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My Trip to Colombia and experience on Ayahuasca

Feb 27, 2023
My Trip to Colombia and experience on Ayahuasca


My mentors Guy and Ilan visited the ‘garden of Eden’ last year and whenever they talked about the experience something inside me got interested.

The garden is in Colombia, an up-and-down journey through beautiful lush mountain pass roads, not too far from Bogotá.

One day I was reading through my social feeds and Ilan had posted a comment that they were off to the garden again in March/April 2018 and if anyone wanted to come along to let him know.

Have you ever had that feeling that you had to do something, my heart raced and tried to jump out of my throat, it was obvious I needed to go, so I discussed it with Emma and replied Yes I was in.

Then the events started to happen, money to pay for the trip came along with ease, I booked my flights and the rest was left for SatoriPrime’s team to arrange.

I didn’t really have a clue what we were going to do there, the idea of the garden and the ceremonies had me very excited.

We had a few calls with Guy and Ilan to prepare for the trip and I had my travel shots, we were informed it was best to imagine we were going to meet God and prepare as if we were.

A diet was suggested and I followed it to the letter and even went Vegan for 2 months prior to the trip to Colombia, I lost a load of weight and felt amazing, [ side note since then I’ve experimented and dairy is something I’ve removed to great effect for the better, and I LOVE’d dairy ].

I started meditating for longer and got my mind into a great place before the trip.

When the day finally arrived for the flight to Colombia I was very excited, it was a long flight of 12 hours, and it was overnight. I was one of the first to arrive, I got to the hotel meet-up about 5 a.m. and then was joined a few hours later by one chap I’d met during our pre-trip online calls and then about midday the rest of the crew turned up, 2 ladies and 7 gents, and we headed off to the ‘Jungle’ as one, after first getting a supply of nuts.

The journey in the two taxis was about 2 hours, we stopped for a pit stop on the way, and also to get some candles for the ceremonies later. The roads were glistening with the wetness from the heavy rain that whooshes in and dumped its cloudburst between the moments of glorious sunshine, I felt sorry for the hoards of people on motorbikes, many with a passenger clinging to the back, they must have been soaked to the core.

After a long winding climb up and down the lush valleys we finally arrived, we parked up and shared out supplies to be carried down the hill into the ‘Jungle’

The entrance at the top of the hill did not give any idea of what we would see below, it was a dirt track off a road, the track went past a few ramshackle houses, surrounded by chickens, one of them a strange-looking thing with hardly any feathers and a look of having just been electrocuted!

So the group of us, with cases and backpacks and laptops, gingerly started down the slick, muddy track, luckily some of the track had rocks to slow the steep descent, it was a slippery and muddy entrance to the garden and at least one person slipped and felt the soft muddy track personally.

This was our awakening to the next week in the ‘Jungle and Garden of Eden’…

Entrance To Garden Of Eden

The Entrance to the garden was a wide gate with trees overhanging it from the sides, the path became solid just before it and continue into the garden, it was a patchwork of flat assorted rocks, ones I’d get to see closer later, another story…

We walked through the gate into the garden and the peace of it sank deep into my body and soul, you know when you walk out of the heat of the day into a cool and quiet space, it was clean silence apart from jungle noise and it had a feeling of utter peace, I could feel why this was the ‘Garden of Eden’, as coined by Guy and Ilan from a previous trip with Marci Lock.


Rocky Paths In the Garden Of Eden

We walked along the rocky path, cases wheels bouncing and clattering off them, around to a welcoming feeling & a tin-roofed hut, that had a kitchen at one end and open grated sides rather than windows, the single door to the room had a large latch and you put your hand through the grate to open from the inside, a few dogs arrived, having a childhood fear of dogs ( they chased me when I did a paper and leaflet delivery round ), my heart skipped a beat and then I felt how peaceful they were too and over the coming days they became friends.


Lunch was always colourful

We all sat inside at a long white wooden table, with white wooden chairs, and a few sat in the dark wood rocking chairs.

