had it when there's days like oh I can't be bothered

and I wake up in the morning and and and all those those thoughts when you first wake up anxiousness are there if and if

I protect myself I wake up in the morning I'm like full of joy and all thanks for giving me another day and the Sun's Up and the birds are sing in and

it it makes a huge difference I'm in your camp that we do need protection as

you say it's not a big fiery Beast with horns and it's red and it's normally

like say a little whisper in your ear that wears you down like a little drip drip drip of water isn't it absolutely

yeah so I'm just looking at some of the chat questions it says once uh irana says once you summon the dragons what do

you make them do I'm calling to them for protection to keep me safe and secure on all the levels of spheres of

Consciousness they are intelligent independently wonderful beings they know

that are invoking them I'm calling them to be with me to protect me keep me safe so um I just let them get on with it

really um it's it's it's just calling them into the space otherwise they're sitting on the sidelines like

substitutes in a football match not being able to really do anything as our Guardian Angels do a simil of thing I

forget to call my guardian angel regularly and I can imagine him just face palming himself just oh just you're

stupid boy just let me do something we need to call them in to to help us um

and they can they can deal with all kinds of things um let's see so um

somebody asked here Margaret asked if we can get a copy of that poem and I posted that in the in the chat there so you can

have that um and to use that Maria's asked how the dragons connect with the

Archangel Michel there's there's many different ways and and Michael is the um guardian

of the element of fire and so Michael's Mount is at the top of Glon bror where

where I live now and there's several depictions um within the little um

Church in glenbury of the tour and the Archangel Mel standing at the top and the dragon underneath it and Mel has his

sword in the in the top of using marus Harris's sword there some depictions and

some people will say that that is him defeating the dragon in the same way George defeating the dragon but the way

I see it is it's helping it he's there activating or working with the energy of the Dragon so the energy of the the

green dragon around the base of the tour the green uh very very powerful Green

Mother Dragon she's she sort of lends the fire to Michael's Sword of Fire and

power so the dragons are the guardians of the elements the sacred fires and flames and so for me my is holding us

flaming sword yes but it is Dragon powered that flaming sword um again

other people may see things in a slightly different way but that's how I see it in um when we do energy work and

we need some clearing around us afterwards if we've been doing heing with clients I say to people use a wall

of dragon fire around you to clear that space or I can ask Archangel Michael to clear the space with his flaming sword

um both are great Protectors clearers of energy and and um shining lights for

truth and knowledge and understanding as far as to know prayer said I actually felt he heat

rise up my spine during the end of the prayer yeah that's good and as it should do because we as we are calling the

energy outside us around us to protect us and we are also evoking and getting the energy going within us as well the

microcosm and the macrocosm the repeated part of the um

Talk or the the poem dragons of love and those who change be with me now then rearrange to dragons of change and those

of love as below then so above when we do when you do pagi if you do it then

the first part is calling to the dragons within ourselves the caducus dragons the energy of the red and white dragons that

wrap themselves around each of the chakras and the energy of the trange Dragon which sits just above the brow

above the Crown Center that's within ourselves and the second part is out into the universe so that cadus becomes

the planets in our solar system or the solar systems themselves as big as we

can imagine these enormous Galactic dragons holding that space for protection um

because we we live in a time which is very very challenging we can wake up and be bombarded with the negativity of the

news and this terrible thing has happened and this Plant's on fire and this one's under water and there's millions of people dying

over here and this people killing millions of people over there and we can feel completely powerless and useless to change that on a global scale but what

we're not powerless and useless and incapable of doing is changing our

attitude towards things and how we work within ourselves and our own personal energy system and protection if we work

on that it's like having a star lighting up the sky in the night sky and if

enough people do that and we all work together to hold that highest vibration hold that light then over time those

light dots will start to join together again like sort of a patran Thing video

games and when we all start to do that other people will start to do that because the collective Consciousness

starts to do that and we hold that energy of protection and of love and of light for ourselves and for Humanity

then we start to raise vibration the things start to change and shift and move and as uh we've talked about before

this evening yika said about the collective Consciousness that big shift this year the Year of the

