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vipassana Feb 27, 2023




This is my perception;

This is my truth;

Take what you can and leave everything else behind:

Imagine you are offered a beautiful pudding and it has a small fruit stone in it, that the chef missed, you don’t throw the whole delicious pudding away, you remove the stone and eat the rest of the amazing pudding.... Do the same with this perception of mine from the 10-Day Vipassana Meditation.

Peace & Harmony to you.

You may also find that some content might be seen as a spoiler, if you prefer to do Vipassana without any prior knowledge DO NOT read, otherwise again, from my perspective, I had some prior knowledge and I think that helped. 


Vipassana the pre-amble....

As part of a process that started in August 2014 I have been reviewing my life and goals, it all started as I saw 50 approaching and wondered why I still felt like something was missing, I could be miserable and then elated, I felt like I needed something else..

I started with an affiliate marketing business as I thought I needed to escape the 9-5, as that was the cause of my misery, and I soon realised that was not it, the misery came from inside not external circumstances and I soon learnt that money doesn't make you happy.... I'd learnt this previously yet not understood, as an Information Technology professional I contracted myself out for a 6 figure salary.

I'd had a Porsche, the great holidays in the Caribbean, I now had a big house and great wife and yet still had weeks of feeling miserable – WHY?

As part of the digital marketing and affiliate marketing training I came into contact with two awesome brothers in SatoriPrime's Guy and Ilan Ferdman.

I started with marketing training with them as part of the digital marketing education and I soon realised there was more to these two than just marketing gurus. I then did a challenge of there's that they set up as part of Satoriprime, the 10 Day challenge and it opened my mind to what I did not know and didn't know I didn't know!

It awoke a spark I'd forgotten about, the one that at school had me interested in planes and Authur C Clarkes mysterious world, It woke up the interest in life...

I then did another challenge the Mindfulness training and that woken up more brain cells and I got hooked and then I joined there Mind Method training, with bi-weekly group calls and then attended a Live event, that was amazing in gorgeous hills over looking San Diego ( La Jolla ), where I met the guys in person, I had seen them in Vegas before too as part of the Affiliate Marketing training, this though being their event, it was extra special. It woke me up even more and then I had a Steve Sisler profile done, which gave me great insights, this can all be seen at

After the live event I was pumped up and carried on with the bi-weekly mind method group calls and then Guy and Ilan created the Ascension program to take those who were now awake all the way.

I joined in July 2016 and my life's awakening and transformation has accelerated....

I have had bi-weekly 1:1 video calls with Guy and/or Ilan and also the bi-weekly group sessions and these have taught me ( reminded me ) of so many areas where I could and have changed my life for the better.

For example, I had not spoken with my brother for tens years and took responsibility and sorted that out and have a great relationship with him, his wife and 3 children, my relationship with my father was one of me listening like a 5 year old and after coaching and a challenge set by Ilan I called my Dad and we sorted out the years of misunderstanding and now have an awesome relationship, I changed into a husband also that is more present and loving. - Changed my life so much for the better !

As much of the learning is experiental, the Ascension program sent me on the Land Mark Forum, Advanced courses and the mind opening had me move from 1 trashy book a year to 60+ mindset and life enhancing books in the year and I now read a book a week often 3 or 4. I also attended outside the Ascension program yet inspired by it a Tony Robbins event, and my more recent courses have been Communications at Landmark, the Second live event with Satoriprime again in San Diego and a totally amazing few days and then last week the Vipassana 10 day meditation course that pulled all this together and has now set me a challenge of meditation that will take me home ….....

To Vipassana:

Wednesday 7th June 2017 I left home at 12.30 p.m. and drove the 2.5 hours across Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and into Herefordshire, all gorgeous and green and hilly, a beautiful drive and arrived at the Dhamma Dipa mediation centre at 3 p.m. and registered after reading the things I would be giving up, Phone, Contact with world for 10 days, meat, talking, physical contact, eye contact, body gestures, female contact and late stays in bed as would be up for 4 a.m. starts !!