I found out how comfy they were in the coming week, and I can still see the scene now and smell the tobacco, that the shaman smoked as she sat rocking back and forth.

Bedrooms In Garden Of Eden

We had some water and sat and chatted and arranged which rooms people would sleep in, people were paired up and I had to admit that I was a snorer, so I was given a single room in the block opposite the hut, others were dotted around the garden.

To get to some bedrooms was a treacherous affair, along muddy paths dotted with stone steps, those often very slick from the constant rain, however, it’s amazing how the human body adapts and after a few days we were all like goats on the side of a mountain, sure-footed, apart from one of us who had some amazing shoes that seemed to have ice as the base of them! 

So we settled into our rooms and on the 1st of April 2018, we’d have our first ceremony.

The Welcome Drink!

Before we could partake of the ceremony we needed to clean our systems, so we were given a welcome present of a boiled root plant, it looked like a massive potato, as I type this my stomach is churning and I feel bile in my throat, this lovely drink, which I took ASAP to get it over with, once I’d heard what it would do! it actually tasted ok.

It was like a lumpy smoothie. I drank it and felt great for 15 minutes and then it hit, the cramps in my stomach, the bile in my throat, I walked around the garden and heard others vomiting the stuff up and I felt that familiar feeling growing in my stomach, and then ‘this must get the f**k out of me feeling’.

I walked up the path towards the entrance and just before the gate I felt this wave and I vomited hard, too hard, it hurt my shoulders, it came up and came up and came up and came up and I couldn’t breathe and I felt my head rush and I hugged my knees with my face as I vomited again and again and then it was done. Welcome to paradise! and this was just the start of the sound of others vomiting their stomachs up, many sounding like a bear having a very bad day… and this is Eden!!

Water never tasted so fine after that experience and today if any drink has a lumpy taste to it, oh my body reacts 

We slept well and awoke to the sound of the chickens and dogs, overnight I heard the wild packs barking off in the distance, I was glad we had our own friendly pack here to guard us.

After the welcome drink, I didn’t feel like eating and actually didn’t eat anything for the next few days, just the local cloudy water.

Friendly Dogs In Garden

1st April

So it’s April fool's day and we are going in for ceremony one.

I’d heard about other's experiences and read some bits and pieces from Marci Lock, however I on purpose did not explore into the experience too much, so if you want to be like that for your first experience of Colombia stop here and read on your return 

Ceremony one.

We dressed in white, I wore my yoga pants and a white long-sleeve shirt and it felt a bit like I was about to be baptised again.

We all walked with trepidation and excitement down, further into the ‘Jungle’ and as we approached the outer ring of the garden, it has a stone path that rings the start of it, we all hushed, as it felt like we were about to enter a very sacred place.

We crossed the very short wooden bridge into the garden and my body felt the energy, and the level of peace and tranquillity went up many times, this was a special place and it would be home for the week.

My soul was happy and my mind a little wary.

We walked around the garden, over a small stone bridge, with a small pool below it, the path circled clockwise to a hut, and to the right was a large pool of water on which sat a red-roofed hut, with a rope and wooden slat bridge, one of which broke on the last day and almost broke Guys knee.

The garden was full of trees, and bamboos and the pool had some fish, as you saw them leap now and then. One tree sat proudly and red-topped above the garden.

This was truly the garden of Eden.

We entered the cool circular hut by the double wooden doors, the inside a dirt floor, with two circles of brick in the centre of the floor and a fireplace to the left, on the right corner at what would be 2-O’clock on a circle, was an add-on to the circle, within which sat a day bed and a bench.

We were allocated our positions around the circumference of the room, we each had a mat with a blanket on it and a spare blanket, all in dark blue.

I was allocated a place directly opposite the entrance doors, one place from the alcove and two from the fireplace, when I stood at the foot of my mat and faced the brick circle towards the entrance doors, I looked up and hanging in the tall ceiling, that finished at a point, centrally to the hut and aligned with the floors brick circles, I saw a massive tapestry of the Elephant God Ganesha. Something about her eyes caught my attention and Ilan noted that I’d not have to wait long until she danced for me!

