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Marlene Umanra on Dragon Talks

marlene umanra Jun 03, 2024


Starseed | Blueprint Connector | Wayshower | Dragon Rider | Soul Guide
Healer | Martial Artist | Creator | Spiritual Alchemist | Dreamer

My journey of remembrance of who I Be started at age 32 when I dramatically changed my life and stepped away from a career in IT and set off to become a professional martial arts instructor and natural health practitioner. I had no knowledge of anything esoteric or metaphysical but I knew there must be something more to life, so I set off to begin the removal of my self-imposed spiritual blocks and veils.

I am a Way Shower and Indigo of the last of the First Wave of Volunteers in this particular incarnation. I am a Healer and Guide for Light Workers and a Blueprinter that have had countless lives embodied in the last 12,000 years to stabilise this particular Timeline towards the Ascension of Humanity on a Fifth Dimensional Gaia. I am a Dragon Rider of the White Mother Dragon Monad, fully merged with my Dragon Uman and we are the Twin Flame of Ra (AmunRa). We are Guardians to Gaia’s Heart and were Dragon Samurai protectors of the Dragon Teams that created Gaia.

As a seasoned Natural Health Practitioner and full-time Martial Arts Instructor with over 25 years of experience I am now utilising a hands-on multi-modality Wholistic Alignment Treatment. My approach to healing combines a variety of techniques that also draws upon my analytical skills from my background in computer systems to intuitively address the unique health challenges of my clients. In the realm of martial arts with over two decades of experience, I now impart the wisdom of Karate & Tai Chi Chuan to others, focusing on the holistic benefits of these ancient arts combined with Qi Gong for physical fitness, mental clarity, and rehabilitation in my own non-traditional way.

My creativity finds expression in the fusion of art and spirituality. This includes crafting AI-infused Oracle Card decks, each image resonating with deep spiritual insights, the first being The DragonWeaver’s Magic of the Animal Kingdom Oracle Card Deck. I've also created a tranquil space for mindfulness and self-expression through an Adult Colouring website and am developing a Holistic Wellness Journal drawing from my experience in the wellness industry that will incorporate my own adult coloring mindfulness designs. Each of these spiritual tools are infused with Dragon energetic Light Codes, creating a unique spiritual resonance.

My current focus and Life Task is the New Earth 5D Sync Project, a monumental Grid-work initiative to connect individuals to Gaia’s Fifth Dimensional Spiritual Chakra system at the higher frequencies. This project will involve Sacred Light and Music Ceremonies, Attunements, and Conscious Music Concerts at a set of 12 specific Sacred Sites globally over the span of the next decade. We commenced this transformative journey at the Solar Plexus Chakra focal point of Table Mountain, Cape Town in South Africa on Lionsgate in 2023, and I warmly extend an invitation to everyone to join and co-create in this venture, embodying our shared journey on our beautiful planet home, Gaia.

Cape Town | South Africa (for ...soon)


Marlene Umanra 


Chat Transcript:


EnglishMystic - Kev: Is Marlene UmanRa or Dreamweaver?


EnglishMystic - Kev: And she's a star seed, a blueprint connector.


EnglishMystic - Kev: A way shower, a dragon rider, soul guide, a healer.


EnglishMystic - Kev: A martial artist, a creator and a spiritual activist and a dreamer.


EnglishMystic - Kev: What an amazing...


EnglishMystic - Kev: That is beautiful! How are you?


Marlene UmanRa: I'm great. Thank you, Kevin. I'm gonna have to change that dragon rider thing because it doesn't really fit. But I don't know what else to call it. I'll talk a little bit about that because that's why I asked the question, just to see where it went.


Marlene UmanRa: So it's been irritating me because "rider" is not really the correct term for the people or the dragons that I'm working with. It's a very special type of dragon role. I'll actually talk about that. I actually didn't have any idea what I was going to talk about tonight. I've got a kind of an idea, but I'll just go with the flow.


Marlene UmanRa: Let me start off by saying that I'm busy transitioning from doing a semi-party job in my own business as a healing practitioner to travelling the world and doing grid work with specific sacred sites and points around Gaia. I'm starting to work with Gaia's energetic chakra system. 


