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GALACTIC MYSTICISM - Your Voyage into Shamanism - We start May 2024

galactic mysticism Apr 10, 2024

Embark on an Extraordinary Journey of Discovery: GALACTIC MYSTICISM - Your Voyage Begins May 2024.

In a world where the mystical is intertwined with the everyday, there is a path less travelled, a journey into the heart of the cosmos, into the essence of your being. This is not just a course; it's a calling for those who feel the stirrings of magic within them, for the awakened souls yearning to explore realms beyond the ordinary, seeking answers that elude the grasp of conventional wisdom.

Your Guide on this Quest: I am Kev, a voyager of the mystical and the magical, your guide through realms untold. My journey has taken me through the verdant landscapes of Colombia with Ayahuasca, into the profound silence of Vipassana meditation, across the ancient wisdom of Peru with San Pedro, and into the heart of Pacha-mama. From the sacred stone circles of Dartmoor to the potent energies of Drumming, Reiki, Rahanni healing, and Shamanic practices, my path has been one of deep discovery and connection. I bring this wealth of experience, this treasure trove of knowledge, to you.

The Odyssey: GALACTIC MYSTICISM is not merely a course; it's a voyage across time and space, an 11-month odyssey through Zoom, on the first three Wednesdays of each month, where you'll meet your spirit team, awaken your soul-given gifts, and discover your 'why'. It's a journey condensed from decades of learning to ensure you soar without stumbling, a quest to empower, enlighten, and enliven.

Your Pathways to Mastery:

  •  Initiate: The 3-month gateway for those looking to dip their toes into the cosmic waters, to see if the full journey calls to them.
  •  Novice to Healer: Continue your journey with the 4-month Novice and then onto the 4-month Healer segments, each designed to deepen your connection, enhance your power, and refine your purpose.

Hear the whispers of those who have walked this path before you through their testimonials, voices echoing from the spirit realms, calling you to join this soul tribe.


Your Invitation: This is your call to adventure, to remember your magic, to rediscover your dharma. Whether you are at the dawn of your awakening or seeking to deepen your mystical journey, GALACTIC MYSTICISM awaits.

Join us in May 2024 for an odyssey of a lifetime. For more details on how to embark on this transformative journey, visit our sanctuary of learning and healing >>> : Galactic Mysticism at

I look forward to welcoming you aboard this unparalleled adventure.

Warmest regards,



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