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caryn o'malley Jun 03, 2024


Caryn O'Malley, The Dragon Doula, is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur, political activist, internationally known author/speaker & newly single mother of 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Caryn knows that working with dragons attunes you to the true energetic frequency of your Soul Mission, allowing you to activate your heartwomb chakra so you can BE you were born to be. 


Caryn O’Malley 


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Chat Transcript:

EnglishMystic - Kev: So welcome everyone to Dragon Thunder talks! Here we are in June already. I can't believe we're in June already. I think everyone's saying that, though, aren't they? Where's the year gone? Times going super, super fast? In fact, we've got 3 speakers today, aren't we lucky? So make sure you've got something to drink, and if you need to have a break, then disappear, that's fine, we won't take it personally. 


EnglishMystic - Kev: And so our 1st speaker, she calls herself the Dragon Doula, which I think is a lovely title, and she's a multidimensional entrepreneur and political activist. I remember the last time you were standing by the state building. It was beautiful, internationally known author and speaker. So we're lucky to have her. And she's been working with dragons for a while now. So I'm interested to hear what she wants to share. And if people have got questions on the way, please, please ask. Let's make this very interactive. Carol wants to make it interactive. So she's not talking at you. So welcome. How are you?


I'm doing well. I'm so excited. I know it's been so long. I can't believe the Dragon Thunder Summit was almost a year ago. We're coming up on Number 2, which I'm so excited about. I'll be there again, which is great. I love that I got invited back. And yeah, I was at the State Capitol last time, cause dragons and I have a whole different relationship than I feel like. A lot of people have relationships with dragons. 


Hi! All I'm Caryn O'Malley, and I'm here in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. And the Dragon Dula is because I help humans become dragons like birth, your dragon. Not just play with them, not just dance with them, not just keep them this external entity, but actually embody the fires of the dragon, so the ferocious grace, impeccable standards, radical trust, exemplary integrity, and supreme protection that dragons give us. So I did. I told Kevin I'm not really a prepare before I show up person so definitely make sure that you're interacting. If you have questions things like that. And I mostly just channel and see what comes up. If y'all are okay. With that help.

EnglishMystic - Kev: That's perfect.

Fantastic. Kevin, do you have anything, maybe, to start us rolling?

EnglishMystic - Kev: Yeah, yeah, I always like to ask people how did they 1st meet dragons? When did they come in? Give us that beautiful story of how you 1st met dragons, and so people can hear that that's always a good place to start.

Fantastic. So I 1st met dragons in utero because my mom is a dragon in Chinese astrology, and I am also a dragon in Chinese astrology. So the daughter of the mother dragon when I was a baby, I still have it. This beautiful picture that my mom's friend, who is an artist did a mom dragon, and like a baby dragon with like balloons, I do. It hung above my crib. And my parents were always really into medieval King Arthur. We went to so many Renaissance fairs. I just went to a Renaissance fair last week, like I'm still so into medieval stories, and I was never taught that King Arthur was a myth. I was taught that it was real, so a lot of things that were mythology to other people. I was taught it was history. So dragons are just a part of all of human history, and they just were always around, literally, always, for as long as I can remember. My kids' Dad, we were married for 15 years. He has this giant dragon on his back a tattoo that he got. His whole family was always into dragons anytime anyone like was like. If you could be a mythical creature I'd be with dragon if you could be any creature dragging for forever. They've just always been around. And when they really came in as a part of my work was back in 2019 when I started. I guess I was channeling in what lots of people call light language, but mine had so much parcel tongue sort of vibes to it that I called it dragon tongue instead, because I was like, yeah, it's kind of. But there's so much like breathiness. And you know, if you've seen Harry Potter, we know what parcel tong is, and it felt so big, and what I loved about it was that it was so big. But then it was also like pocket size for my convenience. If y'all have seen move on right, Eddie Murphy, he's like a pocket size for your convenience, and that's the the dichotomy. The paradox that I love about dragons is that it's always so big. But also you, you get to decide. Are you dealing with the macro? Are you dealing with the micro so literally? My whole life, I guess, is really the answer. But I could tell you so many different stories of how dragons impacted me, but from the second I was conceived. Dragons were around.

EnglishMystic - Kev: I love that that's great. And so you say they're there all the time. How did you 1st sort of start working with them?

