Shamanic Healing Testimonial

healing Aug 04, 2022
Young Kevin with a pair of cloth wings, the EnglishMystic and Dragons in the sky

I asked for people to assist me in August, by offering an hour of their time, so I could provide free Shamanic Healing, as I'm studying for a Shamanic Diploma so that I can officially provide Shamanic healing in the U.K. and be registered on a Government approved register.

Michael Bright from U.S.A - California got up Early for his healing session and was very kind enough to use his artists skills to create the image you see here and he said:


'Awesome healing experience with EnglishMystic Kevin Humphrey

So highly recommend this strong, yet gentle and loving healer.
The EnglishMystic provides a very soothing and relaxing, yet energetic experience. And the English accent really enhances the mystical experience.
It felt like I was sitting on the throne of Isis during the ritual, with my Goddess Isis just behind me, fanning me gently with her wings, opening my chest to breathe more fully. She was supported by a powerful, yet loving dragon, who stood just behind Her. As Isis danced around me in spirit, cleansing my aging body with Her sacred blood, my heart quit firing erratically and silenced the disturbing arrhryhmias that have been robbing me of my vitality for so long. The old heart began waltzing in harmony with my refreshed lungs, the way the Great Mother designed lifetimes ago.
Kevin is a Master Chakra cleanser. You can feel your chakras spinning freely as he moves around you with the healing energy that flows through his spirit. You know you are sitting with a true Master as the many lifetimes of mystical experience flow effortlessly through this Goddess man. He uses his Shamanic tools, the drum, feather, rattle, singing bowl, etc., like a true artist, painting healing images in your spirit.
If you need a healing primer in your life to reconnect you to a secret part of yourself that has been missing since you were thrown out of Eden long ago, connect with the English/Mystic Kevin Humphrey. He can lead your spirit Home.
Image: EnglishMystic Kevin Humphrey as a youth exploring his mystical talents. He often saw dragons soaring in the sky and wanted to join them."
You can book your healing session in September at 1/3 the standard price, click here to register.
And do check out my last Masterclass offering:


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Remember who you truly are.

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I am here to hold the sacred space for the inner journeys, and questions that need to be asked, and celebrate all the small wins on the way.

Remember You’re Magic;

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Or message me your questions.

See you soon

Much Love 




*Masterclass can be taken at your own speed ; 8 weeks is the recommended duration 


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