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Introduction to Shamanism

shamanism Jan 11, 2023

Shamanism Presentation

An Introduction SHAMANISM

I recorded my hour-long talk on Shamanism and cut out the chat for you, so it's down to 41 minutes.

I answered:

- What is Shamanism?

- What tools do shamanic practitioners use?

- What’s this about three worlds?

- Can a Shaman heal?

- What gifts do shamans receive from spirit?

- What is an Initiate Shaman?

- What is a Novice Shaman?

- What is a Healer Shaman?

- What is a Master Shaman?

- How do I learn Shamanism?

You can work with me to Learn Shamanism, as either

  • Self-study (8-10 weeks)
  • Galactic Mysticism - An 11-Month Course that goes into detail about Shamanism
  • 1:1 Tutor - ideally over a year meeting 3 times a month on zoom and in person if feasible
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An Introduction SHAMANISM Presentation Slides:

If you are interested in seeing the slides they are here << CLICK >>





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