Galactic Mysticism 2024/5

Galactic Mysticism 2024/5

Spend the Year ahead remembering you’re magic, awaken the healer within, and fully embody your Mystical gifts. Heal Yourself and the World with your Shamamic knowledge.  

Hello, I am Kev, I also go by ‘EnglishMystic’, for the last decade-plus, I’ve been working with the beautiful and powerful healing energies available from above and below, that anyone can tap into.

I use the mystical modalities of Reiki, Rahanni celestial healing, and Shamanism, with all their beautiful, mystical rituals, incantations, and tools, like the rattle, drum, gongs, chimes, and feathers.

I LOVE to help people heal from their wounds and traumas.

And as well as helping people access the healing energies, by being the “hollow-bone/reed” to connect them to the source energy, I LOVE to teach people how to heal themselves, and that’s my mission.

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Galactic Mysticism 2024/5

If you’ve ever felt the call to learn more about healing energies, then the Galactic Mysticism induction is for you.

Galactic because the energy is everywhere and Mysticism as it encapsulates all the magic you will remember.

You’ll learn about connecting with your spirit guides, build your healing temple, and connect more deeply to your light body, have adventures in non-reality with your guides, some will be animals, others spirit, and you may even connect with Goddesses and Gods.

You will remember the healing abilities of your mind, body & soul and embody the true Mystical being that you really are.

Recently one of the students in “Mystical You”, my foundation in Shamanism course, was riding her spirit animal, a massive White Elephant and talking with a Gorilla, another met her power animal a giant Lion. I’d also love to connect your Dragon guides, there is something very special about having a Dragon on your team, and flying on their backs is a marvelous experience.

You will start as an Initiate and learn the foundations of Mysticism, move through Novice, Healerand into Master.

The Galactic Mysticism will run through the year, it will be Three Modules, InitiateNovice, and Healer, and each one will be delivered spaciously, with regular video calls and integration breaks, taking you from Initiate to Healer, so you are ready to step into Master in Shamanism, it will also contain elements of Reiki and Rahanni rituals and practices, though mainly it’s about Shamanic practices.

Register your interest in the Galactic Mysticism year, and share your details below.

The next course starts in MAY 2024

The FULL course price is £ 2,999 ( $ 3,626 )  -  I have several payment options, so you can spread the course fee over the year and pay over three months or monthly. I will Invoice you once we've chatted. Please confirm your details and then on the following page, book a time for us to have a discovery call. 

If you decide to take the three modules individually the costs are:  Initiate £ 999Novice £ 1,500, and Healer £ 1,999  - the full course is discounted from £ 4,498 to £ 2,999 if you sign up for the complete course over the year. 



Embark on a Shamanic Journey

Dive deep into the mystical world of Shamanism through our comprehensive 11-month course, "Galactic Mysticism". This transformative journey will guide you through the foundational aspects of Shamanism, introduce you to profound healing rituals, and empower you with the intricacies of potent healing ceremonies. Alternatively, you can opt for a more flexible approach by breaking the course into three/four-month sprints, though to encourage you to do the full year I have discounted the full course price, compared to doing the individual elements.

 If you decide to take the three modules individually the costs are:  Initiate £ 999, Novice £ 1,500, and Healer £ 1,999  - the full course is discounted from £ 4,498 to £ 2,999 if you sign up for the complete course over the year. 

As an "Initiate," you'll lay the groundwork for your Shamanic expertise. Transition into the role of a "Novice" to explore healing through Shamanic rituals, and finally, ascend to the status of a "Healer," mastering the powerful ceremonies that make you a Shaman in your own right.

Join us on this extraordinary voyage of self-discovery and healing. Explore the mystical realms and unlock your Shamanic potential. Your journey begins here.



Galactic Mysticism 

Hello, I’m Kev the EnglishMystic, my role is to demystify the magical world of Shamanism for you.

Galactic Mysticism is an entry point into understanding the magic of our Universe and takes you through from Initiate to Master of Shamanism.

Deep in your being, stored by your ancestors within your DNA is the Magic. You already are magical. And at some level you know this and can feel it's time to remember you’re magic.