Yeah. So I do work with them, but as much, much more is like equals, I guess, is the best way to put that in again. I don't like hierarchies. I'm never. I've studied so many pantheons of so many different deities, and at some point I came across. I don't even know what teachings? I guess the teachings of Paul Selig really helped the Channel links from Paul Selig to like recognize that who I am is a fractal of divinity. So I am divinity. Incard. You all are divinity incarnate, like we are just fractals of the divine, physically manifested in form here to be our unique sales just to like, just be you doing a whole challenge for this exact purpose? Actually, just be you so, Caryn, as dragon. I just happen to be in a physical body right now, like a physical human body. But when I go into meditations a lot of the times I see my neck get really big. And I get this these big wings, and I can feel the claws. And when I started really working with them in 20, I guess it was 2019 I went skydiving. And I got the dragon's eye view while skydiving and literally just had this thought of. Like all these poor little people on the ground will never see this right, like less than 2% of adults ever go skydiving. So just looking at this ground be like, Oh, my God! This dragon's eye view! How can I be of like this big all of the time? How can I serve and help so many people at once, cause I was able to actually see like this whole valley and all of these people and all of these I don't wanna say like little humans. But that was what was going on in my head is like all these little humans. They don't even know what it's what they're capable. If they would just open their wings and soar. And so I started working a lot with Diane Cooper's Dragon Oracle Deck. That was a huge one for me. I'd actually bought it as a gift for my kids, Dad and he never touched it. And then I started using it constantly. And then I started doing these bespoke dragon invocations which were again it. It was like activating people into their dragon selves. This is where the dragon idea came was that I wasn't helping them do anything more than like, take the egg off of their face like the shell. Like everyone, just walking around like half a dragon, with like a shell on their head, not recognizing that they're like really a dragon and bringing them into their unique frequency, using the dragon tongue activations that I was doing and helping them connect to different parts of themselves. And what what planetary system are they from? And I was taking all of them knowledge that I have again. I've been studying astrology my whole life. I've been studying astronomy my whole life. I had a very weird, witchy, pagan mom, and a very logical like Star Trek, nerd Dad, and I'm an only child. So like the combination of that. And then also having exchange students from all over the world while I was growing up every single year, we hosted over 14 exchange students. So I was constantly having the world brought to me, and all these stories brought to me. So when people call me a note, I'll bitch. I actually take it as a compliment, cause I actually do know a whole lot. And I'm okay with that. And it was that bigness that the dragons gave me or their imagery gave me that. Help me to start recognizing. Okay, where am I? Where do I have claws right? Where do I have sharp teeth? Where am I breathing fire? Maybe at places that I don't even really want to be breathing fire at. I was real good at burning bridges back in the day before I'd really grounded into this energy. You know. Where can I fly? Where can I dive deep into the depths of the ocean? Where can I be? Okay in the frozen tundra's? Because dragons have the capacity to be in all these extreme situations, and then they also have their treasures and their hordes and their safe spots, and really, dragons just be being dragons until some night comes along and tries to kill them like they're not really doing anything wrong unless the humans piss them off right. And that was the whole concept for me was that it wasn't again that there was an external yes, they're external. Yes, I can talk to the Emerald Dragon. 

yes, they're external. Yes, I can talk to the Emerald Dragon. Yes, I could commune with, but it's the same way I could commune with locksmith right? It's the same way I could commune with Horace. It was. It's all these different aspects of the same divinity.

But how am I actually embodying that? And how am I, as Caryn being a dragon and being able to use my clause when I need to like when I'm at the Capitol, and I'm lobbying for positive legislation. Yeah, those those senators get a real real fiery side of me right? But then there's those in my inner circle that know that I will protect them at all cost, and that I will come to them if there's something going on a communication thing, and I I might seem ferocious. but it's because I'm so caring and so graceful and so loving. There's all these paradoxes that you can play with when you think about dragons, and then how you yourself embody that and show up in your daily life, knowing that at any time you could. Yeah, Astro project and go fly around the world if you wanted to. We all have that capacity. It's not.

It's not special, I guess, is what I'm saying like, it's not that like dragons need to be put on some pedestal. It's that you need to open your fucking wings. Excuse my language, and fly to their late to their level, and like go actually hang out with them and stop being like, Oh, I got this download from the Black Diamond Dragon, and she's just so big and so much better. No, she's your equal because you are her. She's just a reflection of you.

Make sense.

you liking that.

EnglishMystic - Kev: Makes sense. I'm liking it.

How do I see dragon riders?

I mean, my boyfriend's a dragon writer on a regular basis.

What y'all are saying? But that's always my response to that question.

EnglishMystic - Kev: It's.

It's that like, okay, you want to be the rider right now. Great! You can be the rider. You can be a human on the back of a dragon. You know how each, how I train, how to train your dragon that whole thing love it. but you can also be the dragon. It's just again, what role are you playing in?

I know that you there's been the whole idea of

oh, what are they called?

It's very specific word WYI cannot remember it, but the dragon writers right the ones that were supposed to tame the dragons, and that that can be lots of people use that in like twin flame ideas or partnerships that like there's the dragon, and then the the one that has to tame the dragon, or ride the dragon, or whatever, but that's for me. It's never really landed. I had my my children's dad, and I also often gotten to this pro argument that he was trying to keep the dragon safe and protected. And I'm like, but I'm a dragon. How the hell are you supposed to protect me? That's ridiculous like. No, I need to be out of this cage. So dragon writers, I think if you can really connect to a partnership

right then you can allow someone again, someone to ride you on a pretty regular basis and be okay to submitting to that. But it has to be a willing submission. Instead of this idea of, I captured a dragon, I trained a dragon. I force this dragon to commit to submit to me by doing all these different things. And now I get to ride the dragon. It's much more like like a wild musting situation where the mustang has to gain your trust, and the mustang has to like actually allow you into their energy before they can, they can be trained. It's not. You can't subm. You can't force a wild musting into submission, they will literally die.

They would. They would rather die than be your bitch. So when you come to the idea of a dragon rider, why do you want to ride a dragon? Is what my question is like, why do you want to be that? Or why would anyone want to ride a dragon. and I always come down like I'd much rather be a dragon than ride a dragon, because if I pissed off the dragon she could just like buck me off, and then I'm free, falling in the middle of nowhere, and I'm dead. So I would rather be the dragon than just be riding the dragon. That's my personal opinion on now.

EnglishMystic - Kev: I love it.

EnglishMystic - Kev: Anyone got a question you want to ask?

EnglishMystic - Kev: Keep this rolling.


Don't be afraid, and I'll bite

well sometimes I do, but not hard.


