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Why not get a head start on your first healing session and buy the Caduceus cleansing ritual, £8.88, to play as often as you desire?

Shamanic Healing - Three Sessions

As a Shamanic practitioner, I can assist you with a number of areas of your life, before you book a session please ensure you read the consent page { Click Here } 

My international clients often talk about having deep anxiety, long-term illness, such as Fibromyalgia, wanting to meet the beings they knew as a child, feeling lost in life, needing to feel more in their bodies and here rather than in their heads all the time, many talk of an overthinking mind


I can assist you with the healing energy that Shamanism taps into

A few of the areas I can assist with are :

1. Meet your spirit guides, maybe your Guardian Angel or a Power Animal

2. Call back a part of your soul that fragmented off to save itself during a traumatic experience

3. A full Mind, Body & Soul healing session with the intention of sending healing energy to the issue(s)

4. A full energy-clearing journey, to reset you fully anew

5. A cleanse, and re-alignment of your chakras, so you can feel more grounded and balanced

6. A multi-level aura cleansing, to leave you feeling refreshed

And many others, that we can discuss.


You can book a healing session with me here, pay with your Paypal account or use a Credit Card on the payments page

Once you have paid, you will see a booking page and I will also send you an email to verify the purchase and your booking time and a link to join me on a video call

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All Healing sessions are in person over a video (zoom) call, I can see you in person if in Devon, England.


Reiki Master | Shamanic Healer & Teacher

Learn | Heal | Teach


Guiding Compassionate Healers to Mastery, Empowering their Merging of Modalities, Awakening their Healer & Entrepreneur, to Live in Joyous, Abundant Service.


What People Are Saying About The HEALING energy:

My healing session with Kevin was incredible. He embodies the Healer archetype so well. I am beyond impressed and inspired by him. You can see he loves his craft and he has found his dharma. He aligned to his true path. It is so wonderful to witness. The healing was gentle and relaxing. I liked his technique of working on my etheric body and crystals, drumming, and stone clearing. Everything was so magical. Kevin said that I have a big soul energy with a massive soul mission. And my dragon is black. The next day I felt more centered, more peaceful, present, and with so much more opening in my heart chakra. Being in a session with Kevin reminded me how much I love healing work. I recommend everyone to experience the healing work with Kevin, especially if you are a healer, a leader, and a nourisher of others.

Katerina Satori / Visionary Leadership Mentor

Kevin is an outstanding practitioner. His connection to his drum and the magic that unfolds when in a session with him is absolutely spectacular. With such a gentle, nurturing energy and a skilled ability to put me at ease to relax and go with the flow, I felt in safe hands. I was really feeling out of sorts before my session with Kevin, but he realigned my energy and pin-pointed where I was weak and recalibrated me to a fully vibrant being. I'm so grateful Kevin, thank you. I highly recommend this man and everything he has to offer. His connection to spirit is strong and he has such a purity about his soul.

Amanda - Certified Hypnotherapist

I highly recommend Kevin! Kevin radiates unconditional love and moves from a place of deep listening to the Mother. It is so important when receiving shamanic work to find a practitioner who is in integrity. Kevin holds space from a place of reverence for all life and carries divine masculine codes, through which one can safely drop into the shamanic container with the energy of trust and openness, allowing for miracles to come through. Kevin is also a seer. During our session together, he called the energy of Earth Mother, the dragons, the mermaids and channeled divine life energy through the power of his ankh. Kevin lives in appreciation and gratitude and that vibration carries the frequency of the medicine that flows through him. I had the pleasure of spending ten days with Kevin in the sacred valley of Peru on a retreat for visionary mystics. Right away, I felt a sense of familiarity, safety, and trust. In addition to being an amazing shamanic practitioner, Kevin is also an amazing being filled with love and wonder for people, dragons, and the natural world. Come prepared to receive and open your heart knowing you are in good hands

Juniper Reina Zoraya, Reiki Master Teacher, Somatic Womb Therapist & Mentor

I had an amazing session with Kevin. He worked on all my chakras and I could feel the alignment happening. When he put a stone on my forehead to clean my third eye, I could feel how the energy was flowing down to Earth, it was warm and intense, felt the stone was doing good work. Kevin’s energy is absolutely stunning, he transmits calmness and peace with his presence, he is a very professional shaman, and I felt very safe and protected during my session. Definitely felt a stronger third eye after his work. I really recommend his shamanic healing for anybody who wants to align and clean the chakras. Thank you Kevin. 🙏🏻

Silvana (Scotland) Transformational Healing Coach & Mentor