I signed anyway, turned phone off, took off rings, put them and wallet and car keys in the safe, and moved into my cell, a room with a single rail with 5 coat hangers, a thin open to air shelfed cupboard, a single bed with mattress and a side table, the room was 8 foot by 6 foot-ish.

The two loo and two showers were down the hall of this wooden single story building and shared with 19 others.

I moved in, taking shoes off at the door and putting in the rack as per the signs instructions.

I had my own sheet and duvet cover and pillow case, a double set for a single bed. I put these on the bed and duvet and pillow. Placed alarm clock on the table, set for 4 a.m. and then unpacked and had a wonder around the enclosure, the perimeter had signed saying 'no Male Students Pass Here', so I could see my world had shrunk to a small area within the larger 11 acre site. You can see the centres through out the world at

I was in room A3, the next scheduled event was 6 p.m. for a talk, 7 p.m. dinner and 8 p.m. course starts and then Noble Silence started, no physical contact, eye contact, gestures, no talking, act like you are a monk !  I had purchased Tia fisherman pants (think baggy) for sitting down and meditating, as found my jeans cut off blood supply, so I looked more fisherman than Monk 

The 6 p.m. talk was read by the centre leader and told as useful stuff about the centre and then the divider went across, the males sat one side and female the other and that was the last real glimpse of females for the next 10 days.

The meal was vegetarian and so were all meals from then on, with dairy free too.

I'd been to the Tony Robbins event in Excel London a month before and one of the leaders looked like Mr Motivator at 35 and it turned out he was 63 !! I thought right I want what he has and he shared his diet, so I gave up in May 2017, Red Meat, All Dairy, All Alcohol, Coffee, Sugar and 'bad' fats and lost 5 KG , so was accustomed to the diet and the food taste superb throughout the stay.

The 8 p.m. meeting in the large hall had us all seated I was C8, in rows, the ladies were on the right side the guys left as you looked at the front of the hall, we were 200 strong. I was hushed, apart from nervous coughs and sneezes and sniffs, and the shuffling to get comfy on the cushion and mat on the carpeted, yet hard,  floor.

We had an introduction to the teachers and sat for our first meditation – bit painful and fidgety on my part.

9:30 Bed and 4 a.m. the Gong went off, one of the 'old students ' [ means you already did one 10 day sitting ] volunteered to wake the whole 100 men up with the gong, he went from barn to barn, some were old stables and barns converted, I was in a new block .

I actually woke up at 3:45 a.m. and felt great, the place had a chilled energy to it.

I showered and was ready for the 4.30 a.m. in the hall, and so my days repeated themselves over the next 10.

3.45 a.m. Wake up ( though I did wake up 3 times at 1.30 a.m. and stay alert until 3.45 a.m. ! )

4.00 Shower, Loo, and I gave up shaving for the 10 days

4.30 a.m. Meditation

6.30 a.m. Breakfast ( Porridge and fruit, toast and tea )

8.00 a.m. Meditation

11: a.m. Lunch time ( Rice, Vegetables, Soup all tasty and filling -  and pudding some times – best was the Apple Crumble and custard ;-)) - I made the mistake of once filling up the stomach, you won't do that again, sitting cross legged in the hall for hours with the stomach full results in some pains you would rather not have and trying to stop the gas escaping is a pain too !! 

1 p.m. Meditation

5 p.m. Tea break ( fruit x 2 and Tea ONLY)

6 p.m. Meditation

8.30 p.m. Disco that’s what I heard, the Discourse was a video session from the 1990's of teacher Gogenka { ) explaining in detail the work done and to be done and lots of really amusing stories.

9.30 p.m. Light out.


On day 10 we did do something different !

Vipassana Day by Day

Vipassana Day 1:

We started with the basic technique of breathing !

We learnt that the natural breath is the thing to have, not the one you force to be shallow or deep or slow or fast, whatever your natural breathing rate is today , that’s what you want.

