Celtic Goddess Prayer

celtic goddesses Apr 22, 2022

In honour of the Celtic Goddesses, and for protection, guidance, and for a better day and life, I offer up this prayer to a selection of the Celtic Goddesses.


Celtic Goddess Prayer

I call upon the directions of North, the South, the East, and the West,

I invoke the powers of Nature, from Wind, from Fire, from Earth, and from Water

To request that the Goddesses bless my being and honour me with their gifts;

Goddess Aine bring love & light into my Heart

Goddess Arianrhod weave a great cosmic fate for my life

Goddess Badb fill me with a warriors will

Goddess Brigid fill me with the passion of fire

Goddess Coventina provide me daily with sacred water

Goddess Danu grant me access to Knowledge

Goddess Epona protect my equine friends

Goddess Flidais accompany me in the forests

Goddess Henwen may I be fertile as the sow

Goddess Mabb introduce me to the Fairies

Goddess Morrigan give me the powers of shapeshifting

Goddess Morgan Le Fay show me the way to Avalon

Goddess Olwen shine the Sun upon me

Goddess Rhiannon may the light of the Moon guide me 

Goddess Sheela na Gig  grant me the protection of all crones

And So Mote It Be


*image of Goddess Brigid the art work of Lisa Iris ; http://www.lisairis.ca/

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