Dragon I've seen since uh the beginning of February since the the New

Year such a shift and it's really starting to accelerate and take on and

move people are starting to really dial in to those changes and those shifts and

that type of thing so what I would s say and suggest is personal protection work

through your your your ideals your thoughts and fors if you want to go into the Shadow of Yourself call upon the

dragons for protection they're not going to stop you facing the fear but they're

going to hold space and help you hold space so that you can have a dialogue with that energy and and and and and

that type of thing and understanding without being scared because fear is a positive tool

that helps us and sometimes it gets out out of control but if we work with it and understand it then it can really

help and change I am by Nature a very quiet very scared very paranoid very

worried person I overthink things all the time I'm a pisan I spin around in circles

disappearing at my own backside all the time but with the energy of the Dragons

I start can start to break that cycle and I can start to rest and relax and take some time and face those challenges

of things which I've um really tried to know understand them and I've not bipolar but

my I'm so energetically sensitive that my energy is up and down like massive waves and in the last since 2012

especially the energy has been all over the place the human resonance has been Bonkers you know the Ascension path is

going at 12,000 miles an hour and I sometimes have felt that I'm losing my mind absolutely losing the plot

completely once I started to use this energy protection with the dragons it starts to calm those things down so that

you can actually find some space to breathe and to understand and that type of

thing um so it's not just an advocate for for my energy healing system it's an advocate

for protection whatever that may be uh for for taking time to breathe and

understand and that type of thing I'm just going to flick back to some of these messages and thoughts that are

coming up for people the has asked that do you communicate with them what are they like dragons I do communicate with

them sometimes they are awesome and playful and quite silly and they again

are just of come on let's do this let's go here let's go over to Alpha Centurion have some party time and fun and I go I

can't I'm human I need to breathe there's no atmosphere over there there's no party in Alpha centuy there's no

atmosphere that's a terrible joke but um it's it's true and why can't you do that

why can't you come because and like y was saying about educating them it's not that they infinite testy incredible

beings but they don't understand the simple truths I have the same thing with angels when they say oh surely you can

just Manifest this I go what can we do this well I can't do it because I need to work well why do you need to work

because I need to earn money to pay my rent so that I can buy food and I can eat but what why do you need to

eat well if I don't eat then I'm not going to exist anymore but just feed off energy feed off light I can't do that

I'm not a plant I'm a human being at some point in the future that

would be lovely if I could but I can't at the moment I would really like to be able to do that but I'm not built that

way at the moment so I need oh and they oh you make life so complicated to humans and I would really like I would

dearly like as in a side sorry I'm going to get on my side box for a minute I would dearly like every Angel Archangel

um Divine being to be incarnate just for five minutes be a human being for five

minutes and see how Bloody difficult it is and then you can get back into your multi-wing multi-dimensional selves and

then judge us and then complain about that we're not doing things right and properly just spend five minutes being

me I'll swap you other dragons to get back to the

point other dragons are grumpy they are so fed up and bored of

humans being rubbish and stupid and they have set my my own Guardian Dragon dma

who sits around the center of uh the earth when I first really connected with him aside from my little Dr of dragon

Forin who wanted to come flying and that was amazing but a prop a dragon Guardian he did nothing more than open his eye

like an old Tom Cat around a for war fire he opened his eyes and stared at me which is one of their ways of of

communicating and saying hello a dragon's eye right in your face and he just stared at me and sort of

went then went back to sleep oh thanks very much I've waited 35

years is to communicate with you your ungrateful old sod um and he just it

took four years for him to wake up enough to actually come flying with me and he's only done it once it was an

amazing experience I absolutely Blown Away by it but it was yeah and it's not

really grumpy in the same way as humans are grumpy it's just a a lack of knowledge and understanding that it

takes us to you know as as small children compared to them you know times

to to to get round to doing things properly let's have a quick look then um

red dragon of Breath of Life what do I know about this Dragon nothing at all

the breath of life dragon the red dragon I I um there's different versions for me

there's the um divine feminine energy of the red dragon um the masculine

counterpart the white dragon working together in the caducus for healing for protection for knowledge and

understanding the is the um the energy of the red dragon the the giant Red Serpent from the uh Aboriginal tribes

part of these two enormous lay lines that circumnavigate the mother earth that work together um but as a as a

breath of life type thing not so much says you're talking a lot about

video games are they not killing the energy um I'm not sure what you mean about killing the energy but my my take