As you remember yourself, you will start to approach life from a completely different perspective. You will see how magic is everywhere and in everything. And you’ll start to use your innate magic. To enhance your own life. And the lives of all those you Love.

This course is an opportunity to remember and awaken your Galactic magic. It's an opportunity to stand on the threshold, one foot fully embodies the magic of this reality, while the other stands in the other realms.

You will activate your inner magic, Your inner Shaman will remember, And you will use your gifts to empower, heal and enhance your life. 

You will be one of the few that has remembered and healed themselves. You’ll Not be that person who is lost in the ignorance of their own Magic.

Galactic Mysticism is foremost a journey of remembrance. Assisting you in awakening all of your Magical & Shamanic skills. You will embrace the seven directions of your shamanic healing temple, each containing a powerful connection to spirit and spirit guides. You will awaken your consciousness to this reality and the three other realms connected to our own. You will straddle the doorway between the worlds, Moving at will between them. You will activate the full remembrance of your own spirit and the powerful connection with your spirit guides, whose only wish is to assist you in integrating your magic into this reality.

What you will gain from this course is a solid grounding in the magical and spirit-filled worlds, And an ability to awaken your own magical & healing skills.

No longer will you wonder why you are here? You will remember and step into your mission.

It is an opportunity to learn how to live with the magical and mystical worlds. How to have a connection with your spirit guides and tap into their and your highest wisdom. And best of all how to remember the truth of your magic.

I created this course to be a foundational awakening, to give you a solid practice to move forward from and enhance your skills to shamanic mastery in the coming months & years.

No matter where you find yourself in your remembrance journey today, You’ll feel understood and met exactly where you are right now. 

This course is the culmination of my 57 years as a human, and my journey to remembering my reason for being here, for me the remembrance of the connection to source, via Reiki, Rahanni, and Shamanic practice & ritual, has totally changed the direction of my life. 

I spent decades going the wrong way and then, as a coach noted, I did a Tanker Size U-turn in the Suez canal!

What makes this different from anything I have ever offered is that you remember and you connect to the source and heal yourself, “rather than me fishing for you, I teach you to fish”…

This course is unlike anything I’ve created because, we all feel it, now is the time to fully remember your own Magic and embody it and use it for the good of humanity and the planet.

Now is the time to Remember You’re Magic and join Galactic Mysticism.

A Life-Affirming Quest to Remember who you truly are, a Galactic Magical Being.





Learn how to connect to your Spirit Guides and create your Sacred Space. A place to connect fully to your mind, body, and soul. You'll remember how to:

  • Clear your mind, body & soul with healing frequencies
  • Connect with the Wind, Air, Fire & Water 
  • Connect with the Directions, North, South, East & West
  • Connect with Goddesses
  • Connect with Archangels
  • Meet your Spirit Guides
  • Embody Ancestral Gifts
  • The 25 Modules lead you through a powerful initiation into the world of Shamanism

It’s time to remember who you are.


It is my role, my Dharma, to provide you with a memory jog so that you remember for yourself how Magical you are. 

Remember why you are here, tap into your Higher Purpose for this lifetime, and into your Own Magic.

Eight years ago I started to remember my Magic, a decade before that I had my first true Dark Night of The Soul, as my Soul stirred me from my slumber, so I know what it’s like to start to remember and how confusing it can be.

In this Galactic quest, You will visit the Wind, the Fire, The Earth, and the Water elements and remember your Magic.

You, Will, learn to call on the powers and abilities of the Directions, North, South, East & West, and connect with Goddesses and Archangels for protection and guidance.

You will connect with the six corners of your own ‘Shamanic Temple’, meet each of your spirit guides, and pull in all your power and magic.

You will remember all the times that your Guides have guided and protected your life, in this and all others.

As your human guide, I approach this from a spiritual-combo of Reiki Master & Shamanic practitioner and lead you through the same process that has assisted me in remembering my Magic, my Reason for this life and it has me now living my Purpose and Dharma.

Galactic Mysticism leads you, from beginning Shamanic Journeying or enhancing if you already have experience of Shamanic Journeys, through remembrance and re-introduction to your Spirit Guides. We build up all of the powerful connections using the six directions ritual { ABOVE BEFORE BELOW BEHIND RIGHT AND LEFT } and find your Temples Guides, Main guide(s), and your Protection guide(s).