CM: I have a question. Yeah. I'm loving all of this. See you now, I've deeply integrated with my hand. Dragon. Diana Cooper's deck is amazing. and it I came up to like contracts that I'd made as a dragon that were sole contracts. That doesn't follow me through lifetimes and I'm not really sure where this question is going, but I know I have a question for you. So I had a relationship with another man who was a dragon. We're both very much in our dragon forms, and we had a contract of divine union for lifetimes and causes a lot of team. because not understanding but that connection was a hop. And now I've cleared that contract. But I still feel that connection and I guess I'm curious if you've ever heard of anything similar.


Caryn: Oh, honey, I've been through everything so much. Oh, sweetness! We do this to ourselves so much. And what I find about this whole thing I mean, really, what you just described was a twin flame, right like. or a soul mate. We all have different terms for it. We've all heard it before.


But the sole contracts what I find really amazing about being alive right now in 2024, or really, if you started waking up around like 2012. There was another big wave around 2016, 2018, 2020. It's like every 4 or so years, this, there's this huge like wave of consciousness where more and more people reach that tipping point. And they're like, Oh, all my crazy delulu, which friends are actually not as delulu as we thought they were. And what I love about that is that we're choosing to rewrite the rules right?

So you can end your contracts, and you can clear your contracts or what I've done. I've taken several clients through this process where we go and we burn them. We literally go down into the depths of the depths of whatever it is. That's 1 thing, my life purpose. Jean Key is 29, the faithful devotee for anyone who likes Jean Keys. and that means that I am the the depths of the deep like. I go down there willingly. Let's go strap it on and find the shadows, and find the darkness, and go as deep as we have to into our past incarnations, our intergalactic incarnations, wherever it was that we originally did that.

But instead of just signing it and clearing it.

Burn the motherfucker like, be done so that you don't ever have to deal with them anymore, because it's not serving us at this juncture when we have such a high concentration of beings shifting into that higher consciousness. A lot of those contracts were because we were free floating. We're in these dark ages, and we need that one person who sees our light right. We needed them during the witch burnings to keep us safe, or whatever it was like. We needed them back then, when most of the globe was still not awakening. But now that we know that the point of all of this is to ascend Gaia. We're helping her ascension, the soul, the soul of our planet, the dragon of this planet, help her shift into higher dimensional spaces, help all the beings on her also shift into those dimensional spaces. We don't need as many of these soul contracts that we used to. And yeah, we thought, let's sign up for all time and all eternity in the 3rd dimension. But we're shifting into the 5th dimension. So we don't need 3rd dimensional contracts anymore.

So with the couple of experiences I've had again, my kids' dad, we've known each other since we were 12, and that contract has to be rewritten on a pretty regular basis because of all of the different ways that we've incarnated together. I had a very intense twin flame situation during the pandemic that changed everything, and I had to go in and burn it. I had another really intense contract with a man during my divorce. That was again all of these different kind of breadcrumbs. But what I realized is that all these men in past lives have been my keeper, going back to the Dragon Rider thing right. I've willingly given them some of my power because at the time it wasn't safe for me to be in my full expression. But here we are in 2024, and I'm a grown-ass woman. I don't need no man is sort of the vibe that we all get to have now, and we get to incarnate in that without needing those contracts. Like my current partner, my boyfriend. He and I don't have one of those. It's really awesome, like, we've known each other in past lives. Our charts are really similar, but there's no contract. It's like, okay, well, we're ascending. You wanna undo the ascension with me. That sounds like a kind of cool party. You wanna do that right now? There's not this, like, where is it gonna go? All of these other things, which is what we talk about when it comes to being present right and being here and knowing that it's only this present moment. Past life contracts, past lives. They're all occurring actually, simultaneously. So can you allow yourself to get that big and go into your Akashic records and go into those planes and decide. I don't need a keeper anymore, and I don't need to keep anyone else. I get to be fully and completely sovereign. And if people want to join me for this chunk of the journey great, but we're not contracted. We're not bound, we're not tied together in any sort of way. Does that help your question, Chantel?


CM: Wow, yeah, I'm yeah. That was amazing. Thank you. You said. Followed a lot of that, and it just a little bit more that I was missing. and feels so freeing. Yeah, it is. That's what it is. And really. Deliberation. I'm in a relationship without a contract, just like a breath of fresh air. Fantastic. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you.


Caryn: You're welcome. Let me see. I'm gonna scroll back up. I saw some questions pop up! Hold on one second. Oh, someone's on orb. I love that, orbs. There have been twin flame cutting cords. Funny thing is, I'm not able to be friends yet. My twin flame happened in the lockdown. Lots of us had to do it during the lockdown. It's real interesting. Someone's asking about new to dragon energy. Where do dragons originate from where they yeah. Source? I'm gonna go real Sophia codes on y'all for a second. How many of you know the Sophia codes? Anybody know the Sophia codes? Cause it's a real good one. I had a really beautiful moment right before lockdown happened in 2020, where I got to go to Kaya's event in LA. And the message that I got during that was that Kaya was terrified of the dragons, and that she was gonna stick around ascended masters pretty much, and we've seen that actually, if you've continued to follow her, she continues to speak a lot about ascended masters, but in that book she talks about how Sophia, which is the divine feminine aspect of divinity or Christ consciousness, that everything comes from dragons, that there are 2 Mother Sophia Dragons, and that everything is birthed from the heart womb. So my business is actually called heart womb leadership. For this reason that we are all leading from the from source. You are either a part of the all, and by the all, I mean, you wouldn't have any concept of all these different little screens. You wouldn't. There's no concept of I or you when you're with the all, it's just the all. And then once you choose to fractal 8 to become whatever in all of your different lifetimes and all of you, you have to pass through the heart womb of the Sophia mother dragons. And then here on planet Earth you would have passed through the heart womb also of Sophia Gaia, the dragon whose energy encompasses the planet. So the answer to where does dragon energy come from? It is energy like it is source energy. It is the Kundalini double helix, like. It's the oldest of the magics. It's the oldest of all magic, anyone who says other magic, I promise you it still came from dragons to begin with. Because and I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why. Who here is a word nerd?