on social media or not social media but um video games

films TV books in our modern world for me they are the best and fastest way of Shifting

the collective Consciousness now other people may disagree entirely with that but this is

my thought process hear me out in the last 20 25 years the Harry Potter

franchise the Lord of the Rings franchise the some of the video games

have have helped to breed an entire world renowned um or

worldwide group of young people who are completely open to the idea of magic of

transformation of change of the idea of dwarves and elves and different

races the X-Men films the Marvel comic book superhero films open our open our

Consciousness to the idea of those aspects of God forms being those aspects of ourselves the X-Men being people who

are different the Inigo children the star seed children are different they have different abilities we have

different abilities than the average human being the Muggles who are still asleep so when we can use words like

muggle and people everybody goes oh yeah okay I understand what a muggle is is

somebody that's um not open to magic or not able to do magic but for me it's

there somebody that's not awake awake to the possibility that Dr Xavier's School for

GI gifted children is something that could be uh a reality or Hogwarts I

would give my left arm to teach at Hogwarts a real life Hogwarts it's a

life ambition to I worked in schools for 25 years building stage sets with with

young people and I would do anything to be able to have a class of kids whether that I'm teaching Clairvoyance to

or you know um to any of the shamanic practices or things like that too for

for young people to have that opportunity rather than having to wait till they're in their 30s or 40s or most of my clients that you know 50 and above

or they used to be this the younger Generations coming through now so I believe that video games are

positive or anything can be taken as as negative and seen as a as a destroyer of

things but I I'd like to take them as positive things not just because I really enjoy them and um they give me a

nice break from reality it also helps us to learn that they are different types of reality and opportunities and

realities and different versions of reality I learned those ideas the ideology of communicating with different

forms different beings a being that's made completely out of energy I learned that from Star Trek when I was a kid

watching James Kirk just talking to a being that was green with strange de Boer know or a being that was Just

Energy and he would communicate with him and say what do you do on your planet how do this work how does that work and

I think that's a really positive thing a really good thing really interesting thing to do but I don't think if I

hadn't seen Star Trek that I'd be open to that possibility I just think um if some energetic being came and waved its

you know rainbow colored energy at me I would think that I was losing the plot completely and I'd probably go on

proac right right um I've waffled a lot um any uh

anyone have any other questions or thoughts do you think or should I I don't think You' I think you've been

amazing thank you very much I think there's a few more questions I think more the people's opinions but yeah

there's def exter university has just started a witchcraft degree so uh SCH of

hog waterart starting it has and I would love to I'd love to be I was very annoyed and upset I was over the moon

happy that exir had done that and then gutted about the fact that I'm not the one teaching the defense against the dark

arts exactly well maybe we should uh walk down there and tell them they need to add a section about dragons and we

can we can stand up in front of the class and teach them

absolutely anyone got any qu extra questions they want to

ask anyone want to come on camera and ask they more than welcome too yeah just

wave Ste stepen you

wave hi yeah you said you were energy

sensitive but I remember you from The Last Dragon Summit I went to and you

Hey Stephen I'm really sorry but I missed all of what you said I heard you hi and I heard you say that you saw me

the last thing and I didn't hear anything else in between because there was lots of interference so if you want to have

another go at that that' be great

uh I was just wondering [Applause]

like man I'm really sorry I'm not getting anything you said hi and having some

network is yeah I think it is and I apologize for that if you if you want to type a little message in or um message

me outside of this drop me an email or something I'd be happy to chat and answer any of the questions but doesn't

seem to be working in here um so I'm just going to back back to one

of the questions here that's right Maria say Okay white silver dragons are the different clans of dragons in my

knowledge and understanding yes there are nine clans of dragons in Chinese mythology uh in the dragon Rune system

which I work with there are nine different kinds of dragons as well um but again that's all open to

interpretation and understanding but as far as I see it and know it yes there are different types and clans of

dragons um so hopefully that the clans of dragons tend to be

connected to the elements the earth a fire water crystal dragons melted dragons that type of thing as well um