So we breathed naturally and sat in the meditation pose – aka Buddha

We learnt that we needed to watch the breath and look at the nose area to upper lip and concentrate on that triangle of face.

Having done breathing mediations before I felt right at home and got it going easily and got bored fast and the mind wandered off and I had to keep coming back and remembering to just watch my breath between nose and upper lip area.

It was not as easy as I thought 

We did that all day!

Vipassana Day 2:

Today we watched our breath between our nose and upper lip, mine was a bit hairy now because of not shaving, otherwise same as day 1.

Or was it, did the air feel colder on the way in and warmer on the way out, could I feel the air stronger as it went up and down my nose? Ummmm

Vipassana Day 3:

Today we watched our breath between our nose and upper lip, mine getting more hair and I could feel a big difference in the temperature of air around my nose and felt the nose hairs jostled by the air flowing in and out. Cool 

We were instructed to watch the end of the tip of the nose and concentrate more on that area, to focus the mind even more.

I liked this change and so did my mind, until something happened and my nose disappeared!

As I was concentrating on the nose tip and the air flow, my nose sensations started to disappear, the nose area I had in my minds eye, that was feeling the air flow, started to turn into specks of darkness, then almost like a swarm of small bees it flew in on itself and my face had no nose.!

I felt some small shock and had to put my index finger on my nose to be sure still there, oh yes EYES CLOSED all the time in meditation.

Tapping my nose with finger made the minds eye see it again, take finger away and it disappeared into the dark 'hole', that not dark like blackness, dark like a really thick rain cloud.!

I watched the 'hole' in wonder until I got bored and it became whole again and didn't turn back into a 'hole' even when I asked it to.

Oh I started scanning inside body not just skin level at this point, came logically to me, it was not until day 9 that they teacher said you would now scan inside too. !

Vipassana Day 4:

Turns out the 3 day nose air flow job was an introduction to Vipassana, to get the mind focused.

Ok so now what?

We were instructed to scan our whole body like we did out nose tip!

We started with 2 inch ( 5.08 cm ) blocks, I imagined them as square, you will find others did circles and triangles and other such shapes, the shape is how your minds eye sees it.

We were instructed to scan in a sequence, from top to bottom and to use the same throughout our scanning.

We could amend the sequence if we felt another was more logical to us.

The basics are, using your minds eye scan ( however that appears to you ):

  • Scan top of the head and the whole 'hair' area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the forehead area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the eye brows area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the eye lids area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the eye sockets and eyes inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the cheek bones area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the cheeks area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the jaws area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the ears area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the chin and under chin area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the throat are inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the neck all around inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the right shoulder inch/cm by inch/cm and the scan right arm:
  • Scan the upper arm area all around inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the elbow and inner elbow inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the forearm and inner forearm inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the wrist all around inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the back of hand inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the palm of hand inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan each finger in turn inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan each finger tip
  • Scan the left shoulder inch/cm by inch/cm and the scan left arm:
  • Scan the upper arm area all around inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the elbow and inner elbow inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the forearm and inner forearm inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the wrist all around inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the back of hand inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan the palm of hand inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan each finger in turn inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan each finger tip
  • Scan your collar bones and whole chest area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your upper whole upper back inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your lower back inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your stomach and area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your buttocks area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your abdomen area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your right hip area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your right legs thigh inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your right knee inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan you shin and calf inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan you ankle inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan you foot, the heel, sole and ball and all around inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan each toe in turn
  • Scan your left hip area inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your left legs thigh inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan your left knee inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan you shin and calf inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan you ankle inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan you foot, the heel, sole and ball and all around inch/cm by inch/cm
  • Scan each toe in turn
  • Any area you feel you did not scan, scan now inch/cm by inch/cm

You are done, now repeat, go slowly, 4-6 times an hour is a good speed, don't worry too much just scan the body over and over like you did your nose area.