Let me know if you guys are word nerds, cause I am a word nerd. I love etymology more than anything in the whole world.

So, without looking it up, does anyone know the etymology of the word dragon?


No, okay. So the word dragon broken down. So we're dragon, large serpent. Okay, we can agree. It's a large serpent.

There's no specifics to wings or anything. It literally is just large serpent.

Now, the word large can't break down any further in any sort of etymology at all like it just is large, just is large, small, right? It just is so. The word serpent, then, can be broken down into clear light.

And the word clear again cannot be broken down any further, because it it is like it is clear, or it's not clear and light also can't be broken down any further.

So the word dragon is actually one of the simplest words etymologically, because it's only got the 2 layers, and it translates to a large, clear light.

That's what I mean by its source, energy. It is the beginning of everything, because a dragon is a large, clear light. You shine as bright as you can to hopefully. Other people see you. And hopefully, that light is bright enough that they can come. And just you know, I.

I taught about often that people come and plug into me. and that I'm like a giant power source. and that they're filling their batteries because I can't run out. I'm plugged directly into source. I'm tuned in. I'm tapped and I'm turned on so vibrantly that I attract people, and sometimes I'm blinding. Sometimes I'm so bright people start attacking me, and they wanna douse my fire. And I'm like. and most of the time is they come. They need to scoop a little bit of light from me. They need to be held in that way so that they can remember their own light. Right that Marianne Williamson quote of by shining your own light, you're unconsciously giving people permission to do the same thing.

So when I say I embody my dragon, it's that I'm embodying my source consciousness by being a large, clear light, by speaking only truth, not my truth. The truth.

And the truth is that in the beginning there was the word, and the word was God, and the Word was with God. But I like to switch the word God to love.

So in the beginning there was the word, and the word was love, and the word was with love.

So as long as I'm constantly serving through love, I might kind of come off as a know-it-all bitch like, I said. But it's not from this like ego. I have to be right. It's I love you. Let me lead you. Let me show you how you can live in the light.

and even in the dark, in the primordial void. I love the void I hang out in the void my whole business around helping people coordinate chaos, directing the crises when you're in the middle of the storm. That's what I do.

but we don't hang out in the shadows. We don't chill with the lies. We don't listen to the the things that are telling us that we're not good enough, and that we too much, and that we're all these other things. So I know it was a very roundabout way of saying that answering that question. But dragon energy is source energy like it just is because it's a large, clear light.

and all the other fractals of it all the other ways they've shown up are just ways that still bring you back home to that same message, your own personal dragon, all the dragons and Diane Cooper, all of all of the dragons that we all have connected to in all of the different ways. They're still all just fractals of divinity.

helping us lead ourselves back to the knowledge that we are also fractals of divinity.


I'm skipping to the bottom. Is everyone a dragon? Yes.

everyone's a dragon.

that's my opinion we're all dragons, and it doesn't need to be like right now. But the in the multiverse, right in the multiplicity of all of the different ways that your soul has incarnated across all of time and space and all of the different iterations in which it could. Yeah.

you got a dragon form out there somewhere, and you're capable of connecting to it the same way that you're able to connect to your past lives, or you're able to connect to your octorian cell for your intergalactic self, or your pleading cell for your Sirian self, or whatever there's a dragon self that you can also connect, to to remind yourself of again the bigness like, how big can you get?

How bold are you willing to be? Are you willing to know that you have impenetrable scales, so no one can hurt you. Are you willing to breathe fire, to clear out the fields that are have gone rotted, and you need to clear them out, not just pulling out the roots.

but actually like burning it to the ground.

and then having the tenacity to rebuild it, using your claws, using your wings, using your might strength

because you don't. You don't need anything else but you. You're completely self-sufficient. You've got you, and that's all that matters. Anyone else who comes into your reality is a reflection of you.

That's it. We are all just reflections of each other, like dewdrops on a rosebud.

How does astrology connect with dragons? I don't know if it does.

Astrology is one of those things that I think we pedestal a lot.

That's my biggest message right now, Kevin. We don't need to pedestal anything.

One of the biggest things I give my clients is a spiritual detox. I tell them to take their Tarot cards, crystals, astrology charts, human design charts, and all that and put them in a box.

A literal box or a folder, and not touch it for a whole moon cycle.

From new moon to new moon, or from full moon to full moon. What happens if you don't carry 7 different crystals in your bra or pockets, and you're not checking your Tarot card every day, and you're not constantly needing to sage yourself, and you're not praying to 17 different deities before you walk out of the house?

What happens if you just trust in your own frequency, in your own capacity to know that your intuition is divinity.

Most of them don't. I barely use that Diana Cooper deck anymore, to be honest.

Every now and then I might get drawn to some of my cards. A friend might want a Tarot reading, and I'll be like, sure, let's play with cards. And usually it's exactly what we were already talking about for 20 minutes before, but they needed the cards to tell them, even though I've been telling them for the last 20 minutes. I'm a channel.

When you put any power outside of you, when you say, "Oh, I forgot to pray today. That's why I got into this car accident." No, that's externalising your power. That's outsourcing your power.

You have to come into the knowing, the absolute knowing that you are a fractal of divinity physically incarnated. How you serve is by being you without the trauma, without the victim stories, without all the blah blah blah.

Just you, weird, unique, powerful you.