The shaman sat in the alcove, the two of them, looking very spiritual and otherworldly. They emanated power and peace and over the next week, I learned how powerful they are.

We all stood in a circle around the brick circle and Ilan and Guy said a few words we then each lit a candle and placed it on the brick circle in front of us and noted our intentions for the ceremony.

When we had all lit and placed our candles and spoken our intentions, the room was lit by the flicker of candles, the windows let some light in, however, it was dull and cool in the room and the smoke from the candles made for a very atmospheric moment.

And then we all sat on our mats and prepared ourselves, many of us for our first cup of yagé [ ayahuasca ], a local brew from Colombia, created by the Shaman and their uncle from the surrounding jungle.

In turn, anticlockwise around the circle of white-clad individuals, we each walked up to the alcove and the Shaman with the cup of yagé.

I was both scared and excited and concerned about my first cup, being a non-drug taker, even don’t like taking headache tablets, this felt a little risky and yet I knew it would be fine, as it's a plant medicine rather than a drug.

I watched Ilan and Guy take their cup and saw the pro’s method, so by the time it was my turn I knew where to stand, how to bow my head, how to drink in one slow [ ohhhh I just got a solid memory then that had me shiver at the thought! ] action, the warm dark liquid [ and I just had another solid memory of its taste and warmth ].

It felt a little like taking the bread and wine at Church yet with the naughtiness of a large whiskey!

I looked the shaman in the eye, such deep knowledge held within them, and drank my first cup of the sacred yagé.

I was a little disappointed at first, yes it taste strange to me, smelt a little of herbs, almost like my fruity teas, though thicker and darker, almost like a fruit wine you have at Christmas, the disappointment was it didn’t have the whiskey kick I thought it would, nor the sudden warmth a whiskey gives the stomach and head.

I felt the liquid flow down my throat and coat it and I’m glad that Ilan and Guy had some mints to hand for us all, it took the sticky fruity tar taste await and stopped the almost primal gage reaction.

I sat down on my mat and waited and waited, nothing, it’s not working for me!

Others laid down, others went in the garden, others started humming, others looked ill, others ran to the door and I heard a wild animal howling, then realised they were vomiting up the day's food in many and I mean many stomach-wrenching vomits !! it was a horrible and pleasant noise to listen to, I thought great I’ve got that to look forward to!!

I eventually thought I’d get some air and go look at the tall tree with its red top, I did that, and the way a head full of alcohol can feel just fine inside, then when fresh air hits you get a massive reaction, my ‘cup full’ did that too and the world went from crisp and clear to rather, let's say ‘fluffy!‘.

I walked up the slope to the red top tree and felt I needed to be a tree hugger, and I communed with that tree for a fair while, it spoke to my soul like nothing ever did before, it’s solid deep roots held into mother earth, it’s slow growth, it’s gentle drinking of moisture from deep below, it’s graceful arms moving in the breeze, it’s crown of red leaf high above, it communed with me and I was now a tree hugger and loved it 

I then rather wobbly on foot ‘walked’ around the whole garden, passing people looking in bliss and others in agony, others with blissful smiles, some humming to themselves, others hugging bamboo!

As I walked past a tree something at its base caught my attention and I tugged on a thread, and out came a thin weaved length of ‘who knows what’, I felt compelled to show someone, I found Ryan and asked him to put on my wrist, I couldn’t coordinate well enough to!, he tried and couldn’t tie it either and noted maybe it was not for me, so I tied it on his wrist and he wore it well for the next week  I did at one point borrow it back and look at it in fine detail for a while and then return it to his wrist, it held some deep fascination for me, it looked like mother nature herself had weaved it for us.

After my light exercise and tree hug I felt like a rest, so went back to the hut and my mat, I notice the candles burning down and it seemed a truth that the ones burnt closer to the ground were those nearing the end of the ‘trip’, mine was still rather tall and burning slowly!

