What is Shamanism?

shamanism Jun 17, 2022

Shamanism is a millennia-old way of looking at reality, the universal spiritual wisdom inherent to all of humanity. 

All ancient spiritual practices are deeply connected to nature and shamanism at its heart is earth-based. 

Shamanic traditions vary widely and can be found on every continent of the world. 

Whether indigenous or Westernised, most shamanic practices accept that everything is alive and everything has a spirit. 

This is called animism and it’s an essential part of shamanic cultures worldwide. 

A focus on personal, community & worldwide healing, the establishment of a regular spiritual practice, and the spiritual tools of vision, journeying, and ceremony are also essential.

Shamanism is not a religion, it’s a spiritual practice that allows a direct relationship with the world of spirits. 

You need to approach Shamanism with an open heart & mind, and a willingness to be surprised and to find Magic everywhere. 

Shamanism has been called the “path of direct revelation”, meaning that you form your beliefs through your own experiences. 

No one can tell you what to experience, so no one can tell you what to believe. Your own direct revelations lead to your empowerment. 

And that’s precisely the point of the Shamanic journeying, it’s a realm of your imagination created with spirit and will be as unique as you are.

We, Shamanic practitioners, do not all live in a shamanic society, though those are growing as the world re-awakens. You can however use your shamanic practices to assist you to live abundantly in this modern world.

We are in the powerful awakening and activation of humanity as a collective, now is the time to remember and re-connect to the world of spirit, Shamanism is one of the gateways into this realm, and now is the perfect time to remember your skills and gifts, and I can assist you to remember, as my teachers have reminded me.

Select the link in the menu to contact me to progress your remembrance and also do explore my free resources and shamanic journeys, along with ancestral healing with the Akashic Records and Shamanic ceremony.

I wish you a day full of Joy.




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