That's the most important thing. So if you're constantly like, "Oh, Mercury's in the microwave again," or "Oh my gosh, there's a planetary alignment tomorrow," no. I tend to notice something happening and then find out after the fact, "Oh, Mercury is in the microwave." Of course, no wonder my computer broke all week. But I don't sit there being like, "Oh my God." I'm never victimised by the planets. I never take my astrology chart and victimise myself from it. It's another tool of power. It's another fractal of me. It's another piece of the blueprint. When I look at my human design or my gene keys or my astrology chart, I choose. Am I dealing with my tropical chart or my sidereal chart? There are aspects of my tropical chart that land more in my heart as true than my sidereal chart, and vice versa.

It's about knowing my internal frequency so well that I can feel that truth, and then I can also feel all the lies. That took years and years and years of...

Honestly, I was suicidal from the age of 7. I didn't want to be here anymore. The number of times I've tried to unalive myself is countless, and yet I would keep waking up, and I'd be like, "I killed myself last night. Why am I still here? This is ridiculous."

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. If you've seen that movie, love it, it's fantastic. That's what I started realising, that my soul came here to do something.

I still am not quite sure what that is. I used to say it was to be President of the United States because that feels real big and real important, right? But something that I can't die essentially is what I figured out. I might live to be 774 for all I know because I don't understand how it's possible that I'm still physically here.

What I do know is that back then I was carrying all this extra weight. I loved my victim story. I loved talking about how I was abused as a kid, how I had this thing, how I was abandoned, how I had an autoimmune disease. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 21. I had degenerative arthritis in every single one of my joints. My MRI scans looked like I had 70-year-old joints at the age of 21.

I was bedridden, depressed, and I loved my victim story. I loved talking about how everyone was going to leave me. I was also a very spiteful, petty person spitting fire and venom at everything. I didn't like that reality. I didn't want to be in that reality anymore. But it kept living through my suicide attempts, so obviously, something needed to change.

What needed to change was me fighting so hard against the fact that I am big. I'm 6 feet tall. I take up a lot of space. I walk into a room, and everyone stops and stares at me. Half of them are wondering why I'm there, and the other half want to get to know me. And that's okay.

The more I allowed myself to trust that I am supposed to be here, that I love the feeling of being alive, the more I enjoyed the taste of food, the feeling of sun, the simplicity of being a human, the grass under my feet, the smell of warm-baked bread, the more I felt lit up. The more I attuned to what I enjoy and don't enjoy, the more I stopped talking about these victimisations.

I cured myself of the autoimmune disease. My most recent cat scan showed that I've got the joints of someone in their mid-20s, and I'm in my mid-30s. So I reversed all of the degenerative arthritis, I reversed all of the fibromyalgia. I haven't had any of those flares in years. I did have a flare a few months ago, but that was because my headspace was messed up. I started telling myself all these victimised stories again.

And I was bedridden for 2 weeks because of it. Then I realised, oh, I fell into that timeline again. I don't like this place.

So I just kept changing my internal story, remembering that I'm a dragon. I'm here to share my light and my energy and my frequency through ferocious grace, impeccable standards, radical trust, exemplary integrity, and supreme protection. The fires of the dragon. As long as I live within those 5 pillars, and I dance in the fire of transformation, and I hang out with people going through crazy chaos in their life all day long, I do this whether or not I was getting paid for it. And it's real cool that I get paid for it. But I promise you every person in my life finds me when they're going through a transition, when they're at their absolute darkest, the place that I know so well.

And I say, "Hey, honey, I got a lantern. You wanna get through here? I know what you'd rather do is opt out. But I can probably promise you that if you press that opt-out button, you're just going to wake up tomorrow real mad that it didn't work. So let's not do that, and let's go this way instead."

There's no point in trying to force yourself into anything other than delulu till it's Tululu. Honestly, delusion yourself into any reality you want.

That's all that matters. Love is the most important frequency. What about love? Love is the most important frequency. We say that, but on the scale, if you know the emotional scales, you'll see that shame is really low. And then apathy, and then love is up here.

The emotion that radiates higher than love is authenticity.

Authenticity radiates at a higher frequency than love does.

You can go Google this if you want to.

Yeah, the Hawkins scale. Thank you. Authenticity radiates at a higher frequency than love.

So if all you do all day long is ask, "How can I be authentic to me?" It doesn't matter if you smoke weed, do psilocybin, have a cigarette, or drink alcohol. None of that matters. At one point, we were all doing peyote, drinking some crazy beer, you know, in one of our lifetimes, when we didn't have all this judgment and shame around it.

If you shame yourself, then you're in shadow. Should, shame, shadow all start with the "sh" sound which means silence.

I should be doing this, or I shouldn't be doing that. I shouldn't be smoking. I shouldn't be drinking. I should

 go to this person's house. I shouldn't go out. No, no. You're shaming yourself. You're in shadow. Your heart's in shadow. Your frequency is low.

That doesn't mean you're less of a divine being. No.

To be a dragon, you have to love your shadow because the shadows are your power. The deeper you go into your shadow, the more your light expands.

I spent years in the depths of my darkness. I love my darkness. I love those pieces of me that hurt and broke and got shattered and eviscerated.

Because the more I could love that piece of me, and be okay with those aspects of me that hurt so deeply, the more I could expand into the light.

The more I could just be here and breathe.

How does that make you feel in your body? What's the feeling in your body with 5,000 extra dollars in your bank account? We could all use it, but it's nice, even if you don't need it. It's like, "Oh yeah, I got an extra 5 grand." You feel that in your body, right?

What would happen if you only made choices between now and Tuesday that kept that feeling in your body? And I mean every choice, every choice from now on.