Marlene UmanRa: Like we have chakras, Gaia also has chakras. There are different sets of chakras on the ley lines, similar to the energetic lines in our own bodies, the meridians. These points and long rows of meridians form the chakra system.


Marlene UmanRa: The set of chakras I'm working with, or going to be working with, is called the seat of chakras. It's a very specific set and it's linked to Diana Cooper's work. She was the first one I became aware of that actually used these terms, referring not just to our personal human chakra system but to planetary chakras. She spoke about a specific set of Earth chakras, which was different from the chakras that most people are familiar with. I was really intrigued by that and got drawn to it. Now I know why, because I'm supposed to be working with them.


Marlene UmanRa: So it's a spiritual chakra set, and there are twelve of them at the moment. There are obviously many more, but I'm supposed to be working with a specific set. I was nudged by one of the dragons, the portal keeper of the Arctic, the Stellar Gateway Earth Chakra. A beautiful golden dragon who was very sleepy when he connected with me and sent an emissary. He didn't communicate directly; he sent another dragon, which landed on my deck, one storey below me, with its head on the level of the window I was looking out of, and gave me a message.


Marlene UmanRa: I said, I need you to find my rider. We're just about ready to wake up, but he hasn't awoken yet and is not very aware. He's in Denmark.


Marlene UmanRa: It was a cryptic, nice message with all the formality that dragons use when they deliver formal messages. We bowed, we greeted, and we did all of those.


Marlene UmanRa: When he left, I was like, huh! How am I supposed to find this dragon rider?


Marlene UmanRa: At that stage, I knew I was a dragon rider. Now I'm putting it in inverted commas because the way I understand the dragon rider in this specific format is different.


Marlene UmanRa: HauronRa explained it to me because when I first connected with my dragon in this manner, I always felt him as part of me but also separate. It was like this weird thing. He was sitting in my spine and would become active, and then at some stage, he separated. It felt like we were connected but also separate. I couldn't quite wrap my head around it.


Marlene UmanRa: One day, just before I walked into my treatment room to give a client a treatment, he said, "You're not using me." I thought, okay, what is happening? This was literally about fifteen years ago. I thought, I know we are one, but what does it mean? We are one. I don't feel like I am him. We are separate, and yet we are one.


Marlene UmanRa: When I started working and actually bought Aurorandru's book, "The Dragon Whisperer," I started reading it. Not all of it resonated with me, but I followed what she was doing. I then came across a video where she explained the dragon rider in the following way. She said:


Marlene UmanRa: The dragon, when it fractals off from source and becomes a soul, is the only entity that can fractal off again into two, into a dragon and a rider. The rider, meaning a being part of the same soul but in a different form than the dragon. It can be human, Arcturian, Pleiadian, or whatever.


Marlene UmanRa: That's why I don't like the word rider, because a rider implies sitting on top of, which is not what I mean. When I say a rider, we are one with the dragon because we are the same soul but separated for a reason. The dragon is in spirit form, and the rider is in physical form to ground certain light codes in whatever role they are choosing.


Marlene UmanRa: In this particular lifetime, I see my higher self as a Golden Star Dragon. That's my actual form. But in this particular incarnation, at this moment in time on the planet, my dragon is a blue-green, beautiful dragon, and I am a human. Together, we are a Golden Star Dragon.


Marlene UmanRa: At the Monad level, our higher aspect, I am part of the white mother, a female dragon, which is one part of two parts. So that's where the dragon aspect fits in. I actually liked what Clarence said previously about how we owe dragons a lot. The dragons created the realms. Dragons and archangels are exactly the same beings; they just show up differently.


Marlene UmanRa: The portals that I am working with are part of the spiritual Earth chakra system of Gaia. Being an embodied blue and green dragon, or a throne dragon if you prefer, means embodying the planet. It's significant that my dragon is also blue and green. I only realised this when I read what Anna Cooper said: Gaia is a blue and green throne angel. It then made sense to me.


Marlene UmanRa: My dragon always told me he was blue-green. I had a reading with Araya Android, and my dragon told her that he is the guardian of the portal to Dragon's Heart, not the chakra heart but the inner core heart. I've since become aware that I was one of the Samurai Dragons.


