Peruvian trip stories - The Waterfall washed away the rod and need to go back….

pachamama peru waterfall Apr 21, 2022

The Waterfall washed away the rod and need to go back….

In March 2022 I visited, along with 19 others, Peru and the Sacred Valley and walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - I am sharing the experience in a combination of blog entries and social media posts.

We all piled into the minibus and sat next to our now trip besties and the driver set off on an hours journey, the bumpy trip down from the retreat went past the tall corn 🌽 in the fields, and we drove carefully through the little red dirt coloured housed village, and over the dark brown river, unfortunately, polluted beyond fish survival, though a big cleanup is underway.

We drove along the speed bumped road, through villages selling Guinea pigs (a local delicacy) and dodging and hooting at the dogs that wander the streets and roads like the cats do in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

We drove through lush countryside, with cows and bulls and horses, short rope tethered by the roadside, up and down hills, with deep drops off the side of the road.

After an hour we pulled off the main road and stopped by a small open-sided hut selling drinks and corn 🌽, those not needing a pee got off and the rest stayed for the short trip up the hill to the loo.

After all, were refreshed we started the hike up and up and up we climbed, the steep mountainside, stopping to ‘ooh’ and ‘agh’ and get a picture of and with a few small & beautiful, if rather timid and wary, horses under saddle. 

We climbed some more and eventually stopped just after crossing a fast flow stream and as we got our breath back we saw a large Hummingbird zip around us, a sign from the mountain Gods. 

Rested we then continued our walk up and up and up, until we started to hear the thunder of water 💦 

As we looked up we saw the spray from the waterfall as it fell off the cliff above, we were at 3000m up and the waterfall was a good 50m high.

We climbed close and got lots of pictures and felt the spray on our faces.

I stood looking at the water and feeling its cleansing power and had an overwhelming urge to stand under it, so I took off my pack and coat and left them on the grass. 

I clambered down the shale rock to the base of the falls and took my T-shirt off and submerged myself under the immense flow of water 💦 

It was cold and powerful and took my breath away; I stood firm, put my head back and arms out wide, and stood absorbing its might, and feeling it wash through me, I had a brief ‘oh shit phones in my pocket!’ Moment and let it pass, it would survive, and I stood a moment longer and I felt a massive shift in my being, I felt the rod of servitude slide down my spine and into the water flow; I felt the need to work for a master wash away, I felt the need to have a ‘secure’ income and monthly paycheck dissolve into the water and wash away ..

I stumbled out of the waterfall to hoots and whistles from the fellow hikers and stood feeling cleansed and wild 🤩🧡

The ladies then followed and did the same and washed away what they needed.

A few more pictures and some drying off and we headed back down the mountain to our awaiting van, the sun shone strongly and dried us all off as we hiked back.

A beautiful day in the Peruvian mountains and a delicious cleansing by her mighty waters 🙏🤩🧡 thank you Pachamama 🥰😘xx

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