couple of nice people saying thank you that's very kind thank you very much

um yeah who grew up with Dragon Tales a TV show where children traveled to a

dragon land with a magical stone that sounds awesome uh sounds really cool I

haven't seen that I wish I had um my earliest memory of of a positive role

model Dragon was um falor the luck dragon from the never- Ending Story

which came out when I was about 10 or 11 I think it was and he looked like a big Labrador and he was very happy and he

laughed all the time but he could you know U transport the TRU the hero across

vast distances uh just by happiness and positive thoughts as well and um so was

a big fan of

his oh here we go how have you dealt with how have you dealt with the issues of channeling dragons being energy

sensitive um channeling is is interesting

because what I've done over the years because when I was a kid I used to um SE spirit all the time the fairy folk the

lost souls the dead and that type of thing um and it all got shut down when I

was um in my teens I had a breakdown or break through and I didn't open up again

till I was in my early 30s the the issue of of being

sensitive um is difficult because it's like having people talking to you all

the time or energy or being up and down and being tired or happy or hyperactive or

depressed the the energy and idea of protection is something that made a massive difference to me it's like

wearing noise canceling headphones so you can filter out the things that you don't want to hear or listen or being in

one of those sensory deprivation tanks the difference is then that you have some nice silence some quiet and then

you can invite the energy of the dragons in for channeling and then communicate with them far more readily um because

it's it's far less of a sort of huge Broadband thing it's just a

an individual phone call it's very similar to our situation where there's lots and lots of people lots of messages

um so doing a oneto one rather than everything happening all at the same time um channeling dragon energy is is

interesting they they sort of focus a little bit on me so I Channel dragon language light language and in the

sounds and songs that I do in my go meditations I end up singing dragon language quite a lot as well um so it's

nice to be able to to do that without it just sort of sort of destroying or

distracting me energetically too much and that's all down to protection for me and mine so that's how I I I do

that so Naomi says we do a whole terms Topic in our year two on dragons yes the

kids write and learn about and how to draw dragons excellent that's fantastic

yeah and it it is one of those sea changes um the other franchise which I didn't talk about in films and TV was

they have to Train Your Dragon series um and that's really started to CH that

really changed people's minds and ideas as well um because Toothless and dragon Al though he's really powerful is quite

silly when he first first meet him and um the tribe around them tried to

destroy all the dragons but then they start to realize and understand if you work with the dragons instead of working against them much greater things can be

achieved and I love that because it's an anree for Humanity's Reawakening of

working with dragon energy over the last probably um 20 years or so that people

have started to go oh let's not think of these things as destroyers and negative and painful and hurtful and nasty let's

try and work with them and see what happens and um if human human beings could do that with more species and more

of other people from other religious beliefs and other languages and that type of thing and other continents then

the world would be a much better place and let's hope that in the not to just in future that we start to do that more

readily and more effectively um I think the some of the the the big boys

throwing their toys out of their PR you know Boris and Donald and Vlad are the

the last of the Old Guard the old school misogynistic um idiotic patriarchy that

should disappear as soon as is humanly possible and be over usurped by somebody

who as much more open um to knowledge and understanding and compassion and let's hope that that

happens in a very short time otherwise Humanity in my small teeny tiny opinion

is screwed um but you know that might be me being a bit defeatist but let's hope

not yeah thanks K you just put up me um my website and stuff I've got some

dragony related guided meditations upon there already and other bits and pieces and I said P dragon raiki energy healing

sessions and that kind of thing um and do feel free if anyone has had the

interest peaked or I've annoyed anyone enough to want to get in touch with me and have a discussion about things then

I'm more than happy to to have a chat and talk about things if that's uh something you'd like to

do uh but big shout out Alan lovely to see you brother um fellow pen Dragon REI IST and

Pen Dragon Rey tattooist as well

so beautiful we've got a couple of minutes

any last questions or is everyone

satisfied it's like I think it's like you're getting lots lot of thank you oh go on MAR um hey I just I just visit

your website Karen thank you for your talk I I'm actually um doing this for

the first time so I'm not sure how like much people really like you

know like what knowledge is available out there but I I noticed that um um

there was like a seven-pointed star on one of your Violet flame meditations like yeah is

there any connections with like a seven pointed star and the Violet flame and the dragons yeah absolutely

the the um seven points of star the energy of the Violet flame is about alchemy and transformation and change

and in alchemical practice and Alchemy throughout history you know 1400 years of of depictions of alchemy there are

regularly dragons that sit beneath what's called an almic glass vial which

holds lots of things sometimes it holds people sometimes it holds stuff but dragons have the the um incredible

ability energetically to send that fire and Flame which gives us the energy for

personal transformation and change so the um seven-pointed star the energy of

the Violet flame chakra is overseen on leth hill and sorry is overseen by a

silver Violet Dragon she is the energetic guardian of the flame and dragons are guardians of fires and