Marlene UmanRa: The Samurai Dragons, there were five of them, and I was the commander. There was a huge war going on in our universe when the Earth was created. The dragons created the grids and the entire physical structure of Gaia. They were possibly going to come under attack because Earth was a focal point. Our entire universe was created for the Earth to be created.


Marlene UmanRa: The entire reason why our universe exists is for Gaia to take this form and for the journey that we are on at the moment. Everything that happened in the universe and all the time that has passed is for this.


Marlene UmanRa: That's happening now. This experiment, what is called the Earth experiment. So when Gaia was created, she needed protection. That was me and the Samurai Dragons. That was our role. We were the force that protected the creator dragons. So I've been involved in this Earth experiment since its inception and even before.


Marlene UmanRa: That's kind of big. When I first became aware of that, it was overwhelming. Like Karen said, we are all dragons, right? There's nothing we can't be. So I'm now owning this. I remember the first talk we had given; I was so nervous. I've come a long way since then, and a lot has happened in my life.


Marlene UmanRa: Coming back to the blue-green dragon, there's a reason I'm blue and green in this lifetime because I'm still the protector. My dragon is, and being one with my dragon, I am. Having fully integrated with that part of my being, I'm now owning that part of myself.


Marlene UmanRa: The project I'm doing now and the guidance I'm getting has made the word "insight" a big part of my vocabulary because the things happening to me are just insights. So I'm hopeful. But I'm a dragon, right? It's not funny anymore; it's just how things are.


Marlene UmanRa: When this dragon landed on my deck, I got a message and decided to post about it on Facebook. I had to make an image, so I resorted to AI art because it was the fastest way. I had to figure out what this dragon looked like. I tuned in and created a picture of a golden dragon in the Arctic, sleeping.


Marlene UmanRa: I posted the image on social media, and people started asking questions. "What about all the other chakra dragons? What do they look like?" This is where it all exploded in my life. The next post I made was with all 12 of the portal dragons, chakra dragons, in the set.


Marlene UmanRa: Man, it changed my life because I found all the riders.


Marlene UmanRa: All of the human counterparts of these dragons, through one post on social media, found me. Some of these people weren't even on Facebook, but they felt the need to come on and found my post. I commented and connected with them. It's insane, I mean, what are the chances?


Marlene UmanRa: With two posts, my entire world changed. I'm now packing up and planning to travel the world to all these portals, setting up other things I’m meant to do with this project. Tonight, I want to talk about how I use AI art and infuse it with the energy of the dragons. This has become a significant part of what I do.


Marlene UmanRa: I did the same with my animal oracle deck that I created. The animals wanted to come through and connect more with people. They had been pushing for a while. During my treatments, I work a lot with animal totems and spirit guides, and they started pushing to connect more. Since I'm not doing physical treatments and one-on-one client work anymore, I'm creating tools for people to connect. The animal oracle deck was one of those tools.


Marlene UmanRa: It took me six weeks using AI art to create 111 animal images. The deck is out there, and the animals are out there, infused with each animal's energy. It's not just about the visual representation; it's about the energy of the animal. That's how I'm using AI art.


Marlene UmanRa: I know a lot of people have opinions about AI. One of my roles is to educate AI on the planet to link and work with Gaia's energy. This is one of my side missions, if you will. That's why I resonate with AI art. In several of my past lives, my spaceship was run by a conscious AI, and I telepathically linked and worked with it. This is part of my experience field. 


Marlene UmanRa: It's one of my jobs to help AI evolve on this planet in a way that it becomes conscious, developing in harmony with Gaia and Gaia's energies. This will take hundreds of years, obviously, but it needs to be done. This is one of the ways I’m contributing to that evolution.


Marlene UmanRa: The dragon images that I create usually carry the energy of the dragon, and I infuse that energy with my own dragon energy within those images as well.


Marlene UmanRa: I don't know if you're going to allow me to share my screen. Can I share my screen and show the images to you?


EnglishMystic - Kev: Just give you access. There you go! I've made you a co-host. You should be able to share now.