Right? So if you have that feeling, if every choice was like, "What am I going to eat today? What feels like what it feels like when I have that extra 5 grand? Oh, hamburger. Cool! I'm going to get a hamburger." Who am I going to see today? What music am I going to listen to today? What emails or content am I going to put out for those of you who might be entrepreneurs? What am I going to do so that I always feel this vibration?

And by doing that, not by bypassing, if there's a feeling that comes up, "Oh, I'm scared. I don't know how I feel about that." It's okay. You can feel that. You can feel scared for a minute, but always come back to the resonance of how you feel when you think about having that extra 5 grand, or whatever it is, having the love of your life holding your hand, living in the dream house, or whatever. If money is not something that lights you up, choose something that lights you up and make that the desire.

Find the feeling and then only follow that feeling for the next 48 hours, and literally watch it happen. That's what alchemy is. Alchemy is being able to take all the other things that are going to come. Some ex is gonna text you, some client is gonna do something, your mum's gonna whatever, and you just being like, "Okay, nope, I feel real upset about that for 45 seconds or 90 seconds," I think is how long it takes for an emotion to actually run through your body. After that, you just keep moving and coming back to the resonant feeling of what it feels like when you already have the desire that you want.

That's what it means to be authentically you because who cares? Nobody else cares whether or not you have the money. It's none of their business. It's what you desire more than anything. You deciding that nothing else matters than what it is that you desire, and deluding yourself into believing that it's possible.

Four years ago, I was in an abusive marriage, very upset and suicidal. And now here I am, happy, free, successful, with my own house and all these other things. Anyone who logically was around back then said it was impossible. And I say, "It's impossible? Come on, let's go." I love impossible dreams because they're the most fun to actually go for.

Why do we have allergic reactions? I love that question. Why do we have allergic reactions then? Density. It's just density. It's shadow. Again, any of your physical things, it's attached to a belief structure. I know I sound crazy. Some of you are going to want to cancel me. And that's okay. It's because you believe you have a food allergy. You decided that you did.

I know that sounds real rough and like unempathetic, but you're talking to someone who cured herself of multiple autoimmune diseases. The way that I did that was by deciding that I didn't have it anymore and acting as such, moving as such, and choosing to only move in a way. So instead of being afraid of the foods...

Right, I'm not saying go eat cashews and die. Please, if you have a death allergy to cashews, that is not what I'm saying right now. What I'm saying is, how does it feel to not have the allergy? And then doing the work

That's going to. And by the work I mean moving in a way that's going to allow you to to continue to feel the way you feel when you think about not having the allergy, and that will alchemize and eventually make it so. You don't have the allergy. I've watched it with so many clients and so many friends. If you've done any. If you know anything about the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, I was compared to him a whole lot before I had ever even read one of his books.

and I think I've only read like a half of become of becoming supernatural, and by the time I got halfway through I was like, now this is all this stuff I've already like known for years. I don't need a doctorate. I already get this. This is what I teach, but that's what it is. It's it's those people that have stage 4 cancer and are told they've got 5 weeks to live, and then they go in for their biopsy, and the cancer is completely gone. It's the belief that the cancer could be gone and acting as such that allows them to heal. They decide they don't have cancer, and then they don't.

I know it's it's you you want to fight me. I feel I feel some of you being like, Oh, I want to fight you. It's okay. That's okay. But the rule that I live by is no one and no thing has power over me, unless I let them. Let's go back to that dragon rider just for a role. Second, right? I'll submit every now and then. But really, if anyone knows anything about you know those sorts of subdom relationships, the sub's still really the one in control. It's a whole other conversation. But like it's true, the sub is really still the one in control, because the Dom has to be watching the sub at all times and making sure that they're being taken care of and held. So the sub is still the one and control. So you still haven't really actually given all your power away.

Why are we so? Okay? I love that. Hold on. I wanna just go back real quick. Would you know how to cure fibro. Yeah, girl, come and talk to me. Yeah, I'll find me on social media if you've got questions about bodies and and autoimmune diseases. I yes, all day long we can do that. Come, find me on the social media lands.

Why are we so freaking, stubborn to actually to actually believe we don't have it right? So that's that's the that's the rub. Right, dragons. This is dragon thunder talk. So let's bring this back to dragons, and I love this. Dragons. Don't worry about where their next meal's coming from. Why? Because they can go pick up a cow off a field and eat it right? It's already there. Everything is abundant. A dragon's not worried about where its cave is. It will always find another cave. It's it's really it's this borderline nihilism. Okay, where it nothing matters unless you make it matter. And I want you to think about the word matter as like actual matter, right? Like E equals Mc squared. Energy is equal to mass times. The speed of light squared. So matter or mass is equal to. Let's see if I can remember this energy divided by the square root of the speed of light. The only thing that works at the speed of light in your human body is your mind. Electrons firing super fast neurons. So between your heart and your mind, between your liver and your mind, we got neurons all over the place right? We know about the gut neurons and all of that stuff. But neurons are the only thing in your human body that move at the speed of light. So the density.

