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Why not take advantage of the three-session offer and feel a deeper level of healing with 4 sessions over the coming month(s)?

Shamanic Healing - One Session

As a Shamanic practitioner, I can assist you with a number of areas of your life, before you book a session please ensure you read the consent page { Click Here

My international clients often talk about having deep anxiety, long-term illness, such as Fibromyalgia, wanting to meet the beings they knew as a child, feeling lost in life, needing to feel more in their bodies and here rather than in their heads all the time, many talk of an overthinking mind


I can assist you with the healing energy that Shamanism taps into

A few of the areas I can assist with are :

1. Meet your spirit guides, maybe your Guardian Angel or a Power Animal

2. Call back a part of your soul that fragmented off to save itself during a traumatic experience

3. A full Mind, Body & Soul healing session with the intention of sending healing energy to the issue(s)

4. A full energy-clearing journey, to reset you fully anew

5. A cleanse, and re-alignment of your chakras, so you can feel more grounded and balanced

6. A multi-level aura cleansing, to leave you feeling refreshed

And many others, that we can discuss.


You can book a healing session with me here, pay with your Paypal account or use a Credit Card on the payments page

Once you have paid, you will see a booking page and I will also send you an email to verify the purchase and your booking time and a link to join me on a video call

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All Healing sessions are in person over a video (zoom) call, I can see you in person if in Devon, England.


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