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Richard Clarke, a life coach extraordinaire dedicated to helping those aged 40 and beyond discover their purpose and passion in life.

richard clarke Mar 07, 2024

Hello, wonderful listeners! Welcome back to another enlightening episode of the EnglishMystic Podcast. Today, we're delving into the realms of self-love, confidence, and purpose with a truly exceptional guest. Joining us is the incredible Richard Clarke, a life coach extraordinaire dedicated to helping those aged 40 and beyond discover their purpose and passion in life.

🌍 Introduction and Background: Kev: Richard, great to have you on the show! First things first, where are you based?

🔥 Passion and Purpose: Kev: Richard, your focus on helping the 40-plus demographic find purpose is fascinating. What inspired you to dedicate your coaching to this specific age group?

❄️ Challenges and Triumphs: Kev: We've seen your social posts about sea swimming and ice baths. How do you think facing challenges like these correlates with personal development and finding one's purpose?

🍏 Life Coaching Impact on Diet and Fitness: Kev: You've highlighted how life coaching can impact diet and fitness. Share some insights into how addressing mental aspects can influence physical well-being.

🚀 Finding Passion in 1 Minute: Kev: I love your quick passion-finding exercise! How does this process work, and could you share a success story from someone who tried it?

😨 Facing Fear and Stepping Outside Comfort Zones: Kev: Fear is a common hurdle. How do you guide individuals in facing their fears and stepping outside their comfort zones, and what role does faith play in this process?

🌈 Individuality in Coaching: Kev: Your refusal to conform, even with your hairstyle, is admirable. How does embracing individuality tie into finding one's purpose, and how do you guide clients in staying true to themselves?

🛤️ Pathway to Purpose: Kev: Tell us more about your coaching program, "Pathway to Purpose," and how it helps individuals seeking clarity and confidence on their life journey.

🎉 New Year's Resolutions Pitfall: Kev: We're a third into 2024, and you've touched on the resolution cycle. How can individuals break free from this common cycle?

📚 'The 3 Reasons Your Life Feels Unfulfilled' Guide: Kev: Your guide sounds intriguing. Can you share key insights from 'The 3 Reasons Your Life Feels Unfulfilled' and where our listeners can find it? Find it by clicking here

🌐 Connect with Richard: Kev: Finally, where can our listeners connect with you on social media and learn more about your offerings? And, Richard, is there anything else you'd love to share with our fantastic audience?"

Remember, you can connect with Richard on Facebook at Richie.LifeCoach and on Instagram at richardclarkecoaching. Stay tuned for an enriching conversation on the EnglishMystic Podcast!


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