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I share the gifts of healing and teaching within Shamanism.

shamanism Mar 14, 2023

Hello, my name is Kev

I share the gifts of healing and teaching, melding 

the modalities of

Reiki (Master) and Shamanism. 

I am a Nature-loving, 

Mystic with a penchant 

for Dragons.







Originally from South London, ENGLAND.

Software engineer

after leaving college at 17.

After 38 years

I began my entrepreneurial

journey, which led me

through various pursuits.

  Now trained by five shamans, 

I practice energy healing using rituals and ceremonies from Reiki and Shamanism 

while teaching others 

shamanic skills for self-healing.




We may feel alone

but we’re all connected by a universal energy. 


Our souls unite us

and we’re supported

by our spirit team throughout life. 


Embrace the interconnectedness

and trust in our collective spirit.




Hiking around Dartmoor

Ancient Stone circles.

Horse Riding. Seaside.

Nature. Drumming.

Travel to power places on Earth. Ley lines. Magic.

Dragons. Cycling. 

Surfing (badly). Sunshine. Snow.

Moon light. Stars. Night Sky. 

Mystery, like Arthur C Clarkes mysterious world. 

Cats. Goddesses (Isis, Bast, Wadjet, Sekhmet).


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