Once you have your guides around you, you are set to fully remember who you are and why you are here this time around. With a solid base to explore, I set you off on more remembrance, by asking your Ancestors to assist and help you clear an Ancestral wound and Embody a gift that your wisest Ancestors know will help you on this life journey.

Galactic Mysticism is a foundation to remember who you are and find the next step for your life, empowered by a solid and magical base, your ‘Shamanic Temple’ { which easily transmutes into your Merkaba ‘Vehicle of Light’ }

I will guide you through the following activations, rituals, and remembrances, to awaken your mind, body, and soul to Your Magical Gifts and Your Higher Purpose. 

  •  Magical Shamanic Journeying 
  •  Six Ways Flow Movement 
  •  Six Ways Flow Ritual  
  •  The Four Directions
  •  The Four Elements
  •  The Four Goddesses
  •  The Four Archangels
  •  Shamanic Temple creation 
  •    - Introduction to Shamanic Journeying 
  •    -  Main Spirit Guide remembrance
  •    -  Body protector remembrance
  •    -  Above Spirit connection remembrance
  •    -  Before Spirit connection remembrance
  •     - Below Spirit connection remembrance
  •     - Behind Spirit connection remembrance
  •     - Right Spirit connection remembrance
  •     - Left Spirit connection remembrance 
  •     - Additional Spirit connections to remember
  •     - Map the Spirit connections on your own Temple
  •  Shamanic Drum Frequency Healings
  •  Remembering Your Magic & Higher Purpose 
  •  Ancestral Wounds Healing & Gift Embodiment 
  •  Meet your Dragon Guide and train as a Dragon-Rider





In the Shamanic practice, we go on journeys to alternate realities.

You lie down, close your eyes, and aided by a soft and continuous ‘magical’ drumbeat, you imagine a gateway to an otherworld, often that’s down and can be up and often the up becomes the down!.

Entering this parallel universe, you can meet and dialogue with Animals, Lions, and Dragon & Fairy presences, you might even meet Gods and Goddesses as well.

This waking dream ritual is exceedingly ancient and has many terms to explain its use, here, for this now, we call it Shamanic Journeying.


A flowing six-way movement to bring you into this moment and ground you.

To help you create a strong connection to your Shamanic temple I’ll demonstrate a 6 ways movement that you can practice often, to envision the 6 points of your temple.


We will run through the ABOVE, BEFORE, BELOW, BEHIND, RIGHT and LEFT movement THREE times, each time feeling with all our senses we know of and those we might discover, a little bit further out, so initially at 

#1: Finger length,

then at #2: Arm's length and then 

#3: As far as we feel the need.


During the Shamanic ceremony, we call in the Four Directions, of the compass, to make use of their powers and protection.

North, East, West & South, we learn about their powers and properties, that we can call on.


During the Shamanic ceremony, we call in the Four Elements, to make use of their powers and protection.

Fire, Air, Earth & Water, we learn about their powers and properties, that we can call on.


During the Shamanic ceremony, we call in the Four Goddesses, to make use of their powers and protection.

Wadjet, Sekhmet, Isis & Bast, we learn about their powers and properties, that we can call on.


During the Shamanic ceremony, we call in the Four Archangels, to make use of their powers and protection.

Michael, Uriel, Gabriel & Gabriel, we learn about their powers, skills and properties, that we can call upon during our daily lives.


Our first journey will be to the lower realm to explore and get a feel for Shamanic journeying.

We will cover:

  •  Journey Nest
  •  Axi Mundi
  •  Intention
  •  Type of Guides you might meet
  •  Shamanic Drumming 


Our journey will be to the lower realm to explore and meet your Main Spirit Guide.

We each have a main guide, if you think back through your life you may have met them without knowing, or you might have a strong feeling of who they are.


Our journey will be to the lower realm to explore and meet your Body Protector Spirit Guide.


Our journey will be to the lower realm to explore and meet your Above Spirit Guide.

This begins the journeys to find the Six Spirit guides who reside at each of the points of the Shamanic Temple/Sacred Space, those of Above, Before, Below, Behind, Right & Left.