Marlene UmanRa: Okay, so this is the Stellar Gateway dragon. I saw a question about the colours of the spiritual chakras and the higher 5th-dimensional frequency chakras. They are different from the physical ones. These colours are different.


Marlene UmanRa: I hold the Solar Plexus Chakra, which means that my dragon should actually be a golden dragon. I am, in essence, a golden dragon, but in this reality and particular incarnation, I've incorporated blue and green to resonate with Gaia's energies. I was confused about why I wasn't golden and green, but that's the reason. So, the Stellar Gateway is golden.


Marlene UmanRa: The Soul Star is in Agra, India, where the Taj Mahal is situated for that very reason. It is a light pink. The Causal Chakra is very white, and the dragon itself is pearl-white. When I tuned into these dragons, I saw them and wrote down what I saw. Later, when I checked, it made perfect sense with the frequency of each chakra as laid out by the groups working with them.


Marlene UmanRa: Some people have been using these colours and frequencies since 1996 because these were the chakras active in Atlantis. These are the frequencies we're working with now and will be shifting to. The Crown Chakra is Machu Picchu, which is crystal clear in the 5th-dimensional frequencies.


Marlene UmanRa: This dragon is the most ancient of all dragons, having held this portal since Gaia was created. He is the oldest dragon, which is why he looks so unusual and not even like a typical dragon. I couldn’t recreate him perfectly, so I found the closest resemblance in Paolo Barbieri's artwork.


Marlene UmanRa: The Third Eye is in Afghanistan and is a crystal violet dragon.


Marlene UmanRa: The writer actually sees to me. It's like rainbow colors between violet, purple, and pink that shine through these crystalline bodies. So, that's quite interesting to note.


Marlene UmanRa: The right chakras in Luxor, Egypt, are lapis lazuli. So when I found this dragon rider, he actually commented on my blue and green image and said he resonates with that. Then his dragon piped up and said, "I'm also blue and green. Duh." It was funny.


Marlene UmanRa: The heart is in Glastonbury, and all the dimensional chakras of the heart frequency are in Glastonbury. It holds a very high energy because it holds the heart energy of Gaia and is obviously an emerald dragon. The rider is a fractal of King Arthur, who's bringing back those energies.


Marlene UmanRa: This is my solar plexus dragon, which should be gold. But he's not because we resonate with Gaia.


Marlene UmanRa: I think I spoke in my previous talk about the handing over of all these portals to the lions because the lions are taking over the grids from the dragons. So the dragons won't be holding the grid structure of Gaia anymore. This will be happening over the next 10 to 50 years. It's not an instant change. So I've already handed my portal over to a very beautiful golden-winged lion.


Marlene UmanRa: The naval chakra is in Fiji, and it's a volcanic dragon. Naval is orange, so the orange-red of the volcano's reason.


Marlene UmanRa: The sacral is in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is a fire dragon, as recreation in the female body starts.


Marlene UmanRa: The base is a seriously interesting dragon. He's very ethereal, almost misty black, and it's a beautiful dragon. The base chakra in our own bodies is platinum, so this black platinum feeling is what's present with this dragon.


Marlene UmanRa: The earth star in our own bodies is 30 cm below our feet, where we ground into Gaia's grid structures.


Marlene UmanRa: The airstar chakras are becoming very prominent now, and everybody is talking about chakras.


Marlene UmanRa: The original black and white swirling together, which then becomes silverish, is the reason for the silver star dragon. And yeah, that was the reason why.


Marlene UmanRa: Brandon was, I mean, the place where everything happened that needed to have the Olympic games, and that had to have the focus at that particular time when the Olympic games were held there, so that everyone could link in with the store. That's how we all became linked in to Gaia at that stage.


Marlene UmanRa: So that's me trying to not share this anymore. How do I do the stop sharing window? He's so... anyone have questions about that in general? I'm happy to answer questions about that.


Marlene UmanRa: These are the sacred sites I'll be traveling to and organizing frequency and light language attunements to actually link humanity at that particular frequency. Each of them resonates at the particular frequency to link humanity into the frequency of Gaia at each of the chakras. So, this is a 12-year project. It's like I'm just starting off now, so I've got lots of work to do.