I sat on the head of my mat, close to the candles, cross-legged and looked up at the Elephant God, my eyes started to wobble really really fast and it tickled, as I watched I felt the need to sit up really straight, cross my legs really tight and I felt a feeling of utter fun and peace, and before my eyes the Elephant God started to move and sway and move and sway, I watched the eyes ( ‘her’ eyes it felt ) and ‘she’ started to dance for me!! I sat there in utter awe as the image (lady) danced for me, it was a beautiful experience that makes my whole body sing with joy!

I then laid down and started to feel that sick feeling, it was welcome cup all over again, I went outside to be royally ill, I found a rock, that had some metal grate in the middle, I moved the grate, and some rocks and some plastic nearby got my attention and I moved it out fo the way, I felt like some mighty spewing was about to happen, I ground my feet deep into the earth, I arched my back as the massive wave came up and I felt like I was about to vomit a whole elephant from deep inside me.

Then I asked “do I need to do this vomiting bit!? It feels horrible“.

A shaman came up and placed a cool hand on the middle of my bent over back and showed me a pink lidded receptacle and said this is for you after you finish, I thanked her and waited and waited, the elephant had gotten stuck in my throat and wouldn’t come out….

After a while the shaman said I wasn’t ready and to go rest, so I returned to my mat, on the way in I saw the other shaman giving out the 2nd cup and she saw me and asked if I was ready for another, another my mind screamed! and my mouth said yes! so I drank my second cup and laid on my mat and slept.

When I awoke I needed to dance, so I did, I dance around the circle in the middle of the hut, the candles were now just blobs of wax.

As I danced I felt so FREE, no worries, no concerns, no inhibitions, and I knew it all!

And I Just Knew time didn’t exist, it was plainly and simply obvious that it was a construct and did not exist, all that happens, happens now, in this moment, all of it!

I wrote in the dirt floor formulas that came to mind, I saw writings that looked like those you see on the pyramid tombs floating around me and they made sense!

Then Ryan came into the hut and I felt the total urge to ground him, he was barefooted and I had him stand, firm and solid while I grounded his feet deep into the earth, I sorted out a toe that was ‘wrong’, I could feel his human strength and I merged it with the flow and opulent strength of the mother earth, he was kind enough to stand for an age when I needed his strength, I grabbed his calf and then buried my face into the dirt floor, I lost all time, space and mind comprehension for a few hours. I’m told, I wept, I lost myself deep into the earth somewhere.

During that time I had a vision, I’m told and remember some of it, that I dug, I started to dig and dig and clear a patch in the hut, I WANTED I NEEDED the whole hut to be empty of the mat-based ( plastic it seemed ) and for the mats to not be in the brick circle, I needed that so a portal to the other world could be created, it couldn’t happen as the mats interfered with it as they were not natural.

At one point I bite over and over my plastic mac, with the idea to remove the cap on my tooth that was not natural, a fellow traveler in the hut said I didn’t need to do that and he made sense so I stopped!

When digging I was uncovering the MASSIVE image of my EGO, it was like a massive Gorilla, the whole room, under the mats and the dirt hid my EGO, he was there as always under the surface mocking me and today I was going to take him on, I was not strong enough I knew, yet today was the day, today I finally stood my ground and answered him with the true me, I’d had enough of him mocking and shaming me with his little whispers and reminders of my failures, of never being on my side, today I was going to face him down and I did not care if I died trying – today was the day I looked him in the eye, he was MASSIVE and hiding and somehow in his massiveness, I knew that was a show…. I dug, I scrapped, I removed the plastic from my body, the contact lenses went, the plastic band, the bracelet that felt like it drained me, I remove them all.