Our journey will be to the lower realm to explore and meet your Before Spirit Guide.


Our journey will be to the lower realm to explore and meet your Below Spirit Guide.


Our journey will be to the lower realm to explore and meet your Behind Spirit Guide.


Our journey will be to the lower realm to explore and meet your Right Spirit Guide.


Our journey will be to the lower realm to explore and meet your Left Spirit Guide.


Our journey will be to the lower realm to explore and meet your Additional Spirit Guide(s).

This will be an ongoing practice to find additional guides as you need them.


We create an image of our temple and map all the elements we have pulled together into a diagram to cement the knowledge for ourselves.

We map the Compass directions, Element, Goddesses, Archangels and EACH of our Spirit Guides we connected with.

Our Shamanic Temple / Sacred Space is defined.


We Flow through the Six Ways Ritual with ALL the elements, the Compass directions, Elements, Goddesses, Archangels, and EACH of our Spirit Guides we are connected with.

Our Shamanic Temple / Sacred Space is called in.


The Shaman often has tools to assist in the healing process.

I introduce you to my Ankh that I use to help focus and direct the healing energies and to my powerful and beautiful drum whose vibrational frequencies help the body, mind, and soul receive the healing energies.

I send you a full healing.


You will have in place your powerful Shamanic Temple / Sacred Space and will and be empowered to visit with your Guides, the compass Directions, the Elements, the Goddesses & Archangels and request their assistance with all the powers and abilities they hold.

You will truly have a very powerful place to move from in life.


The, Healing the ANCESTRAL wounds portal was born out of an idea from Karen Goldstein to hold an Ancestral Ascension Summit, that summit took place in January 2022 and we wanted to share this beautiful and important healing with you. From an Akashic perspective and a Shamanic once, two healings just for you.


The Dragons are working with us to create a new reality and they are both a powerful ally and a great protector, and they are gathering and looking to reconnect with their Riders, could you be a Dragon-Rider?

Find out here.


Where do you go Next?

Some thoughts and ideas to continue using your new / remembered knowledge.


Sometimes it's good to Journey longer, so here is an 18-minute journey for the longer trips to the other realms. 





The Initiate level detailed above sets the foundations for your full Galactic remembrance.

With your Shamanic healing temple defined you will be ready to remember your Healing gifts and create your own Healings Book.

During Novice we will learn the following Healings and then move into more advanced Healings and Rituals at Healer level.

Initiate Level:

  • Shamanic Journeying to Lower Realms, Middle Realms and Higher Realms
  • Spirit Animals connection
  • Spirit team connection
  • Shamanic temple/healing house creation
  • Dragon spirit guide connection

Novice Level:

  • Grounding / Earthing
  • Chakra Cleanse
  • Distance Healing
  • Drum frequency healing
  • Feather healing
  • Healing with Plants
  • Stone healing
  • Rattle healing
  • Crystal healing
  • Smudging
  • Egg healing

Healer Level:

  • Sacred water creation
  • Dismemberment
  • Soul song
  • Vision quest
  • Intrusion tunnel
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Psychopomp 
  • Channel Prayer

Master Level:

You will work with your spirit guides and the Galactic councils and your journey will be unique to you and only you and they can truly map this for you, of course the group will be your allies in all you do in the future and can be used as a sounding board.






Put the techniques you learn into practice during the learning sessions.

And share in the course what you see, I'll be watching for your comments.

This is a safe place where everyone is working on their own Remembrance journey.

Before progressing to the next session in the course, you’ll get a journaling prompt. This will help your thoughts flow. Then when you come to the other classes, you’ll be ready with the needed information.

Most students find it powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are showing up for themselves amongst the chaos of their lives while embodying their Magic

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!

And if you want a personal connection, we can do that too.




Most would describe me as an adventurer, shaman, horse rider and business owner. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling, Magical life we deserve.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence as you Remember You're Magic in Galactic Mysticism.

*image is me in Peru about to get soaked under a fresh waterfall, wearing my Wim Hof breathwork T-shirt and adventures hat :)




Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? That there is more to life? Have you wanted to know WHY you are here on Earth? Wanted to reconnect with Magic that you knew as a kid? Intrigued by the Mystical and want to know more about Shamanism and Rituals?