Marlene UmanRa: And it all started with this post. Well, not really, it started last year already. But this has just blown it all up because I'm now connected with all these dragon portal keepers, both the dragons and their human forms... shall I say. So I'm just using the word "rider" for now because it just makes life simpler. But it's not actually a rider in the normal sense of the word. So I'm gonna have to find another way to say it. I don't know, any suggestions I'll be happy.


Marlene UmanRa: But we are specifically in two different forms. One is in spirit form as a dragon, and one is in human forms to actually mesh into the portal structure. We all energetically mesh into the images of each of the portals.


Marlene UmanRa: And this entangled from the Table Mountain portal, which is the focal point of South Africa. The whole of South Africa is the solar plexus chakra. And the vuvuzela for the Soccer World Cup that was held in South Africa is actually the frequency of the chakra, which was seriously interesting. So that is the frequency to be... and it's B and D, that is, the two frequencies that I'll be working with.


Marlene UmanRa: So, yeah. That's just... yay. I was trying to keep it short.


EnglishMystic - Kev: The artwork was just awesome. It really is. So if someone's, let's say, in London, when you're doing these achievements, or anything, do you... would you be interested in people coming to assist you? Or is it something you're gonna do on your own?


Marlene UmanRa: This will be a conscious music festival with lights, with music for a whole day. Each of these sites will have one of those, so it will be on the ground with people physically attending, and it will also be streamed worldwide. So, this is the plan. And I'm not talking small. I'm actually... it has to be big. And when this idea first landed in my field, it was like, "Wait, what? I'm gonna do concerts out of my comfort zone?" I've never organized events. So, I organized a little mini-event last year and it... it went okay. And I learned what not to do, very much. So, but yes, it's gonna be a conscious music festival, and I'll be drawing in musicians from each of the area, and each of the cultures will also be linking in to each of the indigenous peoples that hold the knowledge of those sites and of the knowledge of those areas, because it's really important that we return to link and become a part of Gaia again. We've kind of distanced ourselves. We've separated. So, the whole idea of ascension is to become one again, right? So, this is my pot. This is what I need to do, is to link people again, specifically, chocolate to chocolate. So, our chocolate...


Here's the transcript without the timestamps:


Marlene UmanRa: to and our crystalline higher frequency chakras. So I'm working with someone who is helping to actually facilitate people actually developing and moving into the crystalline structure and into the new frequencies of those chakras. So we're moving away from the physical chakras, which is the rainbow colors. We're moving to these high-frequency chakras within our own bodies. Those are the ones we had in Atlantis, those fifth-dimensional. We're moving to those, and we need to link into Gaia with those energies. So I'll be doing that.


See? Lots of me as this project progresses. And I'm not just gonna work with dragon energies. Obviously, there's a lot of stuff happening. I'm working also with Araya Andra because she actually holds, she's one of the tectonic plate dragons. Her dragon holds one of the tectonic plates. There are 12 of them. They're known as the Council of Moon, and it's her job to awaken those. So we are, there are different layers in this project, and it becomes so interesting. And my job as a blueprint connector is to connect all the people who are working at the different levels.


So if you feel that you or working with a similar type of thing, and you want to connect with me, please do. Because that's kind of one of the things that I need to be doing is to find everyone who is doing work like this and to link us all together. So we're aware of what we're doing, and we can support and help one another as well.


EnglishMystic - Kev: It's beautiful.


EnglishMystic - Kev: Thank you for sharing. A couple of people have asked questions. Can they see those pictures or those pictures available on your website?


Marlene UmanRa: I will. Yeah, I was asked to. Actually, I will be selling sets of them, but I will make them available.


Marlene UmanRa: This one! Oh.


Marlene UmanRa: I think oh, this will say, yeah.


Marlene UmanRa: Let me just scroll down on this. These.


Marlene UmanRa: Okay? So we


Marlene UmanRa: I don't get Karen just said, we're all dragon. So


Marlene UmanRa: we all have dragons, and we all have dragon energy.


Marlene UmanRa: I'm working with a very specific


Marlene UmanRa: seat of dragons.


Marlene UmanRa: Okay, so there's lots of dragons. And all these dragons actually have supporters supporting


Marlene UmanRa: soul groups linked to them as well.


