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Wisdom Stupid

wisdom Nov 29, 2023

The topic of wisdom came up twice today from a friend and then Russell Brand and Eckhart Tolle.

It's interesting to delve into the idea of humanity living in a "Wisdom Stupid" state. 

Let's take a stroll through the intricate landscape of our collective human experience.

In this age of information, it seems paradoxical that, despite having access to an unprecedented amount of knowledge, we often find ourselves making choices that might not align with the principles of wisdom. It's like we're swimming in a vast sea of information, but sometimes, we're drowning in our own ignorance.

Consider the term "Wisdom Stupid" as a reflection of a world where we possess incredible technological advancements, yet we struggle to navigate the ethical and moral dimensions of our decisions. 

We're crafting intricate algorithms, reaching for the stars, and connecting through the digital ether, but are we doing so with a deep understanding of the consequences?

It's almost as if the acceleration of our technical prowess has outpaced the growth of our collective wisdom. We're building amazing things, but are we doing so with a profound sense of responsibility and foresight? It's like having a supercar without a skilled driver, power without wisdom can lead to chaos.

In the world of Shamanism, connecting with ancient wisdom and understanding the intricate balance of nature and energy is crucial. Perhaps, as a society, we need to tap into a bit of that Shamanic insight. Imagine if decision-makers and individuals alike could draw upon the wisdom of the ages while embracing the advancements of the modern world.


My work in Shamanism, guiding people to connect with their Dragon guides resonates with this idea. Dragons, are often symbolic of wisdom and power, and might serve as a metaphor for the ancient knowledge that we seem to overlook in our contemporary pursuits.

Maybe it's time for a collective shift, a recalibration. An understanding that true progress isn't just about technological leaps, but about evolving our consciousness and wisdom in tandem. It's about utilising our advancements for the betterment of humanity and the planet, not just for the sake of innovation itself.

And who knows, perhaps in this quest for wisdom, we'll find a path that leads us out of the "Wisdom Stupid" state and towards a future where our actions are guided by a deeper understanding of the consequences they carry.


As we ride the waves of technological advancement and navigate the mystical realms of wisdom, may we will find a harmonious balance that propels us towards a more enlightened state of being. Here is to the journey!

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