Flames so all the Flames of Consciousness that we know and understand are brought forward in my

eyes by a different Dragon they may be directed and moved by kin or by the

master Jesus or the Buddha or whoever or whatever but they are brought forward by

the energy of the Dragons U because they are Guardians of the fires and Flames so yeah the um the energy of

alchemy is is very regularly overseen by the energy of dragons and the Phoenix as

well and the Phoenix is the feminine counterpart to the dragon energy dragon energy and Alchemy is is masculine so

that drives the change but the Phoenix holds her wings wide and condenses the

pur form of us and re sort of rebirths us into a new version of ourselves a Pur

version of ourselves so the energy of the dragon and the Phoenix work together um but the dragon is the one that drives

forward the transformation and change I hope that answers your question I hope that makes sense

beautiful I think we will close it down there K thank you very much for your

time my friend and having spent a hard day working and then coming on here thank you for sharing so eloquently oh

you're welcome 12 hours of dragons today it's been great there you go wow send him lots of

love thank you for that thanks really appreciate it we'll be sharing all the

links and uh yeah if people want to get in touch with Kieran that's his website obviously I'll be sharing all the notes

on that afterwards and then for me very briefly just to let everyone know in 76

days time we've got the galactic dragon thunder Summit where we've got 24 of the speakers coming on which is a

beautiful um and they'll be sharing over 26 hours live we'll be starting at

at 12:30 a.m. on the 21st of July and

we'll be getting to people uh talking from Australia then we'll come to the UK then we'll go over to the US so there'll

be 26 hours 24 speakers and I think we've got 43 speakers in total now it's

a whole bunch of them are going to be recording um so I'll I'll just Chuck the links in here and obviously when I share

all the notes I'll uh I I'll share this all again so do come on to that and uh

We've also got all the recordings from last year all the beautiful speakers and

also every single Dragon talks is there so if you want to immerse yourself for

months and months in Dragons and hearing all the different opinions of everyone

then it's beautiful and as Kieran was saying some things people say will not

they're not fit with you so just just put them aside don't reject that person but take what works for you and I found

that every person I listen to there's something that resonates and there's some bits I'm like I'm not sure about

that that's not for me that's fine don't don't reject everything as I say don't throw the baby out the bath water just

take the bits that work for you and work out your your own truths um and there's

always something for every single person um will assist you in your journey um

yes beautiful to see you all as usual um we're on again in a month's time next

time we've got three speakers which is beautiful um so yeah so thank you Kieran

again and thank you to L from from from Japan who now currently in England um

but yeah do check out these beautiful people and if there's any questions then obviously you know how to contact these

people and if anyone wants to speak on here please let me know as I always say

this isn't just for people that have been talking about dragons for years if you've got a five minute segment where you want to come on and say I met a

dragon it a purple and it was in my garden and it was messing with my washing whatever just come on cuz cuz it

it encourages other people to go oh that's the same experience I've had and over over time your experience of

dragons will grow and maybe one day you'll be teaching at Karen some some some skills that you've picked up and

maybe in 20 years time you'll be talking on talks like this so feel feel Brave

and and come on and talk um and and if you're not sure just talk to me I'm a nice guy I won't I won't bite you just

come on say oh F you talking about this and i' encourage you and a lot of our speakers that have been on there was

there was Peter dresler that was afraid to come on and he came on he talked for two hours solid about dragons so you

just never know your your dragons are there surrounding you protecting you and encouraging you to speak your truth so

if you want to come on and talk for a minute or two hours then do let me know

anyway beautiful to see you all honor your time have a beautiful rest of your days weekends those in the UK of amazing

bank holiday hopefully it'll be lovely and sunny we will see um it's lovely to

see you all mind day you all go byy bye for now byebye



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