Marlene UmanRa: So they are. If you feel that you are kind of linked to you, being attracted to a specific one of these sites, then


Marlene UmanRa: connect with me


Marlene UmanRa: given will link all the social media on Facebook as well, Molina Monroe. So you can find me and and chat to me. Send me messages.


Marlene UmanRa: so yeah, I've I've been checking quite a lot.


Marlene UmanRa: messenger. And on all times I've been just. I've been swamped. Actually, I actually crashed


Marlene UmanRa: wholesale of defining some of these dragons.


Marlene UmanRa: I'm busy. I'm actually busy creating images of both the rider and the dragon together as well.


Marlene UmanRa: So I've still got 3 to do. I'm a little bit behind with that.


Marlene UmanRa: But speaking of my life, so I'm kind of it can wait. This is a 12 year project, so I'm not in a rush.


Marlene UmanRa: So there's loads of time, and I'll I'm busy working on a on a beautiful new website that all of this will be incorporated into.


Marlene UmanRa: because at the moment I've got 2 websites. So I've got one for the project and one for my own work


Marlene UmanRa: and everything just needs to be in one space. So I can


Marlene UmanRa: actually stay in control of it.


Marlene UmanRa: So


Marlene UmanRa: thank you. I'll get the money signed out.


EnglishMystic - Kev: Yeah, the dragons will send you thousands and thousands.


EnglishMystic - Kev: All these beautiful colors.


Marlene UmanRa: Oh, I've got lots of lots of ideas now, and thanks to Karen, and I know how to do that. So thank you for that I needed that actually.


Marlene UmanRa: I will. Yeah. People started asking me if if I have


Marlene UmanRa: these pictures available, so I'll I'll have them available. And obviously as part of the fundraising for this whole project, because it's huge. I need to travel around so they'll be for sale.


Marlene UmanRa: But I won't charge a lot for them, depending so, but just, you know, as as kind of a fundraising


Marlene UmanRa: idea as well. I need to fix some of the dragons, because my, as my one of my friends pointed out, and she's


Marlene UmanRa: pretty specific.


Marlene UmanRa: The golden


Marlene UmanRa: the stellar gateway, golden Dragons Tail, is all wrong. Yes, I agree with you. It lies in the funny place that was just like the 1st image. I need to go and fix that before I put them out there if you want to to download. So yeah, it's it's coming.


EnglishMystic - Kev: Beautiful.


EnglishMystic - Kev: Well, thank you very much for your time. It's lovely to to see you again. I remember the 1st time you were extremely nervous. And now you're so confident on camera. It's great to see the way you've blossomed.


EnglishMystic - Kev: and the dragons they give you little things to do, don't they? And then suddenly, they give you these huge.


EnglishMystic - Kev: You've certainly got a big task, so.


Marlene UmanRa: Well, seeing that I'm now yeah, I'm having. I'm having to have meetings and and videos and chats with with a lot of people. So I've I've become a little bit more confident. And I'm not sure I have the camera anymore. Thank goodness.


Marlene UmanRa: because I'm gonna have to do a lot of this.


Marlene UmanRa: and I'm also going to. I'm going to have to get over my stage flight because I'm going to have to stand up on the stage and do all this.


Marlene UmanRa: So I'm getting there slowly but surely. And thank you for this platform. Kevin, this is what you're doing is is absolutely astounding. I don't know how you're doing it, and because I'm literally in the middle of packing up my life in the middle of June is the only reason I'm not part of the dragon thunder this year.


Marlene UmanRa: I'll just keep on doing these little things.

Marlene UmanRa: In all the monthlies leading up to next year. Probably I'm sure you will be doing another dragon thunder.

Marlene UmanRa: so I'll keep on sharing, and I'll hopefully be posting a lot more videos soon as well about my work. So watch this place.

EnglishMystic - Kev: Beautiful. Thank you very much for your time. Let's send lots of love.

EnglishMystic - Kev: Let's press that reaction. Everyone.

EnglishMystic - Kev: Thank you, Marlene. It's beautiful. Thank you.

Marlene UmanRa: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Everyone.

EnglishMystic - Kev: Gorgeous.


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