For some reason I wondered as I sat on the hard bench outside the wooden hut, housing 20 men, while soaking up some sunshine and a tea ( I discovered, well it was supplied, along with all other food and drinks by the centre and for FREE, the Barley drink and I had that as my Tea every day, I tried it with some honey one day and that made it totally awesome and refreshing). I wondered how fast the earth was rotating and if that could be felt once you had really deep sensations over our whole body. And for a moment I imagined the feeling of flying around ( turns out we travel at 1000 Miles Per Hour at the equator and it changes as your head south or north, at that speed you would feel something – I'll report back when I've experimented  )

Vipassana Day 5:

Today we scanned the body over and over and over.

My nose was still sensitive like day 3, and even parts of my cheek bones and skull under hair line and around my beard area on face and under chin had sensations, mostly of itching.

Other places had no sensations, apart from my buttocks and thigh muscles that SCREAMED at me when we were asked to sit still and not move AT ALL! For a WHOLE HOUR!!!!!!!

That was painful....

I left this out first draft as I thought too much:

I was scanning my body an over and over when I stopped following the pattern I knew from my physical shape and just followed naturally and I did my arms and then start on my back, shoulders blades and area and I found a shadow and an arm, no two arms, for a moment I thought spider, alien, then I saw wings and I still can, in my minds eye, or just off right and or left of vision!.

I had wings like an angel at some point, no big deal it seems from the thoughts I remember we have all had wings at some point, yet as we've taken human form they don't fit the normal physique.

It feels cool and for a short period I imagined them being there fully and the feeling of powerful energy. I also did that with my horse and imagined her power and the shoulders and back and rear quarters power was immense. I will explore that some more for sure.

Today I was sitting eating breakfast of porridge with prunes and sultanas and later on day 10, someone else commented, that when you eat in silence and you are attuned to yourself and the body vibrations food taste extra good and you appreciate it so much more than when you eat quickly while reading texts on your phone, I plan to be more present while eating and savour the tastes and sensations.

As I eat breakfast at a slow and leisurely pace, I was looking out the window and  taking in the early morning view of the garden and birds catching flies and worms, the cool fresh air of morning brushed like a feather against my face and I felt Blissful.

A memory, many came to me over the days, from being 2 and my brother Peter being born and my sister Liza when I was 5, I remembered shitting in my pants at school because the loo roll ran out and I was afraid of the teacher and Dad coming to pick me up, clean me up and take me with him to collect my new little sister from hospital along with Mum, I had video like memories come flooding back over the days while I sat at leisure during and after breakfast and lunch. I was like my mind went all the way back and played all the great scenes for me, before it did, it did play back all the embarrassing, annoying, horrible, bullied, mugged, dumped, sick, moments, however they had a I've seen it before edge that make it seems like it happened to someone in a film and not me !

Any way to the point, as I ate my delicious breakfast I saw in the minds eye THE LION.

THE LION of my childhood that came at me every time I was ill with fever.

I'd be in bed, sweating and hot and fever burning through my body and a full grow male lion, mane and tail flowing in the breeze of it's speed, would charge up the stairs, my bed look out the bedroom door to the top of stairs, the lion would turn the 90 degree bend at the top of stairs and teeth and fangs exposed, claws out ready to strike would launch and fly straight at me, at the last moment I'd put up my arms ready for the pain of its attack....

Nothing hit me.... I'd scream in panic anyway and Mum or Dad would come to me and ask what was it and I said THE LION attacked me again and they'd say it was my imagination and to rest now.

As I sat, just about to put another spoonful of warm and creamy porridge into my mouth I realised THE LION was not attacking me, he was attacking my Fever, he was protecting me! And he had been protecting me all his and my lives, I realised he was one of my guardian angels. I sat spoon mid way to my mouth, my mouth agape and tears streamed down my cheeks as I realised my mis-perception.. I gave THE LION thanks and felt such peace.....