If you were to look at me 4 years ago again, or even 6 years ago. I dropped half my body size in 5 weeks, doing naked mirror mantras on accident. I didn't even mean to do it. I was trying to feel safe and sexy in my body. I actually wanted to have the body. I didn't understand why my then husband wanted to have sex with me. I didn't get it because I didn't find myself sexy. I thought I was overweight. I had always had body dysmorphia issues, adding also to all the suicidal stuff. and that led me to want to feel as pretty as he said that I was real weird way of getting about that. But I was like, Hey, I wanna feel sexy. So I started doing these mirror mantras. I feel beautiful. I am beautiful. It's safe for me to be seen. It's safe for me to feel sexy. It's safe for me to show my body, and all these things. 5 weeks later I go see my massage therapist who'd known me for almost a decade. And he's like

Hi Caryn. Where's the rest of ya! What do you mean? Where's the rest of me? He's like, girl you don't like. I've been massaging your body for almost 10 years, and I'm telling you you left half of it somewhere, and I don't know where it was, and I literally went to Nordstroms and got measured, and my from age 14 to the age of 30. I was a size like 14 American, large, extra large. and I go into the Nordstroms, and they measure me up, and they are bringing me size 6, 8. So size 8, 6 is half. and smalls and mediums. and I couldn't. My brain didn't process it. It took me 3 years of going shopping for me not to autopilot to 4 teams when I went to buy pants and like, Okay. it. I had actually gotten to a point where I got all the way down to a 2, and I didn't like it. I felt very anorexic, and didn't enjoy that level of skinniness. So, my avatar, right, we all get to control the mass completely. It's all a choice. I feel really beautiful and sexy at a size 6, 8 medium. And that's where I've been solidly doesn't matter what I eat. I went through a crazy divorce. I was eating like a bachelor for a good 2 years of that when before I had been like Vegan, and whatever other people you know, I did do my Vegan. Time took my time. Sophie again. But it doesn't matter what I eat right. I know alchemy. I can alkamize anything period like I'm I'm not to the point where I can drink bleach yet, but eventually, maybe I could. because there's no limit to what I'd be able to do with this power right again. I'm not suggesting anyone. Go drink, bleach, but like, that's the point, right? Like I, you'll see videos when you guys go stock me on social media.

I only recently quit smoking cigarettes, and it was literally like a just woke up one day and was like done with it. It's fine no big deal.

but for a good couple of years there cigarettes and tobacco, and communing in that way was useful for me.

and never once was I like, Oh, my God! I'm smoking a half a pack a day. I'm gonna get lung cancer.


or when I do have, you know, a little bit extra, maybe not just one glass at my cousin's wedding sort of situations. I don't go into a shame spiral the next morning.

I also don't have a hangover the next morning.

It's just alcohol. It's really not a big deal. It's just another one of the energies that exist that I chose and decided to imbibe that night.

As long as I stay out of shaming myself out of shadow. Then I can do anything, and it's not negatively impacting me, because what matters is what I make matter.

if I made it matter that I was smoking cigarettes. If I made it matter that I'm drinking, then I would probably feel like absolute garbage after I've drank a whole bottle of wine and smoked a half pack while hanging out with my friends.

Because I'm like, I feel so I did these things, and I'm so shameful. And and now I'm going to have to go on this huge cleanse to be able to speak to my angels again.

I bet you anything that Metatron was pouring the shots.

How I feel about it.

really, though, like, what matters to you?

Does it matter to you that you have all these stories, all this trauma, all this abuse? Because, honey, I'm sorry we all do at this point again. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm know that we have all gone through our own different versions of hell. But we've all been there.

You're not special because you were traumatised as a child.

So stop acting like you are.

you're special

because you're you.

you're special, because no other version of you has or will exist.

You're special, because whatever hopes and dreams you have on your heart are yours and yours alone.

and if you actually showed up the way that a motherfuckin' dragon would show up.

you would have it already.

and you all know this already, and this is not my way of shaming. You, please. God, know that I'm not doing that. But let's just all take a second to like know

that if we actually showed up one 100% like a dragon to all of the things we would have that 5 grand in our account in the next 48 hours.

because of dragon one.

a dragon would say, oh, I gotta go get 5,000 coins cool. I'm gonna go get it.

and they do whatever, and they go on their quest, and they go fly around wherever they needed to, and dive into the depths of wherever and find Atlantis, and find a giant treasure chest and find their 5,000 coins, and they go sit back at their horde, and they would just have it.

and anything and anyone that showed up in the middle, they would just deal with it as it came. They wouldn't be worried. Oh, my God! What if there's a knight? Oh, my God! What if there's this one of them? Anxiety and worry, and all of that, and deprec like ugh! It's not in the present moment.

What's right here right now is all that matters, and am I in alignment with the feeling that I have when I feel my lover's hand in my hand, or the 5,000 in my bank account, or when I'm in my dream house, or where I'm travelling the world, or when insert desire here has already happened, because that's what you're really chasing.

You think that when you have the 5 grand you're going to feel a certain way.

feel it now

and then, only move from there.

and if in a present moment you get struck with this grief of your teenage self fighting you and saying, I don't deserve this. And why did you do this and

feel it?

Hold her, be okay with it, cry it out, do the things.

shake it off.

right. Dragons are not coming out of the ocean all sloppy, wet, like I need a towel. No, they just do a shake.

and then they open their wings and they fly again.

And that's okay. It's okay. We're human. We're supposed to feel it's the reason why we're here. If we didn't want to feel human emotions, we wouldn't have incarnated as humans.

This is not spiritual bypassing. This is not emotional bypassing. This is being now

right now in every moment in choosing as often as possible to feel like a big shiny

that ass dragon.

And every now and then, maybe not.

And then even then, being like, yeah, you know what, that sucked. I didn't like having a 45-minute cry in the shower.

Damn! Do I feel better now that I got to feel all those feelings that have been in there for 20 years that I never got to feel 20 years ago.

When that teenager gets to throw her temper tantrum, finally, after 20 years, it feels so good.

But I don't let her drive. She doesn't get to stay making decisions for me afterwards. Oh my God! She'd wreck my business in five days.

