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Webinar 28th February 2023 Meet Your Guardian Angel(s)

Mar 01, 2023


On 28th February 2023, I ran the second part of the three-part webinar on Shamanism.

You can play the video above to watch the session where we meet with our Guardian Angels.

It is my mission to challenge and teach empathic souls, to master the mystical healing powers of the Universe, through spirit-aligned learning of Shamanism, journeying with their wise guides, embodying the joy of a life lived full on, in radiant health & abundant soulfulness.

The slide show that goes with this can be seen here { click } 

I talk about Shamanism, share how important it is to cleanse your energy ( Chakras ), and then share a Shamanic Chakra cleanse ritual.

You can work with me as your healer and/or teacher, see the links on the home page 

Last week I recommended a daily Chakra Cleanse, this one you can use daily { click to purchase £ 8.88 }

Enjoy and any questions let me know in the comments or send me a message/email.







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