It also gave me a remembering of the time Dads shoes walked across the landing, no fever this time, they were walking big high steps, 'saw me!' And ran back to the top of the stairs where he left them some times !! I get the mickey taken about that often 


Vipassana Day 6:

We are now sitting strong ( no movement in the hour while in Buddha pose) at 8 a.m., 2.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. !! And you know its easier, some times and harder others, today my coccyx felt like I was sitting on an 8 inch NAIL !!

The shoulders now felt the shirt material on them and my calf my socks and the toes the end of my socks, and the air movement, very little in the large hall of 200, felt refreshing and strong, even though a gentle breeze, I was getting to know the sensations of my body.

The ones my subconscious hears ALL the time, my conscious mind now heard them.

The volume of the mind it seems to me is often at 11 our of 10 and the body says it tickles here, yet it says it a volume 0.25 and we don't hear it, now I've turned up the sensation level to 2 our of 10 and the mind down to a 5 out of 10, so I hear the body more now.

It's still I some parts and I don’t hear others, of the body and I need to hear from all areas all the time !

At lunch today I watched the blind guy eat his food, on previous days I'd kept as instructed to myself and not looked about, today as I say in THE LION SEAT, I watched him 2 seats to my left as he felt his way to the porridge, banana and apple and his tea.

Throughout the whole 10 and a bit days he was aided by someone, I assumed his friend and on the tenth day I found out the guy leading, getting food and being with him all day was an 'old student' who was there to assist. The guy assisted so amazingly and selflessly, on the 10th day I went and spoke to him and commended him on his beautiful handling of his assignment. He poured out pure love and said it was his role for this course , a true angel on Earth....

Vipassana Day 7:

No coccyx pain today – oh relief.

I can feel the body all over now at some level, most at 0.25 some at 3 out of 10 and the mind has calmed and stopped wandering off, it's focused on getting full sensation throughout the body and it really engaged in wanting it too.

I have a day with little pain and goes well.

We are to scan top to bottom and bottom to top of our bodies now, strange going backwards !! Takes a few goes to start in opposite direction, then soon going head to toe, toe to head in scans.

I've also amended the minds eye view, it started as me seeing an image of my body that I scanned, like you'd see in real world. It's now changed bit by bit, to me floating in a sphere that is an opaque mid-Violet, the scan marks are in place too, as we’ve been told you can scan the whole body now!

My mind went how, and came up with the Body floating in a sphere, the sphere had 360 degrees of marks around the North to South circumference and 360 East to West and each intersection of the fine lines, then connected to the other 360, so 360X360X360 scan points plus each level in that went to a 1 Trillionth.[ Story behind that - it seems we are make up of atoms that pulse at 1 Trillionth of a second, so the atoms of your whole body { science proved } pulse and rise up and disappear 1 trillion times a second, so you are NEW every 1 trillionth of a second, its only the pulsing that makes you solid, others wise you are just a mass of energy ( atoms) the pulsing 1 trillion times a second makes you solid ! ]

I imagine that I can start the scan of 360X360X360 and then into 1 trillionth's like a car starts and to start it I have to take the energy of a heart beat and pulse it into the scanner that is the sphere.!

Sounds complicated I'm told by others on the course, seemed logical to me [ will try and draw up a diagram to show fuller ]

I try this scan a few times and it's like a car battery that’s low, whirls, whirls, whirls, some light, whirls, whirls, nothing !! Not failed, I need more juice, more power to fire it up !

Vipassana Day 8:

The evening sessions have now informed us that the pains and tickles are sensations and we need to not Crave the 'nicer' ones and not have an Aversion to the 'painful' ones and to work to them being equal, a state of being equanimous (calm and composed.).

And that the sensations are often where our body has stored up things and it's releasing them as we stop adding to them.

I took idea and put it to how I see stress in my body, as stress gives me pains in my stomach and abdomen and that relaxing and releasing stress and not adding to it releases the pain – great it's okay to FART , though not in the hall as it noble silence, thankfully you can meditate in your room some times too – phew !