If so, then the Galactic Mysticism Masterclass is definitely for you.

We'll help you tune into the alternate realms and introduce you to the Mystical, so you can Remember You ARE Magic.



I will guarantee that I will turn up and be there for you. 

I cannot guarantee any results, as that depends a lot on your focus and input to the process.


"Hello, dear friends of the mystical journey! I'm Kev, your guide through the realms of shamanism, dragons, and spiritual awakening. Today, I bring you something truly special – a heartfelt review from one of our cherished participants, Sarah, about our Galactic Mysticism course.

But before we dive into the wisdom and magic that Sarah shares, let me tell you what makes this course so extraordinary. It's an 11-month deep dive into the ancient art of shamanism, a voyage through the cosmos of spiritual discovery, and a path to unlocking the infinite potential within you.

Our community here, united by a passion for healing and growth, has embarked on this profound journey together. We explore the realms of the unknown, connect with our spirit guides, and embrace the power of the mystical.

So, without further ado, let's hear Sarah's heartfelt words about her experience with Galactic Mysticism. Her review is not just a testament to the course but a glimpse into the transformative power of shamanism and the extraordinary connections we forge on this path.

Get ready to be inspired, enchanted, and, perhaps, join us on this incredible adventure of self-discovery and healing. Let's dive right in!" 🌌🔮



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📽️ Watch her heartfelt testimonial: Rose-Marie's journey with us was transformative, and her words truly resonate with the magic of Shamanism. If you're curious about exploring your spiritual path and connecting with your inner dragon, you won't want to miss out on what's coming next! 🔮✨

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Galactic Mysticism - outline

You start and in the first twelve weeks you will be Initiated into Shamanism, you’ll have met your spirit guides and called in your spirit team, and been on numerous shamanic journeys exploring and mapping out your non-reality world. You will have experienced the healing energy and started to remember you’re magic.

Then the next 4 Months you will learn the Novice level of Shamanism, tapping into the energies of the Universe, particularly our strong and healing Mother Earth. You’ll finish with a book full of healing knowledge and lots of healing experiences and be able to share that healing energy with yourself and others. 

And another 4 Months you will go deeper into the Shamanic healing and start to work with the healing energy & spirits much more strongly. After the year you will be ready to step into your self-study and years of dedication to the Mastery of Shamanism. And you will be certified in Galactic Mysticism.

The FULL course price is £ 2,999 ( $ 3,626 )  - I will Invoice you once we've chatted 

If you decide to take the three modules individually the costs are:  Initiate £ 999, Novice £ 1,500, and Healer £ 1,999  - the full course is discounted from £ 4,498 to £ 2,999 if you sign up for the complete course over the year. 

The fee can be spread over the year as several payments if desired.


As well as the weekly video calls and Facebook group, I am offering an in-person retreat element, at £ 555 for a weekend in Dartmoor, England, we will hike to the ancient stone circles on Dartmoor to hold a few ceremonies and have a drum circle, call upon the land and the ancient energies for healing and share songs and prayers.

The additional cost that you would need to meet separately would be for your travel and accommodation locally ( I can assist with recommendations ).

The date is to be confirmed with those who choose this additional adventure.

Registration Open for  2024/25 - The next course starts MAY 2024.

Payment options are:

  • 1. One Payment                                                             £ 2,999 ( *$ 3,626 )

  • 2.  Three x Monthly Payments in 2024                          £ 1,000 ( *$ 1,209 )

  • 3.  Twelve x Monthly Payments (Total £ 3333 )             £ 277.75 ( *$ 335.85 )

  • BONUS: In-Person Weekend (Dartmoor)                 +   £ 555 (*$ 680 )

  • OR If you decide to take the three modules individually the costs are:  Initiate £ 999, Novice £ 1,500, and Healer £ 1,999  - the full course is discounted from £ 4,498 to £ 2,999 if you sign up for the complete course over the year. 

* All $ dollar prices are current exchange rate, and as billing occurs in £ sterling, the rate fluctuates daily, so $ the dollar amount will vary and can depend on the method used and how your bank converts the currencies.