Egyptian Goddess Prayer

egyptian Apr 22, 2022

Egyptian Goddess Prayer

I call upon the directions of North, the South, the East, and the West,

I invoke the powers of Nature, from Wind, from Fire, from Earth, and from Water

To request that the Goddesses bless my being and honour me with their gifts;

Goddess Amaunet bring a strong North Wind to my back

Goddess Anut defend me in battle

Goddess Bast give me the agility of the cat

Goddess Bata bestow great powers to my Ankh

Goddess Hathor fill by being with Joy & Dance

Goddess Hatmehit may my ears hear the creatures of the Sea's

Goddess Isis empower my magic and healing and protect me with your Wings

Goddess Ma'at grant me knowledge of the Truth

Goddess Menhit may my strength be as powerful as a Lion

Goddess Neith embued my strength for the protection of the feminine

Goddess Nephthys give my eyes the ability to see the unseen

Goddess Nut open my wisdom to the knowledge of the Skies

Goddess Pakhet may my legs carry me as swiftly as a lioness

Goddess Renent grant me prosperity and abundance

Goddess Renpet may I remain youthful all my days

Goddess Satet grant all my lands bountiful waters

Goddess Sekhmet save me from all sickness and disease

Goddess Seshet grant me the abilities of a scribe

Goddess Taweret empower my protective skills

Goddess Tefnut cleanse my waters

Goddess Wadjet I ask for your protection

And So Mote It Be

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