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Webinar 7th March 2023 Shaman Bridge between the seen and the unseen.

shamanic knowledge Mar 08, 2023

The Shaman, the bridge between the seen and the unseen.

The video replay is above and the slide show is available here

The human eye sees about 1% of the possible light spectrum, have you ever seen the image of a bird that looks plain and black to us, but is rainbow-coloured to those with eyes to see?

We truly have a very limited view of the world we live in, it’s not just sight, it's sound and smell too, and that 6th sense our pets and animals have, like their knowing that an earthquake or tsunami is about to hit.

We truly lost our connection to our planet and the connection to the mystical in these modern times!

The shaman has always stood on the doorstep between the worlds and has the gifts of seeing, hearing, smelling, and perceiving more than the average person.

This is accomplished by connecting to Gaia and the Universe's pulse of existence.

The connection opens up the ability to see what is actually already there, it's hidden, invisible to the normal human senses.

The Shaman lives between the worlds, both physical can spiritual.

 The Shaman knows of three worlds that co-exist with this physical one we exist in.

And they access them through a Shamanic journey, breathe work and INTENTION.

The intention is key to Shaman's journey.

In the same way that you navigate when you drive your transport from A to B, the Shaman navigates with INTENTION.

The Intention to journey to another realm of existence, those three realms that the Shaman moves between are :

The Three worlds of Shamanic journeying 

There are three world levels of existence in shamanism, where our spirit guides and other helper spirits dwell.

The “Lower World" or the "Underworld”, which is not a lower vibration or hell-like, neither evil nor negative, where many teachers who were once human have one aspect of their souls. It’s often seen as an ancient land with wilderness and nature in her full beauty as our world looked before humanity stained her. I’ve met most of my spirit animals in this realm, though they do roam freely between worlds.

The “Middle World” is a timeless place, in which we have access to nature. In this world, Nature and the Earth, Sun, and Moon can communicate with us. And this is an overlay on our Physical world.

The “Upper World” often described as "ethereal," is formless, yet somehow, still reminds us of nature. It is extremely beautiful and natural. Here, too, we can access our animal spirits, teachers in human form, and our ancestors.  Angels, Gods & Goddesses also exist in the Upper World. 

Celtic people call these realities “The Other Worlds”  and the Australian natives "Dream Time Worlds."

Those who joined us for the Meet your Guardian Angel have been to the lower realm.

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The Shaman calls in spirit guides, wise ancestors, Angels, Goddesses, Gods, power animals, the directions E, S, W, N, and the elements Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Calls in their Healing House or Temple and connects to the Higher Soul of the person(s) being sent healing energy.

This is the ultimate bridge between the Seen and Unseen.

The Shaman can see the spirits and they will circle the Shaman to empower the healing House, which is the sacred space the Shaman holds for those receiving the healing.

It’s here that the Shaman truly stands as the bridge between the other worlds, that which is seen and unseen, and this Physical world we live in.

The Shaman acts as a Bridge, which is often noted also as a Hollow-bone or Hollow-Reed, between the powerful energies available from the realms and spirit helpers.

All this energy is channeled to the person or thing receiving a healing 

The receiver's mind body and soul intuitively know how to use the energy to best resolve any issues in their makeup. 

Its the Shaman's role to hold that sacred and safe space for the energy to flow 

Training to hold this space:

Some are born in a tribal environment where this is taught from an early age and they are the true Shamans of the world.

Others, like myself, are called to be Shamanic practitioners and we learn and often remember the skills.

I say remember as our souls live many many lives, for myself, I was a priest, a mother, a warrior, a tree, a lion, a slave, a druid, and many other lives, from those lives I can pull back the knowledge, and with help from Shamanism and Akashic record readers I’ve called back some of mine, to assist me with the seeing of the unseen.

To that end, I use the gifts to share the healing energies

And I love to teach & remind those who are called to Shamanism 

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