I start to see the pain in the back of my right knee, that’s started pulsing painfully as the same as my tickle that’s occurring on my left facial cheek bone and that they are neither painful or a funny tickle, they are SENSATION and equal.

Tried my 360X360X360 X Trillionths scan and got a better spark, but no ignition! Keep trying.

It’s the last scan of the day, the video session was special, I got something that caused my heart to flutter, I couldn't put my mind or finger on what ! And then the numerology I see ALL the time 11:11, 14:14 and so on kicked in and I thought I've sort of got it, this Vipassana, like 20:20 vision after being half blind ( worn glasses and contact since 14 and have –6 and –7 so VERY short sighted)

I looked up the digital time in the hall and it said – you guessed it 20:20 !!!!

Ok this is the scan mega moment:

After a the video we took 5 minutes, I got air, peed, drank a large gulp of water and came back ready to do this.

I sat down with courage, conviction and was totally in the zone of equanimity ( calm and composed ). It’s a Vipassana word I now LOVE 


I THINK -  Okay heart, okay body, okay mind, okay soul !

Soul – where did that come from, this whole Vipassana course has not noted Soul once, it's on purpose so that Vipassana is not attached to a denomination, all faiths and non faiths can use and do the meditation technique.

OK lets do this, I sit in a harder than normal Buddha pose, I'm getting REALLY supple 

I scan the body inch/cm by inch/cm to warm up the scanning engine.

I scan my heart, I love doing that, the suck in of the blood, and the powerful pump out, I feels amazing and I know that the HEART is the centre and ruler of the body, just need mind to understand that more 

I press the START button and the energy from my heart pulses out on the BOOOOOOMMMMM out pump and the light of 360X360X360 X trillionth's lights for a moment, like an old bulb with just enough electrical current to wake it up, though not enough to fire it into full light....

OK no attachment, no Craving, No Aversion, I am Equanimity !!

I press START again, this of course is all in the minds eye and I've been told see what's real, not imagination, so some slight worry this is imagination, then I remember that ALL the stuff others call strange and I feel is normal occurs in the imagination zone and/or just off to the corner of the physical vision!    So I give it my ALL...

HEART ALL in this time, stop holding back KEVIN, this is time ALL IN....

I press START and in slow motion the spark takes and takes and takes and takes and builds and builds and builds and gathers a rapid yet angelic motion and then like a star gate drive boost from some inter-galactic space craft, piloted by a hairy being!, all the power hits and the 360X360X360 X Trillionths light up in a glorious glow so bright, a white light of pure intensity, yet not blinding.

I watch from no craving, no aversion, like a tight rope walker over the Grand Canyon, focused to the trillionth of an inch.

I feel my nose disappear, see my nose disappear, COOL, no stay balanced KEVIN.

My face in a pulse disappears, and the swarm of small bees takes its place, OH OH OH, no KEVIN stay balanced and calm and cool and WATCH.....

I almost FALL off my tight rope... and catch myself....

The swarm of small bees takes by head and the like the Death of Dracula when exposed to Sunlight the whole of my Human Body disappears into NOTHING...

CALM without needing to create it.... !!

I am a Violet misted, a fog, a smoke inside the sphere.

I'm CALM and the silence is TOTAL.

The smoke shifts and clears and then transforms into a solid, I am Violet Liquid inside a Sphere.

I feel PEACE CALM and LOVE so DEEP it makes me Cry as I type this.......  ( stopping for a sob of total Joy )…

I think do not CRAVE, stay in Balance, then I want this to last forever and I CRAVE, I gain balance and I stay here for 2 minutes, in total HEAVEN...

I start to CRAVE this forever and I know I cannot stay forever, this is a TASTE of WHO I AM....

A trillionth of a second later the sphere turns into me sitting in a hall of 200, my energy level rises up and dies and I return to EARTH, The Human Body known as Kevin Paul Humphrey, the choices line 1 Trillion, to continue the work to awaken fully myself AND HUMANITY in TOTALITY.....


