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Shamanism Heals - Three-part webinar on Shamanism - Part #1

shamanic knowledge Feb 22, 2023


On 21st February 2023 I ran this first part of the three-part webinar on Shamanism.

It is my mission to challenge and teach empathic souls, to master the mystical healing powers of the Universe, through spirit-aligned learning of Shamanism, journeying with their wise guides, embodying the joy of a life lived full on, in radiant health & abundant soulfulness.

The slide show that goes with this can be seen here { click } 

I talk about Shamanism, share how important it is to cleanse your energy ( Chakras ), and then share a Shamanic Chakra cleanse ritual.

You can work with me as your healer and/or teacher, see the links on the home page 

I recommended a daily Chakra Cleanse, this one you can use daily { click to purchase £ 8.88 }

Enjoy and any questions let me know in the comments or send me a message/email.







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