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ice bath wim hof Jun 16, 2022
Wim Hof Ice Bath by EnglishMystic (smiling) on Dartmoor in England

I booked up for the Wim Hof experience early in 2022 and the head colds stopped the event from happening, and the next one I was busy, so I got bumped into June 2022.

Wim Hof was on the mainstream television channel the BBC in the UK so Wim Hof fever had started and everyone wanted to experience the ICE BATH, so I'm glad I booked early :)

I drove the JUST 5 miles from home to the venue at Meldon Hall in Dartmoor, where Sara, a Wim Hof-trained coach welcomed the group and we settled in to hear all about Wim and the method, its benefits, and how we each got into Wim Hof method of breath work.

In general, we got into it through life's stresses getting on top of us, and we each found the breath work helped us.

I have been using the Wim Hof App for a few years and logged a fair number of my breathing exercise sessions on the App, it says I logged 190 sessions, 687 total breathing rounds, and 17h 23m total retention time and an average of 1 minute 31 seconds retention ( breath-hold) time and some times I got into the 3 minutes. Though the time truly is irrelevant, the exercise itself is the important element.

 Breathing Exercise.

I've got lots of experience of the Wim Hof breathing method using his App and wanted to experience it in person with a trained coach.

Sara led us through the 4 rounds of breathing, I used the Nose in and Nose out method, you can use Nose in Mouth Out, Mouth in Mouth Out, or nose out! Scientifically Nose breathing is 'better' for your performance than mouth breathing. However, do what works for you on the day.

We started slow and breathed into our Belly and Chest and Head, then out and not forcing the breath out, a smooth cycle that we did 35 rounds, and then we held our breath for a while, then took a deep breath and counted down about 10 seconds and let the breath out and then we repeated the cycle of 35 breaths.

Each of the 4 rounds of the breathing we got a little faster, the App goes at one speed on all rounds, this changing of pace kept the mind in the present moment and I found I went deeper into the moment.

After the final and 4th round we relaxed and for the next few minutes I felt like I floated above my body and my third eye was full of swirling purple colours and lights.

I felt truly relaxed and in a great place, I LOVE it and will defo be using the different pace idea and relaxing longer after the final breath round.

The group sat in a circle and I feel that group breathing and circular energy made it extra special.


After a delicious lunch, we were ready for the ICE BATH.

Sara prepared us mentally and we then queued up ready to get into the tin bath filled with ice, the temperature was around 2C.

We warmed up by doing the horse pose and shouting like Wim Hof as we pushed our arms from one side to the other.

Like this :)

A brave lady went first and I went in next, I centred myself in my body, and was warm from the Horse Pose, and got in determinedly and sat straight down to the shoulders.

The first 15 seconds were a shock and it took my breath away, so I breathed slowly and hummed as suggested by Sara and my body calmed down very fast and I really started to enjoy the cold. The smile in the main image is real.

After the initial shock, my mind become truly clear, as the cold went into the brain, it felt like the chill of a brain freeze, but less painful and actually pleasant. Everything become clearer vision wise too.

My feet were the coldest, then my hands, and as we got to the 2-minute limit I felt my core create what felt like a ball of energy and warmth right behind my belly button and I thought I could stay all day with that energies heat.

I'm so glad I've experienced the ICE BATH, it is more of a mental challenge and I highly recommend it, you can see that with the right mindset you can conquer all challenges.

I'm going to continue the cold therapy by taking a cold shower every day for 30 seconds, at the end of my warm shower. And the cold water swimming appeals, so going to do that on a regular basis as well in local rivers, as well I'll get in the sea in all season ( already did that often ).

I challenge you to give it a go :), check it out and book your session at






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