I AM FULL AND COMPLETE, yet there is work to be done to REMIND others they are too and to keep reminding myself I AM.

I have SOUL MATES who have awoken me as per our contract and NOW I must awaken those as per my contract, I'm NEVER alone, my Larger soul has my back, and the Universe HERS.......




Vipassana Day 9:

I try to get back to yesterday and the Violet Peace and see it was a GLIMPSE given to me...

AND I'VE Started to bore of the sequence of scanning, we have scanned the body 250 times plus now, so I adjust the sequence a little, I imaging the scan now using the 360X360X360 X Trillionth and the slower duel scan, both legs, body, both arms, neck then head and a scan that goes head to toe, toe to head in a few seconds, like a ring around the whole body.

The scans get faster and I can scan the body in a second now and find the sensations that need attention.

I look and look and let them RISE UP and PASS.


This is not the end as I now need to tell you of my Vipassana NIGHTS:


Vipassana Night 1:

Slept ok, the noise of the halls, the doors have no locks, so every time one of the 20 goes to the loo, through the middle fire door, all doors rattle as the air moves, so sleep a little and still feel wide awake at 3.30 a.m.


Vipassana Night 2:

Sleep well and FULLY refreshed, heard the doors movement and ignore. Had window open even though it rained most of the day and night, the weather seems like the camp mood, we are all feeling the pain of the lose of speech, meat, freedom, family and the sitting pains !


Vipassana Night 3:

Keep wondering about my nose disappearing  sleep well.


Vipassana Night 4:

Sleep well after a hard day of the full body scanning, go asleep scanning my body – bliss


Vipassana Night 5:

Bed 9.30 p.m., out like a light, today we heard about things rising up.

At 1.30 a.m. someone sits on the pillow end of my bed, after years of feeling spirits I know it's not a currently alive in a physical body presence.

I also awake to the noise and pressure on the bed from a dream where I've seen DEATH, I'm watching and interacting in my dream [ you would call it a nightmare, yet its not REAL enough to elicit FEAR, it's a bit like watching a film and the first time being shocked by the scary moment, then watching again, knowing it will occur and only a bit being shocked... ]

NOTE: its 13:11 as I write this, Monday 19th June 2017, got up at 4.30 a.m. , the day has gone slowly because I am fully focused, and efficient, they said I would notice a good improvement in the way I show up and the work ethic and work output – so far totally true 

I roll onto my back, so my backs not facing the, lets call it spirit and I look at the ceiling, its dark as dark in the countryside in Herefordshire, I do not look towards the spirit.

The dream continues as I'm awake and the person who I see is my Nan ( Simmons, a beautifully hearted lady ), we are in a house and so are lots of others that died. Then the house disappears and I see a sphere again, its got lot of strips of light, most very dull and the bottom left is a bright one, though half what it could be ! I see that’s me at 51. And the others I come to know are all the people who died in my life and had some impact on me because they died.

I then think about the 'Conversations with God' books and the 'HOME WITH GOD' ( In a life that never ends) by Neale Donald Walsch. And that the idea that we are a soul that has lived and lives now and will forever.  And the soul has a body, a different one, usually, each time it becomes physical.

NOTE : As I type on Monday 19th June 2017 ( Emma's birthday, though she is at work !) it's HOT, 31C [87.8F] and I'm in the conservatory of the rented house, the blinds are broken and landlord will not replace, so its HOTTER than the OVEN... 

I realised that when they all died I was not sure where they went and how they got there, did they go to Hell, Heaven, Nothing. If you've read the books, if not PLEASE do, they let you know that Hell is not real and Heaven is sort of and that we come here and to other planets FOREVER, we are Whole, Perfect and Complete and with and one with the universe ( God) and as we are perfect we come into a bodily physical form to experience what's it is like not to be perfect and whole. I imagine a bit like people that are a house owner and comfy in warm beds most nights, and they give up their bed and sleep a week as a street sleep – to experience what's is like to have nothing. Our souls do that to see what its like to be a Killer, A Saint, A Father, A Mother, A Drunkard, A Pope, A Prime Minster and so on for each and every 'type' of person that inhabits the worlds.