The shaman said to remove my pants ( that’s long trousers to you UK types ), and my shirt, and during the “need to take on my EGO” episode, she had me sit on a small wooden stool, that I loved inspecting and she beat me, yes she beat me with a plant with sharp barbs and blew water in my face and I loved it, my mind was on fire, my EGO hiding…

I learned at that moment that no matter how big and MASSIVE my Ego seems I have minion over him when I chose to, I learned in that brain fire that I am who I am, I am not my Father, nor my Mother, nor my family, nor my friends, nor my beloved Mentors, I am me, I am who I am because I am who I am, I am and I am…..

I found myself in the dirt of that hut [ my eyes are wet and my mind in love with this knowledge, it was clear then and three months on I have a deeper remembering of the days in the Jungle and letting it sit and absorb into my body and soul, this knowledge – I know who I am, I am who I am ] – it is so beautiful…….

I never did face my massive EGO down, I saw him hiding now and then, a Gorilla, less massive than I saw before, I SEE now and did before, as reminded by my mentors, FEAR is a clever thing, it has you imagine it is a MASSIVE thing, when in fact is actually rather small with a clever technique to fool you, I love to say that Fear is imagined as a Tyrannosaurus Rex and in reality, is a cuddly little penguin when you TURN and FACE it in the eye.

So turning and facing your Fears today would be my greatest advice.

That first cup was a ‘rush’, it was a beautiful moment, I feel that all my prep with Guy and Ilan, my 10-day masterclass, my mindfulness, my meditation, the 1:1 year with Guy and Ilan, Landmark courses, the diet, the veganism for two months, the years at church as a child and young adult, the fears, the father and mother influences, my Bro and Sis, my family, my Wife, and the great, and good and less so had chiseled me for this moment. I had a f**king awesome first cup experience and will be grateful always for it.

Sage words of advice I hear ring in my ears, from Guy, ‘Don’t chase the experience”, I neither did in my next 4 ceremonies and neither must you in yours… You will receive from Mother Nature what you need and when you need it, be open to anything and Enjoy the ride 


During my 2 hours in the dust, I had a vision!

That vision was full on, I saw Mother Earth show me the destructive nature and power of the human, she showed me the bombs, the waters, the hunger, the thirst the disease, the sick minds, the sick bodies, she showed me and she screamed at humankind for slowly and without a care, destroying her beauty.

She showed me the beginning and the end of humankind and Universal time, the end of time happened for me in that dirt, I saw us destroy ourselves and the Universe call time on the Universe, it was ended for good, a reset was pressed and we were gone, to be no more….  It was an extremely powerful vision and struck deep to my core and yet she whispered ‘do not share until I say so.’

I was shown this and I could be part of this if I wanted, I could be the end the world or I could help save it, I didn’t see that it could be saved until I saw all the pain and angst of ending it, of seeing all I loved gone forever, it was a harrowing experience that shook my soul to the root, I offered to die then, to stop it happening and I was able to do that if I desired, just be gone, BUT I couldn’t leave all I loved and knew and mother earth to humans destruction.

So I picked the other route, to be here today, awake, awoken, to be myself fully, to wake up the BILLIONS to their true self, not the primal body and its base mind, to wake us all up to who we are, we are Whole Complete & Perfect Souls, experiencing life in human form, at least this time around.

We have a chance to wake up everyone to that fact and instill a love for this amazing planet, we have a chance for that world peace, that world food, water, housing, care, we have a chance to save Earth from destruction, we have a chance to wake everyone up to who they really are, we have this chance to be amazing.

So I chose to wake up the Billions, I’m not sure how yet, I know it’s my destiny to do that one by one, and that they wake up one by one another and shortly we will all know who we really are……


So if you get a chance to visit the Garden Of Eden and find your truth I suggest you do it NOW, as there is no Time, Now is Now…

Much love



p.s. I didn’t get to tell you about the naked wash in the river with our own pee!, or the book readings, the food, the laughs, the crying, the shaman removing pains from many of us, the RAIN!!, the trip back to reality and so much more…. for another day …..

p.p.s. Below and Above this ‘Share’ is Me, looking VERY peaceful after it all… a journey it was, like a lifetime in a week  – do go and experience it for yourself…

Much Love

Kev xx



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