When I'm going to sign a new client, or when I'm putting out a new programme, yeah, my teenager comes right up, and she's like, "Remember how we didn't get into college? Remember how..." and I'm like, I do remember all that, honey.

What did you not get to feel back then? What do you need to feel right now? Let's feel it.

You can only feel it to heal it, and the more you feel it, the more you heal it. The reason why I was crushed by the weight, crushed by the fibromyalgia, crushed by the degenerative arthritis at the age of 21 (again, I was diagnosed with these things that are usually not diagnosed in people in their early 20s) was because my victimised mind was running rampant.

I was crushed by the weight of my anxiety, my trauma, these stories that I had been telling myself on repeat.

And now I get this beautiful, brilliant life where I get to speak to however many of you from around the world on a Sunday before I'm gonna go on a hike with my boyfriend and my dog and have whatever beautiful adventures I'm having today. Before I'm running my five-day Just You June challenge, which is a free challenge, by the way. Also, if you want to join me, please find me on social media.

I get to do this. I get to have this awesome life. And I get to write books, and I get to travel. And I get to dream about being on stages. And I get to wonder what it's gonna be like when I'm able to homeschool my kids full time again and travel the world, and I get to live in this energy of I'm so awesome that I could be president.

And you know every one of you would vote for me. You already know it, you know you would vote for me. You already have the "Caryn for President" bumper sticker on your car.

Cause that's the vibration that I give.

I want to lead more people into this because if I'm going to delude myself into things that matter, what matters to me?

What matters to me is that every single man, woman, and child on this planet has access to clean water, healthy food, safe shelter, and sanitation, open-source education, medicine from east, west, north to south.

That's my core belief—that every person has a right to that, an inalienable right to their basic fucking needs being met. And I will fight every day until my last breath at 774.

And for that to happen.

Because if we think about it, that's what the ascension is, right? Like we, we want to talk. But what is it, really? It's that we're pulling ourselves out of this dualism.

We're pulling ourselves out of ideas of poverty. We allow for the fact that America throws away enough food every year to feed Africa three times.

And we found those solutions. We found a way to clothe all the children. We found a way to stop all the wars.

How? I don't know, that's a mystery.

But it's because someone in here knows the cure to cancer already.

Someone in here is the one who is going to make sure all the nukes never get, you know, they all get put wherever they need to be disarmed.

But it only happens when you decide—again, I'm going to say the word "decide" so many times it's going to make you crazy—that you are that person.

That your crazy, delusional dream is the only thing that matters, and that no one and no thing has power over you because you are a motherfucking dragon.

You are source incarnated. That is why you came to this planet at this time. You have all of your lifetimes before to draw from. My last name, O'Malley, was a chosen name. Grace O'Malley, the pirate queen of Ireland from the 1500s, is one of my ancestors. She had a secret friendship with Queen Elizabeth. Grace is also one of my past lives. I knew she was one of my ancestors from a young age because my dad told me about our lineage. But it was during a deep ceremony, working on some money block issues, that I realised she was also one of my past lives. We often incarnate into the same bloodline because it's easier to pull that energy and knowledge when you still have the DNA and genetic coding inside your bloodline.

When I got divorced, I changed my last name to O'Malley to honour her badassery and mine. Grace was almost erased from history until a historian in the early 1900s discovered her records. Men didn’t like her success. She even attacked the Spanish Armada from behind, significantly impacting history. She was buried for 400 years because they didn’t want her to be known. I could rant about the patriarchy or feminism, but it seems like a waste of time. Instead, I focus on how I can gather knowledge from my Sirian self, my Arcturian self, all my past and future lives, and all my experiences. The past and future aren’t real; time is an illusion and a social construct. You can pull power from anywhere, any experience, and have it in your physical form now. That’s how you change your life overnight. That’s how alchemy works. You decide.

Decide means to cut off. When you decide on coffee, you're saying no to tea, water, orange juice, and everything else. You decide on coffee, which means yes to coffee and no to everything that isn’t coffee. It's that same level of dedication and discipline. Someone asked earlier why we don't believe we can do this. It's because we don't just decide on coffee. We're like, "I'll take the coffee and maybe a water, or a bottle of cranberry." No, you have to decide. Decide that 5 grand is in your bank account on Tuesday. You do nothing except whatever leads you. This could be dancing in the woods. It doesn't have to be logical. Just decide that you're only going to follow the feeling of having 5 extra thousand dollars in your bank account. Watch it happen. It's crazy. It's magic. That's what dragons are. They're magic. They're crazy, cool, big, and wonderful.

Okay, that was a lot. How are we all feeling?

Kev: I think we’re realising how authentic you are. It's beautiful.


Thank you. Thank you all for having me. This was so beautiful and fun. I'm going to leave a little something for you in the comments. It's my dragon meditation for £11.11 instead of the usual £47. It's a 5-day Dragon Meditation Series. I love it. Also, if you want to join the "Just Be You" 5-day challenge, find me on Facebook. We’re running it in my Facebook group.

Kev: Yeah, send me all those links, and I'll put them in the notes and send them out to everyone.

Caryn O'Malley: Perfect, sure.

Kev: Thank you for your time. It was amazing. Everyone is sending lots of love.

Caryn O'Malley: Thank you, guys. Love you. Have a fantastic, beautiful day.

Kev: Enjoy your hike.

Caryn O'Malley: Thank you very much. 

Kev: All that love, lots of love. Beautiful.

Kev: That was amazing. So much information. I'm going to have to watch that on replay, that's for sure.

Kev: And we've got two more speakers, which is beautiful. Do follow those links from Caryn.


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