Those books allowed me to remember that all the dead people in my life went onto something divine and were fine, yet I had the thoughts of 'were they okay?' locked away in my body, from before I knew they were all fine.

Like stress makes you ache, the mind pains make your body ache.

And my body wanted to stop aching about the deaths I had been witness to, the funerals I have cried at rather than celebrated the lives at.

I saw all this in a moment and I said to Nan, 'Rise up' and I felt a pain like, well it has to be said, really bad gut ache and wind, pass from the left of my lower bowel to the far right side and what I imagined was my appendix, where it caused an 'on fire feeling' in that area and then it passed and the dull light in the sphere disappeared and the feeling of Nan being 'trapped' in my mind and body left and I felt joy that she lives now and forever and I'll see her again someday ( not too soon  ).

This repeated for the next 2 hours and a lot of people, from Nans and Grandads, Cousins, Uncles, God Fathers, Friends, Friends Parents, Loved ones Parents, Those I saw on the News, Twin Towers, IRA deaths, Army Deaths, Wars, Famines, Shootings, Bombings and so on...... at 3.30 a.m. I feel asleep with a feeling of having lost a massive weight, at 4 a.m. I was wide awake and more refreshed than ever and had a good day.

Vipassana Night 6:

Slightly worried about sleep and then had a great one

Over next few days I remembered others that had died and I let them pass on up.

Vipassana Night 7:

Slept well

Vipassana Night 8:

Slept well

Vipassana Night 9:

Slept well and up at 3.30 a.m. excited that last day of not talking as day 10 we can talk from 9.45 a.m. and meet everyone.

Vipassana Night 10:

Slept well my last night in the single cell roomed I now called home.

AND into the LAST day


Vipassana Day 10:

Today we spoke from 9:45 a.m.

My first words after all that silence were:

'Excuses Me', as I went between two guys to get a biscuit for my drink, followed by, 'Cool my first words were Excuse Me oh and Thank you'. They said 'How British of You' we laughed...

The next few hours was talk talk talk and compare.

I talked to three ladies, which felt very strange, as the energy was so different off them, compared to the men and I went around the ladies gardens, the Men's was like the WILD WEST ( lady said that to me ) and theirs so ZEN and tranquil with many more plants and flowers.

The flowers in the gardens attracted lots of Bees and on some days I had just sat and listened to the buzz of busy bees – bliss

Oh and the Gong sounds awesome, if you get close as they hit it, they do it for start and end of all sessions, it vibrates into your ear and through your brain – Bliss.

So we talked and talked and talked and I held back on my experience based on the persons own, as all others I spoke to, only admitted to having some sensation here and there, few all over and my nose disappearing got them all, so I never did tell my full body disappearance, may be I should have, though I didn't feel right, so it's here in the notes now.

I did talk to one chap about my nightmare and he got it and then another and he said that he knew lots of Mediums and felt I had that gift.

Talking about gifts I loved the story, we had many from the teacher about when someone comes at you with something you don't want, for example there opinion on your meditation.

He said tell them you cannot accept their gift, the gift of opinion, as you have your own. - COOL 


Get your self booked on the Vipassana Meditation course, you might wait a few months or be aligned to go next week, either way sign up and experience you own journey of the Path of Vipassana Meditation.

I have left out ALL the talks and video side on purpose so you see for yourself, I share only what I personally experienced, yours will I am sure be totally personal to you and worry not, nothing 'bad' will happen, it's all 'GREAT'.

I wish you Peace And Harmony


Much Love



p.s. There was a very cheeky little red robin that flew around asking for food and would come within 2 inches of you, one lady said it sat on her knee, I did bow to her and said was she Doctor DoLittle. ;-), the robin did keep us amused when we couldn’t interact with humans for 9 days......



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