Aug 08, 2022
Herstory - Michael V Bright
I wrote after I finished reading a draft copy of HerStory:
"Oh, My Goddess, HerStory is a powerful, blood-stirring account of the true history of humanity, it exposes the manipulation of the facts by the conquerors of past generations
We lived once in peace with our beautiful planet and then the war-mongering, fear-inducing, masculine traits took over from the nurturing feminine and we have the utter ecological and humanitarian mess we are in now.
HerStory stirs your passion for a change for the better, a return to loving and living with our planet.
An amazing read that I’m sure will shock many, cause others to need to defend their actions, and for others an awakening and remembrance of what they already felt they knew
Read and then take some action, Michael V Bright has some thought-provoking ideas on how to bring about the change needed to save humanity from destroying itself.
Read and enjoy

The ‘Witch Wound’ felt by females & males alike, is a recent deep wounding, you can track back through time to many more atrocities against the people of Earth. 

Pagans, our Ancestors, a non-religious, animistic people who believe in multiple deities and a living, loving cosmos were hounded into submission over the millennia. 

The ‘Witch Wound’  or ‘Pagan Wound’ is felt by many, and is all that was suppressed & destroyed in the name of the one god.

“Not in his image” by John Lamb Lash and “HerStory” by Michael V Bright are great places to find out more about why we feel these wounds & what we can do to cleanse them. 


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