The Four Directions of Shamanism

four directions Jun 20, 2022

The Four Directions

During Shamanic ceremony we call in the Four Directions, to make use of their powers and protection.

And reading through the list you might find that you resonate with one of the directions more than the others, we of course all have all directions, however, one might shine out as more You!

Which one is it? 

Powers of the NORTH

  • The Knowing place
  • Element: AIR
  • World: Animal
  • Human Aspect: MIND
  • Time: Future
  • Enemy: Clarity ( Bullshit )
  • Ally: Wisdom, Balance, Alignment, Harmony & Knowledge
  • Colour: WHITE
  • Manifestation: Philosophy, Religion, Science, Maths
  • Heavenly Body: STARS
  • Season: Winter
  • Totems: Buffalo / Wolf / Horse

Powers of the WEST

  • The Looks within place
  • Element: EARTH
  • World: Mineral
  • Human Aspect: BODY
  • Time: Present 
  • Enemy: Old Age / DEATH
  • Ally: Introspection, Intuition, Change, Death
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Manifestation: Magic, Dance
  • Heavenly Body: EARTH
  • Season: Autumn
  • Totems: Bear / Owl / Jaguar

Powers of the EAST

  • The Sees far place
  • Element: FIRE
  • World: Human
  • Human Aspect: SPIRIT
  • Time: Beyond time
  • Enemy: Misuse of Power
  • Ally: Illumination, Enlightenment, Play, Medicine, Pleasure & Beauty
  • Colour: GOLD
  • Manifestation: Art/Writing, Media
  • Season: Spring
  • Totems: Eagle

Powers of the SOUTH

  • The Close-to place
  • Element: WATER
  • World: Plant
  • Human Aspect: EMOTIONS
  • Time: Past
  • Enemy: Fear
  • Ally: Trust & Innocence
  • Colour: RED
  • Manifestation: Music
  • Heavenly Body: MOON
  • Season: Summer
  • Totems: Mouse / Coyote / Serpent

I teach the 4 directions as part of my Shamanic remembrance programs; message me to investigate further or see the menu link for more details.

Much Joy to you



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